Tuesday 10 - 10 Items on the Grocery List

I'm running out of things to that might come in tens so here's 10 things on my grocery list:
  1. Milk
  2. Bread
  3. Trident Gum
  4. Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner
  5. Dryer Sheets
  6. Paper Towels
  7. Hamburger
  8. Shower Gel
  9. Apples
  10. Carrots

Now who wants to go to the Store?


Happy Birthday Mom!

First and foremost I wanna wish my mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love ya mom.
I spent most of the day napping as I stayed up until 4 am last night watching bad tv with Jay and knitting (okay so I probably have a little touch of OCD) . I'm making an afgan. I need more yarn so I can finish it up. Check out what I did...
After all that sleep I drug out the stuff for my Christmas tree even though I'm not really in the Christmas mood yet and I put it up. I decided that I wasn't really going to do a real theme this year so it's kind of a "white trash tree" as my topper won't stand up straight I'm a tad worried these big bulbs are going to burn down the house and I didn't put very many ordaments or tinsel on it. Isn't it fabulous...


Check out Jay...

This is Jay over 10 years ago. Don't he look so young? I did a 7 pages in the last 2 days click here to see the rest. I love this photo of him, of course I don't have many photos of him prior to when we got together so I'm sure that's part of it.


Happy Black Friday!

Did you all go shopping? I'm not one for Christmas shopping since I make all my presents but my friend talked me into going to Joanns with her today and I picked up a Nifty Knitter. So now I can attempt to learn to knit before I'm 30 - I can't wait to try it out! After hitting our one store we went to archivers and scrapped. I got 4 pages complete. I'll have to post them later first I'm off to knit.


Thankful for So Many Things....

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here's a list of other "little" things I am thankful for...

  1. Warmer Weather I haven't had to find those winter work shoes yes, and if I wear my flip flops I know that my toes won't get frostbite.
  2. That the OC is finally back on the air oh this is a big high point in my week as sad as it is.
  3. I'm thankful that Kim and her girls took me to see some corncrete.
  4. That the mailman brought me fun mail in the form of my Scrapbook etc magazine from Oct??? (still not sure where that was).
  5. That Trident decided to make a gum I like again even if it is more expensive and harder to find.
  6. That my friend Jill isn't getting laid off this Christmas season, as we had originally thought.
  7. Speeding tickets as now my house is cleaner.
  8. My Camera Timer this is a source of amusement that I can use for hours.
  9. New Scrapbook books that are straight from Ebay via my friend Jeanne I.
  10. And of course I'm always thankful for the bigger things - Jay, a great family, good health, my job, my friends, my house, being american.


Pre-Turkey Day Christmas List

Well I fully intended this to be yesterday 10 but alas I didn't log in yesterday and post it so here's the Tuesday 10 on Wednesday the before thanksgiving.

Pre Turkey Day Christmas List (These are 10 things on my list to get ready for the holidays):
  1. Make Christmas Cards - Thank Goodness I had a vision for this finally (Kim don't you dare steal it).
  2. Mail Christmas Cards
  3. Make a List of All the Gifts I need to Make
  4. Start Making All these Gifts
  5. Make Christmas Cookies I only made one kind last year this year I want to go all out!
  6. Get the Christmas Stuff Out of the Garage
  7. Put Christmas Stuff up
  8. Figure out what fun stuff I can wrap my presents in.
  9. Take some really good Christmas Photos I gotta pre-plan those scrapbook pages.
  10. Watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! I gotta do this at least once a year.


More Photos!

Finally I got all the photos from this weekend uploaded. Click here to view the whole collection all 132 of them! Yes that's right 132.

I can't claim them all as Syd, Sam, and Lilly too a few.

Today was a blah busy monday. I can't wait for the long weekend! Wehoo!



Well I'm still uploading all the photos I took at Corncrete with the "girls" but I could resist sharing a few shots before they are all uploaded.

This first picture I took with the timer by hanging my camera from a tree it's it super cool??


I'm Home!

I finally did make it home Thursday night just in time for the OC how great is that. With only a slight snafu where they put me on the wrong plane first and I almost ended up in Bangor Maine I'm actually a little sad that I didn't make it there as I've never been to Maine and that could have been an adventure.

Today I'm off on another adventure with Kim and her girls. We are going to Columbus Ohio to see an oversized field of corn and our friends Jen and Erin and Jen's daughter Lily and perhaps her husband too. It should be a fun time. I will share photo of our adventure when we are back tonight I'm uploading charing my camera's battery right now so I'm all set to go.


Hello from Logan Airport!

Here I am again sitting at an airport. This time I'm stuck at Logan my first flight cancelled after being delayed several times. And now I'm waiting for my second flight I'm debating whether or not to make the move and go into the city for shopping and some fun. But I'd have to haul around my laptop and that doesn't sound that appealing. But if Tracy doesn't get on her standby flight we are going to bite the bullet and do it.

I had a fabulously fun night last night. went barhopping with coworkers got to meet a few virtual coworkers too, so that's always good. Several things to note about bars in boston -
  • There's a no taking your drink outside onto the patio rule.
  • No shots allowed after celtics games because we might be fighting.
  • Boston Beerworks only serves beer and wine no hard liquor.
  • And because there's no alleys behind the buildings (at least I imagine this is the logic) the bars just pile up the trash on the streets. it's kind of gross all the mounds of trash by the road. - ah big city life

Well I guess I better check some emails before my batteries die.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I want to Do Before I'm 30

Please note this list doesn't mean that 30 is old by any means it's just a list of goals I have to do before I turn 30.

