Tuesday 10 - No Tutorial Again

 I don't think I have my camera with me this week, so I couldn't even make you a tutorial about riding in the elevator, or how to eat a tamale from the RV truck in Springfield, so here's a list -
1. Ferris Wheels!  I have been dreaming of them - read about here. the maker of them. 

2. That I'm missing the thunderstorms and rain in Indy.
3. This dilbert seems appropriate for me. (source)
4. Eagle Harbor Family Vacation 2010 starts Friday! (photo by george hite from here)

5. My horoscope today - "fuzzy Neptune" sometimes I just love reading this.
6. New Orange flavored chapstick
7. Patched Hardwood - this has been a long time coming - now if the stain would have just matched like the sample did.
8. Having only 2 more days work work in the month of July.
9. My birthday present from mom - Look out letterpressing here I come. (#31 is done) - YAY!
10. Extra's new improved bubble gum.  It's like their old one - perhaps they reverted back to the recipe from 2004.  Whatever though I love it!


My Birthday

I would be remiss if I didn't blog a little bit about my birthday, although I won't go into a complete play by playk. I had a really great day.  I went out to lunch with these people.
One of them the fabulous Jill brought me the most adorable gifts - they were a tribute to our friendship each thing representing something we discussed or did together.  She put the cutest little notes on the packages. I loved it.  So special.
I won't tell you what they all mean because that is like a novel in and of itself but here are most of the package.
We also went out to Dave and Busters which was the perfect place to go because Lita could get in.  And they had skee-ball!
And I started my jar (#45) which is already accumulating lots of goodies.

Trying something new

Downloaded an app today that may allow me to blog from my Ipod. hopefully this doesn't break my blog


Wild West Recap #6 - North Dakota Ending the road trip recap

We stayed in Medora and Fargo while in North Dakota - the state seemed to only have people driving around.  Our favorite hotel on the trip was the Rough Riders this is where Teddy Roosevelt used to stay back in the day.
The town was pretty cute.
It's right next to Teddy Roosevelt National Park - which is literally probably the least populated of any park - I think we saw all of 10 people in the place.But we did see 100s of prairie dogs.
And badlands completely different from the other ones.
I climbed to the top of one of the mountains.
I didn't even topple over and fall down. Jono climbs up and down and calls himself dances with wolves, I told him I was more like slow waltzs with turtles because I'm on constant alert of the height.

But I enjoyed climbing I let Jono venture to the top of a few on his own.
We saw wild horses.
He came down with a giant splinter in his arm.
And there was a beautiful sunset

And then we saw this lone buffalo
And some elk.
We also saw the cannon ball formations
My hair was a complete disaster almost the entire trip - and when I got home I think I used a whole bottle of detangler to unknot it.
It was a beautiful national park.
we also saw the enchanted highway - which is large sculptures created by a man to save his town. 
It was a great trip I'm so glad Jono and Lita were able to come with me I'm sure we'll never forget it.

Wood Patching and Shots

I just finished patching the hardwood in front of the door. Take that Jono you said I should hire a carpenter - this was totally doable however I did stab myself with a rusty old nail so now I'm off to the get a tetanus shot before I finish sanding and staining.   I won't be sorry I didn't go off with my friends to Chicago this weekend when this is finished.


Wild West Recap #5 - Deadwood, Devil's Tower, Montana Wilderness

We stayed Deadwood.  Which is a cute historic town filled with casinos and what-not.  Perhaps you know Deadwood from the HBO tv show.
They have shoot outs and it's a real like wild west mining town.
And they have stores that carry wildberry insence how funny is that?
Jono found himself a cigar shop.  It seemed fitting.
Then we were off to Wyoming
We went thru Sundance where Sundance Kid was fun.

And there was Devil's Tower which is really quite a sight in the middle of no where.
And then we headed to Montana
Where we saw this...
a traffic jam

I am so grateful that we weren't driving 3200 miles in one of these it was bad enough without cruise control and power windows.
And after that the GPS took us on a 100 mile ride on a gravel road literally in the middle of nowhere in places where even verizon cell phone has no coverage and the GPS didn't work all the time.  And it was a real life wilderness loop where the antelopes (or weird deer) graze
And buffalo roam
And we had a picnic lunch right next to the buffalo
And then we were welcomed "orth akota" yup that's right
More still although we are drawing to an end of our trip.