Another week down of these. Somedays are boring. 1 - my wedding shoes, 2 - burger at Joes, 3 - lasagna night, 4 - party hats, 5 - ridiculous sink from date night, 6 - jonesy eating Po Boy, 7 - big finish quilt 1 of 2013.


Madrona Road by Violet Craft - Not Zig Zag Quilt

IMQG is participating in the Madrona Road by Violet Craft challenge.  I was really challenged by this fabric - this is not really my choice of colors I prefer brighter and those with more pinks/reds.   But I decided to cut into it rather than run down the street to Crimson tate for the pink colorway (wedding budget - ugh).  I also made this baby sized using all fabric from my stash.
So following the challenge theme I thought "oh hey I will use a tutorial I saw once" and so this was supposed to be a "zig-zag" quilt but obviously I can follow a pattern right?  Does it look zig zag to you?  I guess not really so much!  
I had it all laid out on the floor right and then sewed it together all wrong, and when I noticed I thought I fixed it with that third row and jacked it up worse.  Hah!  I think I will stick to my "winging it" methods. 
It's quilted is in navy which I actually love I just freehanded a mimic of the actual design with the quilting.   Thanks so much to Violet Craft and Michael Miller for sponsoring this challenge it was fun. Anyhow it's now ready for a friends baby who's due later this year and heck it's my first finish of 2013!



#20 Pinterest Project with Kathleen - Chevron Canvases

When I added #20 to my list I knew it was a sure thing because Kathleen and I like to craft together we actually have Pinterest folder online so we can pin projects for the two of us - which actually makes it hard to just do one.
Anyhow we decided to make these canvases (by Promise Tangeman) because we had everything in our stash already - paint, magazines, mod podge, tape and canvases on hand. Here's what we did note that we are experts because we are not.  The actual instructions are better than mine for sure.
1. Paint base coat on canvas
2. Cut interesting images into triangles of about the same size. I went with words Kathleen with rap and popstars.
3. Lay them in a zig zag/chevron fashion to your liking.
4. (Trace and/or) just tape of the triangles you want to paint. (I skipped tracing this extra wonk to mine).
5. Paint inside triangles taped.
6. Mod podge paper down.
7. Cover with another coat of midge podge.
8. Hang on wall. Boom!
Even though they are not perfect I love them and it will add a new punch to the bedroom.


Hybrid Hot Dog Lasagna vs Real Deal Veale Lasagna

One of my favorite things about being able to work from home is being home in the evenings so if I want to invite 8 random people over for a "lasagna cook-off" I can. So this week I do just that.
Dan brought his "real deal Veale lasagna" which is just traditional lasagna made by the real deal Dan Veale and Dustin cooked up his "Hybrid Hot Dog lasagna" which is really a spinach and spicy sausage lasagna but he had to use link sausage because its what the store had (recipe forthcoming).
Both lasagnas were excellent - so a clear winner was not declared. But we did declare team Lynley Kathleen Katie and Megan victors in Wii Jeopardy much to Dan's dismay, and a good time was had by all.

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 2 and 3

I did these two weeks of Project Life together the other day while Dustin was down with the flu. I used the Project Life Seafoam kit, plus scrap paper, Washi tape and random bits I saved from the weeks as usual I used random sleeves I bought at the office supply although week 2 is in a page F with the last pocket sliced off. I tried to limit the photos and as it turns out I didn't take very many that I really liked and were decent quality I need to get my SLR fixed. I am not sure I will continue sharing these every week or not but I do plan to continue making them and staying caught up.
Next week I want to be more creative with this perhaps stamping or painting in this puppy.


#16 Install the Door

You might remember in 2011 I got a door for Christmas. Well I FINALLY got that door installed. Actually it's a different one because sometimes even if the box says 30 inches it's 28. But after some measuring drilling, sawing, sanding, and patience I installed a door and now there's a little more privacy in my bedroom. And it's also #16 on my list so double check!



