Keeping Up with the Jones

At last the third and final installment of our Iowa Roadtrip. So when I last saw most of the jones my family was three cousins (not that I even remember them). But I have a handful of photos - here's some from a series of us getting ready to leave Omaha for the east when my parent's split up. Ted (baby in red coat), Charolette (glasses) and Jenny (Red sweater), that's mom in the middle holding me eating something probably a doll or something that should not be eaten and JJ in an awesome green coat.
Another one of the same cousins + grandma Jones & aunt penny. Don't you love mom's shoes - they are so awesome (mom you are too cool love you!)
now I have more cousins than I even can remember their names... whoops. So anyhow dad and ginny tossed together a little Jones & Co Family BBQ and invited the Joneses who still are in Omaha. It was a good time unforunately I don't know the Joneses well enough yet to order them around for a group photo yet (next time). There were some deep discussions which including uncle joe's "you got any mexican's there?" - no joke. how cute is that. There was some 4-wheel riding (unforunately no we couldn't fire up the dirt bikes because there wasn't any gas, but we sure tried), and were the horses, and good eating, and even a bonfire although dad refrained from throwing in the barn door, despite.
Anyhow here's some more pics one of gigi (my cousin's daughter), Kim and her husband who may or may not be called "steve" or "sam" (I'm horrible I know).
Jones on the blue 4-wheeler this one goes slow.
Dad and my stepmom Ginny.
Me and dad (it was so cold) even in the smoke of the bonfire.
Uncle Joe
My cousin Dustin (he's Joe's second youngest).
My aunt peggy and shelby my youngest cousin on dad's side. They have the same profile.
Grandpa Jones - looks just the same as I remember. He doesn't talk much which is sad, because I'm sure he's got a million interesting stories he could tell me.
Ted the baby in the top photo's baby - Mckayla. She's trying desperately to get the horses to eat carrots however only stinky likes them the rest would rather go to town on salt licks.
Aunt Peggy, Shelby, and Kim trying to get those horses to eat carrots. It seems unless you feed them to them all the time they don't really have any desire to eat them.

My cousin Kelly's husband Aaron riding a 4wheeler.
And last we leave you with Jono and Kyle and the same bonfire.
I didn't get a photo of everyone I guess - I'll have to do better next time of course and hopefull it's not another 25+ years before I see the other Joneses Family. Iowa was good times


It's not even my birthday!

Today Jono and I did a little thrifting. And I scored #23 on my list today - I'm so excitied! Not only that it's from the 1950's it's an Olympia De Luxe and the best part is it only cost $5. I couldn't get it work at the store but I bought it anyway thinking "I could will it into working". And I got it home and unjammed it and it's ready to roll. The best part is I think I can get ribbons for it. Ahhh it's a good thing.

