This weekend we downsized Momo into a new rental.  Basically she now has 1/2 the amount of space before.  She also had to say goodbye to her washer/dryer, pantry, and garage.  But sometimes you need to give up things you enjoy to gain more things you'll enjoy - like she is so much closer to her friends and work.  She'll be able to have people over for dinner and sleep in later in the day.  She can also join the Rec center which she's been wanting to do - won't that be a blessing.  Anyhow we packed her all up and moved her to the new place.  We recruited some old friends to help too.  As usual a good time was had, but I am glad that this is the last time that the Jones and Co Movers will be moving Momo for a while :o).
Momo - here's to hoping you can enjoy your new pad - I think it's going to be awesome for you even if it's just short term.
And now for some photos...
We ordered pizza for lunch (you gotta feed the help). 
Jono doing some heavy lifting.
Jesse came to help (once upon a time like 18 years ago I used to babysit him and he was Jono's first friend in Indiana - I don't think I'd seen him in 10 years it was so awesome he was able to help).
This is how you drive a U-HAUL.
Not like this.
And this is the ONLY photo of me taken all weekend - anyone one know which foot is mine?
Momo is such a hoot - she keeps us in stitches - FYI this is not a hat.
Jono, Momo, and Jesse-o - in front of Momo's new place.
Oh and there's a photo of Jesse's girl too Ashlee it was great to meet her and hang out with her as well.
Last post of October - sorry I missed a few days but sometimes you just can't blog everyday.  More adventures soon but first I'm going to spend a few days at home and I might even work on the list Jono wrote up for me.



well not yet - but I'm heading home on a flight from Charolette in about 10 minutes. I feel like I've been wandering for days. My travels from the last two weeks by numbers
12 days
8 different hotels
2 houses
22 different cities in New England
3 States
1 new system deployed
$55.35 in tolls (approximately)
1,056 miles exactly on the rental
9 different offices
4 favorite new shops
1129 support calls (well I'm not sure that's accurate it was more like 129)
67 new friends (guesstimated estimate)

1 hellagood business trip but I can't wait to be home.  Back to ordinary work next week.  Luv ya!


Somewhere on the East Coast New England

Things to note "Re:  My recent trip up to Maine"- 
I rather like seeing folk music live
They call places "The Yorks" the "The Shires"
There are the cutest little shops in New England
Flying Pig Bread is yummy
I wanted to swim off the rocks at the lighthouses
The water in Maine at this time of year is FREEZING
I did NOT dive in.
The leaves were a "little overdone" but there were spots of color here and there
They love scarecrows up there (me too)
Maine reminds me of the UP with more people and less pine trees
Sometimes you just need a little ocean when you live in a landlocked state
I rather like it in Maine - until next time


Tuesday Tutorial - How to Listen to the GPS & Tuesday 10

I was thinking that I should do a tutorial about how to listen to the GPS when it tells you to go one way and you don't, because you think you know better.  I have been on a Massachusetts state tour the last two weeks and I just consistently keep thinking I know better about where I'm going even to places I've never been in areas I have never been and I just drive round in circles til I finally stop being stupid.  But literally that tutorial goes like this.
1.  GPS says turn left turn left  
2. GPS says turn right turn right 
3.  When you continue on the road continue 
4.  Just LISTEN!  follow those direction of course when you don't know right from left you should probably get some assistance. 
Since that could be quite the lamest Tuesday 10 and I feel like I just keep finding happy things these days I thought I'd have a Tuesday 10 this week.
10 Things I Love Right Now:
1. My New Baggu
2. Cool Blog - WhipUp - If you haven't already seen it you should check out Alisa Burke's most adoreable tutorial on making a halloween lunch sack. It could quite possibly be the cutest thing seen all halloween.  Seriously I'm not kidding.
3. Fall!
4. Being 1 expense report from caught up.
5. Escalators
6. Scarecrows - Is this not super cute?
7.The saying "It is what it is."
8. Head of the Charles 2010

9. Spending time with the Bonks sorry I didn't take a single photo there.  (Dawn aren't you a photographer - how did we miss that?)
10. Getting to stop in at my favorite store in Cambridge - Black Ink - I even bought the coolest new kitchen supplies


New England Fall Humor


Head of the Charles 2010 - Crossing Something off the Bucket List

From the very first time I came to Boston and the rowers were out on the Charles - I have been drawn to Memorial Drive to sit and watch them row - I also am fascinated with the sailing on up the river but that is another story for another time.  And I also love ferry boats, and clipper ships, kayaks and tug boats (notice how I leave out canoes).  Perhaps I was supposed to be a boat captain not an IT consultant??? 
Anyhow I divert.
When I learned of the Head of the Charles this super big regatta that happens in Boston every year I instantly knew I wanted to go.  So I actually wrote this in on my 100 things to do before I die list (which is also another post for another day).  The last few years I wasn't able to go but NOT this year.  This year I made it happen - CHECK! 

And it was fun, and I was just content to sit and watch the rowers, even though I didn't know anyone in the race, and I didn't even know the rules - but I learned a little met some new people and really enjoyed myself.  Dawn sorry you and Travis didn't get to come too. For the record my picture are horrible because the sun was either too bright or gone.  I should have come earlier in the day.
Just one rower is called a sculler
 more sculling
 In events as large as the head of the charles - everyone doesn't start together - it's a timed event where they start in heats, and the best time will win.  I love seeing the rowers and the brick of Harvard in the background lovely.
 The big boats have a extra person in the boat who navigates and encourages the rowers - I have already forgot what Tara and Dave told me they call that person.  (Usually this person is hidden in the front of the boat)

 Nice Sock boys
 Once you complete the race you turn your boat around and go back on the other side of the river.  I saw these lumberjacks returning don't they have a cool uniform?
 Girls row too.
 They go under the bridges (I also like bridges)

Anyhow it was a awesome day for rowing, an awesome day for watching not to hot, not to cold - just right. Until next time.


Nautical Fall

Sorry I missed a few days of blogging - it's been a crazy week - but seriously who wants to hear about work shmurk. 
 This weekend I'm off on a Nautical Fall Adventure.  Complete with a trip to the HEAD of the CHARLES...
And a little fall foliage and beach action in Maine.
Tomorrow I'm heading back to the cape for work so maybe I can see whales or ride a ferry boat too.
More soon. 


Did we get any fall colors?

Saturday Jono and I took our bikes for a bike trip. We almost went to St. Louis to ride them but we got sleepy on the drive and decided to stop in Terre Haute and try out the National Road Heritage Trail - which wasn't that awesome of a trail, but we couldn't find the long part of the trail we only found the short part - next time we will take my phone charged so we can google directions all the way.  It seems that I might have missed the fall colors too - I couldn't really find them this weekend - which makes me sad.