Flamingos and Mantees

Here's a few of the products I turned out in my day of cleaning/errands/crafting. Photos are from out zoo adventure last summer. This makes me miss Megan, Jonathan and JJ. I guess we'll just have to plan more adventures. Aren't our blue poncho's stunning?

Pink Flamingos

Mantees Area (I think Jonathan is given us his mean face in the photo of just him. However I think it's funny not mean.)


Going for the Best Year EVER!

I think I'm going to have the Best Year Ever this year. Lots of fun things planned or happening and it's only January. 2007 will RAWK. I'll make the list of things later.

I'm reading "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman (it's actually pretty good, very relevant to what I do). Anyhow this is an exert from the book that I jotted down because I liked it and I thought I would share.

Every Morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.

It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up.

It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter if you are the lion or the gazelle.

When the sun comes up, you better start running.

-African Proverb


Tuesday 10 - 10 DC Tourist Attractions Katie's Never Been To:

Since I went to DC recently for work and to visit with JJ and the G&G. JJ and I tried to think of places I've never been to in all my trips there. So I did a little research and here's Tuesday's 10 dedicated to just this topic.
10 DC Tourist Attractions Katie's Never Been To:
  1. The Spy Museum - A new DC location so this probably explains this one.
  2. The Newseum - So this one is Closed right now but still I've not been there.
  3. National Building Museum
  4. The Cold War Museum - Yes there is such a thing.
  5. National Postal Museum
  6. Gunston Hall Plantation - okay so this is in Fairfax but close enough.
  7. Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
  8. Squished Penny Museum - how wrong is it that I collect these and I've never been.
  9. The Navy Memorial
  10. Old Stone House - Built in 1765, this is DC's only remaining colonial building
JJ make a list. We'll have to hit some these next time I'm in town.


We Have Snow!

I ran out and took a few photos today. Since you never know when the snow will melt. I love the Snow! I would share the photos but I'm too busy setting up my iPod (JJ you would be so proud) I seem to have figured it out all on my own. I think I have 10 hours of songs on there now. :o)


Back from DC!

Had a wonderful trip! JJ is such a good host (I wish I could come see him more). Here's a few shots from my trip.

Ant's Eye View of the Capitol.
Washington Monument as seen from the IRS Building.
JJ and Katie goofing off at the Portrait Museum.
Katie and USA Modern Art too cool!


Tuesday 10 - 10 New Things...

Lots of new fun things around here. So I thought I would share them.
  1. New Silverware - gosh it's nice to have forks spoons and knives when you want them.
  2. New Hobbies - I'm knitting up a storm.
  3. New Idea Books from the Library - The library rocks!
  4. New Socks
  5. New Coat - well not really new as I just took back the one I bought last year and traded it for a black one.
  6. New iPod purchased with one old almost expired gift card. I can't wait to have JJ show me how to put music on it.
  7. New haircut
  8. 5 or 6 More New OC's - I'm still deeply saddened this will be all of them.
  9. New Practice at work - I'm still in the same division just a new Practice that my division falls in.
  10. New Vacuum - This still hasn't worn off I caught Jay vacuuming the lent from behind the dryer the other day.
New is GOOD! Happy Tuesday folks.


From the Scrapbook Room...

I've been in the scrapbook room a little bit in the last week or so here's a few of my projects. Most of these are zoo photos from this summer. Thanks to Jeanne for the Masks for the word 'card' and to Ann for the 'jones & co'


Tuesday 10 -10 Subject Lines From the Spam in My email

Okay so I really couldn't think of anything real and I noticed I got 10 pieces of Spam (that got past the spamguard) in my email this evening so I thought what the heck here's this week's list.
10 Subject Lines from the Spam in my Email:
  1. was of potent
  2. be newsletter
  3. As by colubmbia
  4. To a protege
  5. Take it Easy
  6. ?
  7. Ricardo
  8. Cheerful 2007 for you
  9. re: Bobbi
  10. No Memorable
I love that they use proper English in this stuff and pick names of people I might know like "Ricardo" I don't think I've ever met a Ricardo.

And in other news my mom sent me this fun mail... I guess she couldn't help but to rub in that her Steelers beat our Bengals. Oh well there's always next year, I guess we should start cheering on the Colts like the rest of Indiana.


Personal notes...

Jen - It's some kind of Bissell with all sorts of attachments, a hepa-filter (whatever that means) and it does no carpeted rooms too which is handing in the kitchen.

KT - Jay's not secretly scrapping but he had all the tickets from all the different events he's gone to in a box - concerts, races, basketball, baseball, football etc I guess it's a "manly" form of scrapping.

Janelle - I hear we are supposed to get a little snow tonight so perhaps you'll get some more as well. :o)



I got a new vacuum a week or so before Christmas since I blew up my old one and I love love love new vacuums I tell you. I'm having the best time vacuuming things.
So far I have vacuumed the couch, the chair, all the ceiling fans, the baseboards, the vent in the bathroom, the old fashioned air conditioner and much more. Who would have thought I would like to vacuum this much? I think it's all these fancy attachments, our old one just had one attachment and it didn't really work well.


Photos from Iowa

Taking a minute tonight between cleaning the bathrooms and paying the bills to post a few photos from Iowa. Santa finally brought me snow while we were there it was a bummer though it kept us from going to Omaha to see the Jones's there's always next time though. But it sure was pretty.

This is Dad's house in the snow I like this angle even though the tree is right in front of it.
The Water tower from the "town" where Dad lives
I use the word town lightly as it's not very big.
Dad and I - clearly I should be wearing my sunglasses so I don't look so squinty.
Here's Jay and I with Dad and my stepmom Ginny.
Dad and Ginny's dog Romeo.
I think he could tell I wasn't a dog person as he either wanted to lick me or he was barking at me.
And last but not least here's Jay at the I-80 Truckstop.
It's the worlds largest truckstop you know?