Demolition Derbies, Giant Turkey Legs, Men on Fire and Butter Cows

Segment #2 of our journey to Iowa for Jonathan's Birthday - The Iowa State Fair! The main purpose of our road trip actually was to go to the State Fair. This was on Jonathan's list of things to do in 2009 so it only seems fitting that we can do it for his birthday road trip. Anyhow the Iowa State Fair puts all the other state fairs to shame really. Did you know they have park and ride? That's how many people flock to this thing. Held just outside of downtown Des Moines you could easily fit 2 or 3 of the Indiana State Fairs inside of this one. Not only is the size grand but they have 3 ferris wheels - yes you read that right three ferris wheels - how can you not love that. (In case you haven't noticed I love a ferris wheel). Unforunately because we didn't want to spend $60 riding ferris wheels we only rode one. Without further ado I give you the Iowa State Fair...
Giant Butter Sculptures - now they aren't as impressive as one would think - I was picturing something as big as a truck. But it is well crafted.
Skylifts! Every State Fair needs skylifts!
In case I haven't mentioned it - Kyle joined us for the State Fair and the cookout later and I'm so glad he did. He tried his hand at "the easiest game at the fair" - hah! That's not a softball he's throwing at steel milk bottles it's a nerf ball. Unforunately Kyle spent $15 and did not win a giant dinosaur or anything of the sort. :(
We saw some critters - including goats.
Oh and they had a gravitron! Anyone remember these? We did not ride it - but we did fondly recall riding it at the millet hall parking lot as a kid. Oh good times.
From the ferris wheel you can't really get a good view of the park from the big ferris wheel because there's lots of trees at the fair grounds but here's a shot. And you can see the two other ferris wheels.
Jono and Kyle and the Des Moines Skyline - yes it's that tiny.
There's the ferris wheel we rode.
And there was the crushing of metal at the demolition derby. What a hoot these are. We even got to see a big man in a little car throw a fit when the ref ejected him. It's almost like a pacers game. Basically in demolition derbies you try and crush the sh$% out of the other cars until they either give up, get stuck, or their engines stall out. Can you say nifty?
One guy even took out the fence
Station wagon's completely rule the big car rounds. Although we thought jono and joe's old grand prix might have given a good show.
Did you know they have half-time shows at the derby? Yes that's right. Don't try this at home little kiddies - but at the Demolition derby. They pour gasoline all over a derby car, with a guy named "Rocky" or something equally as cool inside. And then they light it on fire! No joke - the guy then jumps out of the car - where he becomes ingited himself and is engulfed in flames. He casually walks to a tarp to "stop drop and roll" it's true this will put the fire on you out btw however it helps if you have four burly firemen waiting to put you out as well. Anyhow a few snaps of the spectacular. Here is the car - before it explodes.
And here is Rocky walking calmly waving to the crowd while lit on fire. Marvelous!
After such excitiment one needs something to gnaw on? How about a turkey leg as big as your head?
We all agree however it needs a little hot sauce - fair vendors take note.
Thumbs up for the fair.
Stay tuned for Keeping Up with the Joneses the thrid and final segment....


Tuesday 10

1. Discovering More Cool Graffitti - these are lego critters. 2. Old Town Omaha - a pleasant Surprise
3. Demo Derbies
4. Wind Turbine farms
5. Barrettes
6. Cool mats like this. 7. Yummy things like this.
8. Project Impossible. - I cannot wait to get me some more polariod film.
9. Project Runway being back.
10. 2 minute trips to the BMV.
More from our roadtrip later.



For Jono's birthday we went on a road trip. Stop #1 was Omaha (actually it was dad's but then omaha). Omaha was a pleasant surprise. Old Market was adorable - it was like fort worth without the "cowboy" theme. It's much larger than one would think, oh and they had packs of violin players on the street corners. Oh and there were all sorts of "characters" there too which made for great people watching. Here's some snaps. I will share more of our weekend soon.


Happy Birthday Jeanne!

Sorry I am a day late. Hope you had a grand birthday!


Happy Birthday Jono!

Thought these seemed fitting as they match your presents. Have a marvelous birthday.

The UP Part 1 - You Know You Want to Vacation Here

So let's see what's left to tell about UP vacation. It was fantastic to spend some time with my Aunt Rachel. She is cutest thing, lovely and fun and she's even funner when she's had a few shots of whiskey and UV. Rachel I cannot wait to hang with you at the agate shop next summer and I promise to bring the rest of the jones and co bunch so we can see what other shenanigans we can get into.
And the cousins and I our age difference manage to have some quality family time. It had been 13 years since I'd been in the same place at the same time as them although I have seen them one at a time here and there. Hopefully they don't hate me for making them wash dishes, set the table or clean up.
Surprisingly I have a lack of words today so here's some more pics...

Rachel on the rocks.
more sunsets
more sunsets
Tim this photo cracks me up.
I love this photo of sarah
And this one of colleen despite that silly hat.
our feet on brockway
Agate shops really are the coolest
another cute one of sarah
and there's Tim
and colleen again.
Oh and the devil's washtub, which was quite the let down. it used to swoosh more now it is little more than a cave filled with water.
rock formations found when looking for the washtub
and one last sunset
Until next year...