Tuesday 10 - Goodbye June - Much Lovin'

I should have probably made a tutorial this week but I'm not really feeling it right now so instead you get a Tuesday 10 - which #7 is a Tutorial by someone else. Here's some recent things I love.

1. Vacation in 3 days - Wild West Here We Come!
2. My birthday in 2 day
3. JJ's birthday present (which I think is super cool even if he doesn't - which I haven't confirmed or denied)

3. This quote which is from the book Eat Love Pray - Not that I've read it but I want to see the movie!  "Happiness is the consequence of personal effort.  You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. - Melissa Gilbert"
4. Fun Recipes - Ginger Beer from here. (Image from Lottie and Doof)
5. Getting a new sister - Congrats Schreve and A - unforunately we'll have to wait until 2011!
6. 100 acres who doesn't love an art park that encourages touching and yes standing on art!

7. This Tutorial - I think I need if for my kitchen whenever we finish the remodel. (Image from fiction we live)
8. Lita is staying with us for a bit - fun sister time!
9. Beautiful 70 degree weather at the end of June what is not to LOVE!
10. Being able to close my dresser drawers


Closets.,Picnics, Art & 100 Acres

I cleaned out my closets and drawers I got rid of a whole bunch of clothes.
I cleared off this many hangers.
And this is how styling I am when I clean - yes polkas and stipes
And I have a whole new box of t-shirts for my t-shirt quilt - that makes three I guess I should stop volunteering and doing acquiring t-shirts at events
There was a picnic.
And some large "LOVEly" art

And a very LARGE Bug (and some small ones too)

And some jumping and frolicking

We saw 100 acres - which I think is one of the coolest things happening right now in Indy.

I wish we had got to tour Indy Island - I did leave them a note I can't wait to see it posted, and to go back and trade for something.  It's made by this artist Andrea Zittel, and there are some art students living in it.

And then there was dancing in the rain and a downpour where we got drenched in the 100 acres at which point the camera was put in a trash bag to avoid being ruined.


Recipe - Pineapple Pico De Gallo

Yesterday I had been having a hankering for some mexican food so I thought - I would make something. I had read the Pioneer Women's recipe for Pineapple Mango Salsa; however the grocery across the street of course does not carry Mango so I thought of her Pico De Gallo - and I thought what about a interesting combo of the two? So I adapted and came up with this - which is ever so yummy and let me tell you the onions and cilantro were grown by yours truly - yup me! I'm so proud of myself (can you tell).
  • 5 Roma Tomatos
  • 1 Onion
  • 3 whole Jalapeno Peppers
  • 1/8-1/4 of cup of Cilantro
  • Juice from one Lime
  • 4-5 slices of canned pineapple (I know the horror)
Directions -
1. Chop everything except lime dump in bowl
2. Slice in half and juice the lime in the pico.
3. Mix up
4. (Optional) Refrigerate for like an hour to get the juices melding

Doesn't it look yummy! Thanks Pioneer Women.


Lita's Grad Party Photobooth

Here is the compilation video this is my first time making one of these picasa videos and I think its' super fun.

Tuesday Tutorial - Make Your Own Photobooth

1. Collect props - hats, glasses, umbrella's, signs, etc etc
2. Set-up Camera, remote, & backdrop - I used a sheet and set my camera up on a tripod
4. Draw/tape perimeter on floor where people should stand
6. Snap photos with remote.

It's really that easy!


Sneak Peek - Photo Booth Lita's Party

We did our very own photo booth at Lita's Grad Party what fun it was. The photos are so darling I couldn't resist sharing a few right now. The best part is you get jems of photos like these...

More soon!


Indy Blues Baseball

Jono is playing 1860s baseball with my friend Rich on the Indianapolis Blues Vintage Baseball team, this weekend they played in Garfield park - which is so close to our house so we came out for the tournament. It was really fun to see them play. Good job Jono sorry we missed your game winning play - we needed to cool off at the pool. Vintage baseball is super fun with no mitts, fun uniforms, different rules and sometimes - no sliding (yes jono no sliding - he likes to slide). Jono's nickname is shawshank has he doesn't have his uniform yet and wears navy uniforms which looks like a prison uniform. Anyhow of course with the triple header there were pictures - we wouldn't have it any other way. So without further ado...
Jono was attacked by a caterpillar during a break. Isn't it vicious
This is my friend Rich - he has the uniform already as he's been playing for a while now. I think he's looking at a pop ball.
Jono running the bases - could the day have been any less perfect - blue skies some clouds, a breezy. Lovely although probably not as much for the players.
Here's Jono running to first.
and more running same old form
And batting or getting a strike
more running
Good Game - they won the first game by a landslide - I like like 20 points.
Jono hitting - look I actually got a picture with the ball
And here is his scoring or maybe this was before he was tagged out.
Jono on second base - I love how cute the pitcher is getting ready for the pitch.
And one more just for good measure.
More base running
More hitting - don't you love that bat too?
Good Game
Or should I say huzzah huzzah!
Jono I'm so glad you joined up on the 1860's baseball with Rich I think it's the coolest!