Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I took a trip to Evansville (well Newburgh) this weekend for Stephanie's Birthday. It was good to see everyone I didn't take many pictures since Jodie is a photographer but here's a few that I did take or at least someone took on my camera. It was good to see old friends and Jodie and Dennis are the best hosts.
Us in a phone booth.
Mimi on the trolley.

Jodie on the Trolley.
Pam and a Margarita.
On the Trolley. The sun was pretty harsh but I still like this one.

Stephanie I hope you had an excellent birthday weekend and you have lots of french toast!


Just when you thought I was done...

blogging about our UK adventure I'm not! What else would I blog about my trip to the hotel swimming pool tonight or maybe my project - BORING! New Adventures this weekend though - going to Jodie's in Evansville. Here's some more pictures from Dublin.
The Irish Sea

Bottoms Up.
Hide and Seek - we had this park all to ourselves.
Can you find the bullet holes in the statue?
The oldest church in Ireland to still hold a weekly service. Drat I can't remember the name of the place.
I think this was the seaside town of Stowe.
Dublin port as seen from our FERRY BOAT!
More Stowe don't you love the painted houses.
Thatched roofs how delightful.
Art Museum in hospitals. Jono I still think we need a old hospital.
This is where we stayed in dublin. The Shelbourne just down the road from oscar wilde's childhood home.
We saw some irish band and dancing. My photos were all sorts of junk from that but I like this one. I only wish you could make out that little boys shirt says Ireland.
This is one of my favorites I don't know if this guy knew it or not but he was perfect they way he is leaning on the fence.
The river Liffey as dusk.
Stephen's Green Pink Tulips.



We also made the journey to see one of the wonders of the world. Stonehenge - now of course we want to see all the others! It was really super cool, although they didn't let you touch it. much to our surpise they had it gated off and were charging admission. Oh well it was worth the journey. Here's some pics.


Dover has to be one of our favorite stops on our trip (aside from my driving of course). It's absolutely beautiful in Dover and the town is delightful as well despite everything being closed for Easter. The sun came out just as we arrived which couldn't have been more perfect as it had been overcast and drizzling all day. Dover is on the channel side of england and has these beautiful white chalky cliffs. I can atttest that they are chalky as Jono thought it would be a good idea for us to climb down one of them (granted it was not so steep and someone had made a path). But it still made me nervous. Anyhow here are some pics.
The cliffs looking upward from a middle "ledge".
Dover Castle which overlooks the cliffs and was used up until WWII as a miltary castle, but also used back in the Tudor days. I wish we had gotten there in time to go inside but we did not.
The cliffs. It's much higher than it looks.

Jono standing on the cliffs

You can see castle in the background. The fog was rolling in.

More of the cliffs.

And another castle shot.

London Again...

One last one from london and then we see Dover and Stonehenge. For the record we enjoyed england but it seemed that we liked the areas outside of London better than the city. By far the people of ireland have to be the nicest - perhaps our tazi cab driver frim nigeria summed it up best. It's because they are poor that's what makes them friendly. Anyhow here's some of our photos from London.
The tube - we did so enjoy riding the trains and yes the rumor is true I did jump on a train and leave Jono at the station. But in all fairness the train was full and the doors were closing.
random city shot.
another bridge - london has lots of them.
A shot from up in the tower bridge.
Jono and I at the tower of london. not sure why the heck we look possessed.
An umbrella sculpture. It rained like 75% of the time we were in London although the sun did come out our last day.
Buckingham palace. The queen did not invite us in for tea and crumpets.
The tower of London.
Gates of buckingham palace.
JJ try not to be jealous but there are waffle places everywhere and street vendors selling waffles too. you would have been in heaven unforunately we did not try the waffle dog but we did have a few waffles.



I was going to blog about today but Jonathan said I must go in order. So here's some from our adventures in London. We've trampled to most of the tourist spots we took a tour which was not as good as the one in Dublin. I'd recommend just walking it yourself or going on the Tube from place to place. So here's some pics...
From the london eye.
Tower Brigde. I love the peacock blue I'm sad they are repainting it for the oymplics.
street music.
jonathan is getting beheaded.
Trafalgar Square which is partially under construction
Picaddilly Circus.
Me and Big Ben
Jonathan and the London Eye

More soon...