Hey Mom! A special message for you...

I wanted to have him jump out of a cake for you but he's a little busy with football. Happy Birthday! Love ya.


Black Friday

a few highlights...
getting up at 3 am
seeing the people even nuttier than us outside of best buy
Awesome handmade tees - thanks kim
Donna hollering out of her car to find out if the people who beat us to Kohls were going for the DVD players
making a fruitcake of myself on live tv
Black Friday surival kits from a BFF named Kim
Donna and Cheryl buying a Wii out of the back of a guys truck (yes that's right out of the back of a truck)
lunch oh so yummy
spending time with friends and making a few new ones priceless!


Happy Turkey Day!

We had a lovely just Katie and Jay thanksgiving which was delightful. We cooked our own turkey and all the trimmings, played games, watched movies, and went for several walks and after all that turkey for lunch I just ate ice cream for supper (whoops). While it wasn't the craziness of visiting 1-3 houses it was nice to just have some just Katie and Jay time since I've been travelling a good deal of the year sometimes it's nice to just be the two of us.

Several things I'm thankful for this thankgiving: traveling and experiencing new things, having a room full for creativity and full of junk to create with, great no wait fabulous friends, a lovely though sometimes crazy family (who doesn't love a little crazy), sprinkles, polka dots, slushies, green beans and flip flops, and last but not least a guy named Jay who will let me cheat at scrabble.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay so at some point I should go to bed...

but right now I'm not tired I'm hyped up on Turkey Burgers and slushies! Anywho I am enjoying reading a few lists so I thought I would share...

Billy Ray Cyrus's Remaining Daughters and the Relative Worth of Their Concert Tickets - Who knew this character called Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Cyrus were related. This is all new to me.

Lifetime Television Movies of the Future - I can't wait for some of these. I am a little sad however that Pyscho Hose Beast from Mars didn't make the list.

Spinoffs of Dancing with Stars for the Common Man - I couldn't resist sharing this because well I love a little dancing with stars although I can't stand anything but the dancing part.

One more because we all can laugh at OJ - Alternate Titles for OJ's Simpson's new book

Happy thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble!


Santa and Frosty

More polka dot ornaments.

It's almost that time of year...

Can't wait for Friday!

Tuesday 10 - Where in the World *Answers*

Yes I know it's Wednesday but I forgot yesterday was Tuesday. Clearly I don't know what's going on. Here's the answers to last week's Tuesday 10. And just in case you wanted to know I also am telling you who's feet were featured exciting stuff I know.

  1. Lake Michigan - Northern IN (Katie's feet)
  2. Columbus Zoo - Columbus, OH (Katie, JJ, Jono, Megan's feet)
  3. Jay's - Liberty, IN (Katie, JJ, Lita, Austin, Mom's feet)
  4. Louisville Slugger Museum - Louisville, KY (Katie, JJ, Jono, Megan's feet)
  5. Mt. Brockway, Copper Harbor, MI (Katie, Mom, Rachel, Sarah and Thea's feet)
  6. St. Louis Somewhere near the arch - St. Louis, MO (Katie and Jay's feet)
  7. World World II Memorial - Washington DC (Katie and Jay's feet)
  8. Milwalkee, Wisconsin someplace along the lake. (Katie and Jay's feet)
  9. National Portrait Gallery - Washington DC (Katie and JJ's feet)
  10. Newport on the Levee - Newport Kentucky (Katie, Lita and Jono's feet)


Because they are too cute...

I needed yet another 2 am post. Jay and I went to the park this afternoon and fed the squirrels. They were too fun posing for pictures and what not and one of them even wanted to examine my bargain shoes I picked up in Boston last week I think she was wondering if they came in Squirrel claw size.


Mr. & Mrs. Robotica.

I've been working on these and several unfinished Christmas ornaments today. I orginally planned for these to go to the ornament swap but I'm not sure I can part with them so we'll just see what happens with that. I have a few other things in the works as well. Oh and if you didn't notice they are both feature a little polka :o)


Happy Birthday Jill!

