Ride a Train #6

So I rode my train #6 actually after the 4th of July but you know sometimes it takes a while to blog about things.  I took the train from Indy to Chicago which is rather inexpensive it was all of $19 for a one-way which is much cheaper than gas in my SUV and it too me right smack into the middle of the city, sadly there wasn't a train home when I needed it though the options for trains are few and far between and if you need to get somewhere at a special time you'll likely need to take the bus instead.   Several things to note about train travel from Indy  - 
  • It's not fast it took something like 6 hours to get from Indy to Chicago driving it would have been 3
  • Citizens of Indy don't know how trains work - literally they didn't know they could get on the train
  • Union Terminal in Indy is in such a sad state for somethign that used to be a transport hub it's kind of depressing
  • Random homeless people my pass out cold and fall hard next to you in the terminal (you won't know what to do)
  • Amtrak smells of disenfectant
  • They provide plugs in the trains
  • The "conductor" (or so I call him)  is very knowledgeable
  • Dining cars are not always open - so I could not get a cocktail at 7am :(
  • Seats are comfortable & recline and not many people ride so you can have two!  (Better than coach on a plane)
Overall though  my train ride was fun it was kind of relaxing to be on a roadtrip and be able to paint my nails, chat on the phone, and nap.  I think I might like to take another train sometime as well, when I have lots of extra time - but I want it to come with a hop off hop on pass so I can get off at random places. 



DC in a Day aka If you Don't LIke Walking This is Not for You (Jones & Co Family Vacay Part 9)

We literally gave Smash a crash course in DC monuments in a day, and in the 90+ degree weather this is not a walking trip for sissies.  But we lived at and I give you the photos from the DC tourist stops - lucky for smash we did not drag her to 13 Smithsonian's too...
I think this is a funny photo of Jono running up the Library of Congress and JJ grabbing his foot.
White House from Jefferson 
Jefferson one of my favorites I like it better not under construction and without people.
FDR I think I have some good video of this one too.

Jefferson and the Tidal Basin. Smash if you are reading this we need girls trip in Cherry Blossom season.
The newest memorial - MLK

Korean Memorial
Can you spy Joneses at the Lincoln Memorial?
One of 1000 photos I took of the Washington Monument I tried to capture it from all angles and places.  This is from the back of the Lincoln
More Wash Mon
White House - Obama did not invite us in.
Wash Mon from my napping spot
Wash Mon from WII
Lincoln again.

Is that the Wash Mon?
Jones thought he could cartwheel in front of the Wash Mon - however it looked a little silly

We had to have freeze dried ice cream like we were five although secretly we have this everytime we are in DC. Smash had never had it and I think she doesn't want to again.

Jones wipe lunch off your face.

Wash Mon from the Sculpture Garden
Wash Mon from the American History and there's also a spy there I wonder who that is.
I somehow changed the camera settings for about 10 photos and have all these "ultra blue" images. 

From the Modern Art

We tried to recreate a photo of course I can't find it but I'm pretty sure it didn't really look like this. However I love it.
Wash Mon in my hand

Botanical Gardens

Me plus the capital.  I wanted to call my congress man so he could fill me in on libya but I didn't have his cell handy. 
More Botanical.

This is a fun photo of us in front of the capital - that bun on the top of my head all day is hilarous but it kept me from melting.

Look what it is again - Wash Mon
I love this one
And me and the fountain at the Library of Congress