A little "nugget"...

A little nugget from my trip so far. I will post an update when I am ready to crash. But here's a nugget to keep you posted.
Me in Times Square. Not the best photo but it's better than the one we got strangers to take of us.
The train stops.
Chinese music - I don't even know what this is called but the band did enjoy seeing a caucasian in the practice hall I think they all wanted to talk to me.
Oh and we took in a show.

Lost in Translation

interesting experiences being had tonight in NYC. I spent the evening with 25 chinese friends of my friend who for the most part don't speak english. I not only got to sample - chinese beer, eel, penguin, $300/lb elbow, and frogs, learn some new chinese terms and phrases, but I got to see live chinese karoke. And everyone has been most generous they will not let me pay for anything, lunch, dinner, cab rides, drinks, and one of them was even wanted to share his bottle of $1400 congac with me. More tomorrow...


#51 - WTG Jonathan

I'm not sure if it was my nagging and lecturing or if it was just Jonathan's real desire to quit. But I am super excited to share the completion of this item - #51 Get Jonathan to quit smoking Cigarettes is now done. He hasn't smoked in over a month and it looks like he's done done. Big kudos to you little brother you can do anything you set your mind to.

Jones & Co goes to the roller derby or not

Last night we had big plans to go to the roller derby which is only in town like three nights and year - Lita even came up and spent the night). However we showed up at the state fair ready for some derby only to discover that the place was packed sold out and you couldn't even get tickets from a scalper. Much to our dismay we decided not to go to the hockey game or the dog show (also at the fair grounds). And instead we got some supper and then went to Fountain Square for 30's & 50's duckpin bowling on vintage bowling lanes. It was a good time for all. I'd been several times before but the boys and lita didn't even know it was there and it's less than 5 minutes from my house. So we had a grand time bowling the whole area is really cool and I think we all plan to go back soon. Some photos...
Us after treking across the fairgrounds to discover there's no tickets.
Joe being "thoughtful" and Jono in the background.
Joe and his giant trophy. It's it rad.
Check out the size of mine. I'm surprised they even let me have one being as I bowled a 24 in the first game.
Lita's getting ready.
Check out the groovy lanes circa 1950 (on and there's jono too).
Old phone booths with old phones.

Joe and his bowling stance.
And because we can't not have a timer photo. We propped the camera on the scoring table.


Happy Valentine's Day

Sending you all lots of XOXOs. I was going to blog about my list of 52 but I figured I would blog about this first. I'll share an update on the The 52 later.

My friend Jen is hosting an online auction for a friend of hers that lost her husband last year. I had originally planned to make something to donate but I have been way to busy to think of anything I might even want to make. So instead I'm bidding on a few things. Here's the list of items you you "need" anything...


Guess where I am?

In the state of delay!
Oh how I have missed Delay - he and I used to be oh so close. Oh wait I didn't really miss him, at least I got a few drinks before the bar closed and now I have some chex mix and gummy bears for supper. Oh well I'll still have just under 48 hours home if we actually leave tonight we are delayed until 11:45pm right now. And because I am going to work on getting my photos of the day ready to upload while I sit here here's a picture from Jan - it's a seagull who was lost thinking that the residence inn was near the ocean. Either that or it was too cold by the bay.


New Hampshire's Seacoast

So I went to New Hampshires Seacoast yesterday. Everything is closed until June aside from the liquor stores brewery's and the shops downtown. Which was a let down but I made the most of it. Photos and commentary below. I didn't even get any postcards this week. Oh well.
John Paul Jones house which of course was CLOSED. from across the bay.
The real reason people go to New Hampshire. Tax Free liquor! This place was packed with people and every kind of booze you could want.
me at the beach. glad I'm not there today it's windy enough to blow people over.

more from the coast.

The albacore. note it's sitting in less than a foot of water/ice - I'm not sure I would have boarded it if it were open.

too cold for barefeet on the beach.

The coastline.

Me at the albacore sub.

housekeeping is waiting to come into my room now so I really must get off here and find an adventure for today - although I do plan on working most of the afternoon.


Chinese New Year Adventures

Sunday I went on a Chinese New Year Adventure. Complete with a trip for some Dim Sum, Dragon Dancing, Chinese Supermarket & more. It was rather fantastic and an excellent way to kick off what I'm calling a perfectly "square" month. (Square meaning exactly 4 weeks and starting on sunday ending on saturday - woot). Anyhow no adventure would be complete without photos so without further ado here's some pics.
The chinese leave an offering of oranges, lettuce and money for the dragons and the dragons will come and "bless" their businesses with a dance and fireworks.
Feb 1st was the day of the monkey - isn't that appropriate (the monkey is my chinese sign).
Exotic fish at the supermarket. There were row and rows of fish and tanks of eel & craps and all sorts of interesting goodies - it did not make me like fish any.
Chinese Cakes in the chinese bakery.
Dim Sum - the peppery beef was my favorite but we only tried like 20 things. All very yummy.
A dragon.

More Dragons

Look you can see him operating the dragon (if you want to rent a space in china town then you can call that number in the background too)

The drummer
My most adoreable friend Lili.
2009 The year of the OX!
These are tangerines that you eat whole. no peeling they aren't much bigger than my thumbnail either.
Oh we went to the tea store and they also sold seahorses there. $50 for like 2 horses. We had a whole conversation about what you did with your $50 seahorses. It seems they are great for your liver and you put them in your soup (whole) so literally it looks like seahorses swimming around in there. I did not buy any I couldn't bring myself to make seahorse soup or even pay $50 for two of them. They also had $300 Urchin but they didn't make such a cute picture.
I took this pic for jono. Check out all these noodles in a cup little brother? You really must get some.
That's all for now I should have left the hotel 20 minutes ago I will sit in traffic now for sure!


JFK Library

Satruday I took myself on adventure to the JFK presidential library. It was bitter cold out but I didn't stay outside long although I did do part of the harborside walk there. Surprisingly I knew very little about JFK but I watched the videos while I was there they had him as well as Bobby it was pretty interesting. Here's a few pictures from my adventure.
The library - a much better shot than the last time I was there when it was dark.

a quote in the wall. kind of an interesitng thought (what are you starting that won't be finished?)
The harbor walk was super icy.
Another angle of the jfk. there's me there too. It was SOOOOO cold. Did I mention that.
Oh and check out this little ditty! It's it a beauty? I want one so bad! Think of all the random things I could type.
It was JFKs check him out typing out a paper or something on it. doesn't he look 12?
There's this glass lobby at the library pretty cool.