Sending my good friend Jill all sorts of fabulous birthday wishes. This is not the cake I baked her as mine was a little ugly. But doesn't this look yummy and Jill you deserve all the yumminess to be had. Happy Happy!


I want a Monster!

I found this and I think it's fabulous (watch the videos). I'm all ready to rush out and get some of these fabulous pens so I too can make monsters of course I will probably forget tomorrow but I put this on my list, everyone needs a little monster (almost as much as they need polka dots).


Tuesday 10 Where in the World...

are our feet? Some are easy some not so easy unless of course you were there. Happy Guessing. I'll post the answers later.










Fun Stuff.

Oh how cute is this! And I found this little blog - I love that little monster. A fun potholder craft. A sweet little shop.


Happy Birthday

Hope you had christmas cake.

Enjoy six.


I Love Spicy and Hot!

Kung Pau chicken!

I thought I would try this little chinese food place I passed on my way to my hotel from work tonight - Sichaun Garden.
It's a super cute place in a old mansion circa 1661. There was little nemos in the lobby. Peeling paint outside. And they are zagat award winners. And my Kung Pau chicken was fabulous - although it was SUPER SUPER HOT AND SPICY. The little hostess was too fun - I don't think he spoken much english aside from his numbers. And however yummy it was I however am still tasting the heat I think my sinuses will be clear for months. Here's a few pictures.

Last night I met my coworker and friend Gregg and his wife Lee at this place in Sturbridge called Publick House also a historic place turned into a restaurant. The Publick house is like this maze of dining rooms I about never found G&L but I finally did. Our meal was delish real home cooking. Unforunately I didn't take any photos last night but if you want to check out a little about the Publick house click here.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Staples for a Traveler

Here's this weeks list. Seems fitting since I'm in Boston this week.
  1. Flip Flops - you never know when you need them next to the pool or when going through security.
  2. Tide Pens - it's the next best thing to having a washing machine handy.
  3. A book or magazine for hanging out in the airport.
  4. Spare Change for vending and/or toll booths.
  5. The phone number direct to the airline and hotels near the airport (just in case).
  6. Two photo ids.
  7. Something familar - I like to bring my bear but your familar can be something else.
  8. Umbrellas I learned this the hard way nothing says good hair day like a run through the rain.
  9. Brothers named Jay on speed dial as you never know when you need last minute directions while in route to someplace.
  10. A positive attitude as most things you can't control so if you get lost 10 times or sit at the airport for 12 hours you are still pleasant to be around.



Jeanne and I babysat for Kim and Roger this weekend while they went to celebrate their anniversary. Kim's daughters are just the cutest little things both of them unique with their own little personalities. Sammie and I had hit it off long before when I was scrapping at Kim's house so naturally she and I had a great time together. Here's a few highlights of the weekend complete with a ton of photos (believe me I could have taken more you can tell the girls mom is a scrapbooker because they were all about getting their photo taken).
  • Sammie and I making Pizza and FRENCH TOAST.
  • Getting pulled over for making a right hand turn from the left hand lane. (No tickets however the police officer did give "my daughter" a coloring book because she was so sweet - we just let him think whatever as we didn't want tickets.
  • Yummy lunch at Spaghetti Factory complete with BAD service.
  • Eyebrow threading - note try not to sneeze.
  • Sammie and I attempting to read in Spanish.
  • Sydney doing makeovers.
  • Losing my Cell Phone.
  • Playing on the sculpture at the Art museum.
  • Shopping thank goodness Sammie didn't want to go into Abercombie I'm sorry that store STINKS. I'm happy to announce that Sammie and I both resisted any urges to buy anything - however Kim Sammie really did like this Blue/Black Dress at the Limited Too (you might want to pick it up for her birthday).
  • Sydney not knowing that Massachutes was a state - for the record she thought it was part of New York.