One I my goals for 2013 is to take a photo a day for a year. I tried this oh twice before but I always fall short. Trying it again. Here are the first seven from 2013, my dress, Jill sewing, ornaments on sale, stars, eye doctor, engagement photos, and time capsule day. So of at taking the photos every day has not been a challenge but who knows as the year progresses.


Another week of photos. This week I was back in New York which always provides an array of awesome to snap photos of. Then back in Indy for the weekend. Photos are Monday - my view of Central Park, Tuesday - Lincoln center for the arts, Wed - Seinfeld Diner, Thursday - LGA airport, Friday - chili for one, Saturday - home make over projects with sparkle flats, Sunday - beech grove bowl with Jono. It was a good week.


Man last week flew by, when I looked at the photos I wasn't sure I took one every day because I took so many on Friday. But alas I did manage to at least snap one. Photos this week, my madrona road challenge, meeting popstars at the mall, ms. PAC Man, Dustin shaving, walky talkies, Uncle - Nephew Time, large stack I thank you cards.


Best of 2012

I'm a little delayed in posting this. Just trying to figure out what happened in 2012!   When I did start to make the list I literally could have made it last FOREVER.  Anyhow here's a little "Best of" list of all the best things of 2012...
Best remodel - Kitchen - I should say "worst" but I love it now that it's done!
Best Big Thing - Shoe made of Shoes - St. Louis, MO
Best Event in Indy - Super Bowl - DUH!
Best Hair - Hello Awesome Post-Valentines Hair.
Best Ridiculous Activity - Justin Bieber Video Making
 Best Dancing All Night - Prom 2012
Best Spring Break - Montreal baby!

Best Date - Lemonade, Folk Music and Swimming Hole also best Lemonade seriously BEST!
Best DIY - Spoon Holder - I love this thing!
Best Ridiculous Family Adventure - Secret Agent Momo's Day!
Best Trip for Ice Cream - Ice Cream eaten in Marsh.
Best Camping Trip - Red River Gorge
Best Family Vacation Photo - Perry & Abe and Ridiculous
Best Road Trip - Yosemite oh Karen we are best travelers ever.
Best Mess - Color Run
Best Scary Adventure - Zip Lining in French Lick
Best Random Activity - Date on the Street
Best Engagement - Katie & Dustin - Duh!
Best Outfit - Dusty's Snow Get-up

Best of Life Videos - December 2012

What's that December 2012 video is up. Two years of making these videos finished when I watch them even with the crap footage I love them. Some more than others. I'm very super excited to work on making better ones in 2013 - I think I will stick to the same template same format see how that goes.  Anyhow December was half in NYC half in Indy and with Christmas and a snow day there was lots of awesomesauce to work with.  Song is one of my favorites - "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  If the below doesn't work you can check the video out on youtube click here.   And if you are really bored here's all of them here.


Project Life 2012 Weeks 50-52

I have been working on catching up Project Life from 2012 the last week or so and I actually finished weeks 50-52. All of these are extra super simple pages mostly scrap paper, Washi tape, and handwritten notes. Two of these weeks I was in NYC and one here in Indy. I tried not to use every photo taken but sometimes that's hard. I did get a little creative and use a Christmas card and cut some of the page protectors down for smaller pages.
Week 50 - you may notice that this week currently bumps up to July - I guess I better fill in some of August thru November. This week was really all about eating good food, the Christmas tree, and Thea and Dustin coming to NYC. I adore that photobooth strip from the Ace and I may take it out and blow up an image or two for the wall.

Week 51 - last week in NYC I didn't do a whole lot except walk around looking at the Christmas decor.  It was raining a big part of the week though so that made it more interesting.  I also took Dustin to his first ever Dim Sum - it was a huge hit.
Week 52 - flurry of all things Christmas, then dress shopping (PS that is NOT my dress), and the best snow day ever. Looking back my Christmas photos were dreadful! I need to get the Nikon fixed or buy a new camera.