Tuesday 10 - 10 things I want to do before I'm 30.
  1. Travel Across the Country in an RV I want to go all along - Not done but I did go to several new states.
  2. Learn to Knit - DONE
  3. Go scuba diving
  4. Visit at least 5 zoo's I've not been too - I think I only crossed off two Milwalkee, and Boston
  5. Learn to to speak another language at least semi fluently - I can say like two new phrases
  6. Have a layout/scrapbook project published - Nope
  7. Read and Enjoy reading 10 good books (this will probably be a hard one as silly as it sounds). - Well I think I read 10 but whether they were good or not is debatable.
  8. Take a photography class so I can take better pictures - NOPE
  9. Make a difference (this is still a "Idea in progress") - You tell me?  I would like to say I have made a difference in the lives of my family and friends.
  10. Travel to Europe - YES - England, Ireland, and Wales - there is so much more to see too.
Updated 1/21/2011 to reflect the status. 


    this is how they say welcome in boston...

    the funny thing is it was it was the cutest couple from Beligum that gave me the beer. They too had were delayed getting in several hours and thought I could use a little welcome to Boston celebration. Well I better iron up my clothes if I'm going to be presentable tomorrow for our meeting.

    Greetings from an Indianapolis Airport!

    Seems yet again I can't seem to get out on time. Damn this US Airways. We are waiting on crew members who seem to be MIA the planes been here since 4:30 but it seems it didn't actually come with a crew or something. Here's to hoping I do get to Boston tonight, as I'm so looking forward to our training sessions tomorrow.


    Stamp Goodness Ali E's ezine Challenge!

    Here's "Stamp Goodness Challenge" at first I was not liking it so much. But it's grown on me. I think next time I will go with simpler stamps. Best of all I used this crowd stamp I got several years ago and I hadn't used yet.


    OC Tonight!

    OC's on tonight! Don't forget to watch! Yes I know I missed it last night because I thought two hour event meant two episodes back to back and it apparently meant 2 1 hour events. But I can't wait. This is will be the high point of my day.


    The 60's

    Of course we all know I didn't live in the 60's, but my mom did. Today I started scanning this big stack of photos she gave me to scan and I thought I would blog a few.
    Photo 1: My Aunt Thea Who's getting ready to pick some kind of berries. How cute is that I love her little outfit that I'm guessing Grandma made her. Photo 2: Aunt Rachel and Uncle Stuart Playing in the sand. I love how time as aged this photo and faded it in different places. Seems like a dream.

    Photo 3: G&G sunning. Grandma doesn't want weird tan lines so she's taken off her straps. I can't help but to wonder if there's coffee in that thermos. Seems like the beach is a silly place for coffee? Again time has aged this photo as well but I think it gives it character.
    Photo 4: Last but not least. Here's my mom shoveling snow in a short skirt. How practical does that seem now. I do love the boots and look on her face. It's a bummer that piece of tape is stuck to the photo though.

    You win some and you lose some...

    Jay's dad lost the election. It was pretty close 57% to 43% I think (in that district that's like several hundred votes). But I'm sure Dale will find some other venture. But I can't help feeling bad for him. Too sad.

    On the bright side of things today. I have the day off and I have already run all my errands so I can do absolutely nothing if I want and I think I want!


    Tuesday 10 - 10 Stupid Things Kim Shrum Did Today!

    Well Kim Shrum this ones for you honey. We all do dumb things but today you can take the cake and go ahead and eat it later too.
    1. Kim ignored Roger's (her husbands) traffic advice this morning...which resulted in sitting in traffic for an hour.
    2. She didn't stop for gas this morning on her way to work and watched the gas light come on right as traffic came to a screeching hault.
    3. Left her laptop on her desk at home - Doesn't really help get the work done.
    4. She left an important conference room list on at the office.
    5. Kim forgot to make a setup drawing to leave for her crew.
    6. She burned her mouth on HOT coffee (and it did say right on the side of the cup that it was VERY hot!)
    7. She dropped a 12-pack of Pepsi on a co-workers foot in the middle of K-mart!
    8. On the way back home she sat in traffic for 45 minutes because she was talking on the phone and missed the traffic report on the radio (she was on her way home so she could log on to her computer and work today!)
    9. Well I don't have a #9 for this list but please feel free to insert #9 at your leisure as I'm sure it will happen to Kim _________.
    10. Probably the single dumbest thing she did all day was get out of bed because if she had stayed there she could have avoided all this nonsense.

    Love ya Kim. Here's to hoping Wednesday is better.


    Just wanted to give a shout out to Jay's Dad who's running for the Indiana State Representative District 55. Good Luck Dale!

    We Love you!


    Funness Mail!

    Look what came in the mail from Janelle today. It's a little thank you for scrapping those pages for Nicholas. A1 Sauce, Twizzlers and Travel Stuff - Boy does she know me well. And I so needed those additional baby food jars now I have one in every color. THANKS JANELLE! You Rawk!


    Holy Sweetness!

    That's my new phrase don't you love it. I'm so glad the OC is back I missed it and what a fun twist last night too. Ryan being all not good anymore. So much drama - holy sweetness!

    Well off to enjoy some of my nothingness that I'm doing tonight I should be picking up or maybe packing a bag to take to mom's but I don't feel so much like it. I'll do it in the morning.


    Did I mention the OC is Back today????

    I can't believe I haven't blogged about this. I think everyone I've seend in the last two week's knows I can't wait to have some good trashy TV to watch. I can't wait to see what happens this season. I can't wait! Yay for the World Series Being OVER!

    Other goodness. Check this out!