Almost cabins Quilt

This was my other finish of the weekend.  It's a baby quilt initially I was making log cabins but then I stopped because I want to keep the log cabin quilt and this is a gift.  So it's "almost cabins".  Everything is scrap or stash fabrics and its quilted all freehand.  I was going to make it larger but then used three blocks on the back and I love that.  It might be my favorite side. 

Ignore the snow.  It wanted to get on my quilt. Someplace in the quilting it's signed, now I can't find it.  

Tuesday 10 - End of February

1. Trips to Museums with this guy.
2. Ceiling fan installation
3. Nanna Anna so thankful for this.
4. Finding my Fitbit after losing it at swim class.  Still works too.
5. #babyburfs delight in his new seat and seeing out the window.  He also likes when I scrap ice from his window.
6. Quilts to cuddle up under in this cold.
7. Gyros - there's a not a lot of Greek or Mediterranean places in Indy but I love finding a good gyro this one was $8 with a lemonade at Big City Diner and Lemonade.  Very good too.  
8. Babies visiting my home office and saying mamamamama over and over.
9. Getting to spend Saturday with a friend at the museum it was like old times with a baby - LOL
10. Planning vacation.

34 - Block of the Month with Thea - February

Here's the link to this months pattern http://www.sewmamasew.com/2012/02/modern-block-of-the-month-bom-february-sew-along/
I didn't follow the pattern but rather sketched out the strips needed and simplified the block to get rid of the funky seams.  I think it turned out regardless and once it's mixed in it won't matter.  I also did buy a This olive cotton and steel print to get a little more olive in my fabric selections.  I am planning to switch in a fabric from the original colors one at a time to make this more "samplery".


Babyburf 8 Months

Dear BabyBurf -
You are 8 months now and on the go.  This is my favorite you yet!  Although all the others were fun too. Things of note:
- You are edging towards crawling and walking I am sure any day now you'll have these mastered.
- You think your tray on you bumbo chair is amazing its your favorite toy.
- you can take the donuts off the tower putting them back not so much.
- You can remove puzzle pieces too again putting them back is not so good.
- We started working on hand eye coordination with various foods - you have mostly mastered it.
- And you now stash puffs in your fist!
- You are sleeping in your crib now however this means you will wake up at least once at night I am guessing because it doesn't snuggle you.
- you wear size 12 months and are starting to outgrow some of those clothes.
- you got your first two teeth and its precious to see you smile and feel them with your tongue.
- you push cars back and forth and until they roll away or off the table.
- You squirm and wiggle most of the time making things like diaper changes more complex.
- you love swim class and now bath time is more fun.
- it makes you so sleepy.
- I love when you snuggle me and hug me when I pick you up.  
- I love when you gibber gabber with me and act as if it is a real conversation.
- I love when we play balls and you realize you are throwing it and clap for yourself.
- I think swim class is so fun you splash and watch the other kids and interact it's too cute.
- I am not looking forward to the day when everything needs to be put up as we are running out of space!
- Daddy is always trying to keep you from pulling his beard but you do anyway.
- He likes to buy you surprises like cookies and toys.
- Daddy likes when you wake up at night and he's just home from work so he can snuggle you.
- Daddy had a whole weekend with you for Valentine's Day and he introduced you to some of his friends and you wore him out.
- daddy throws you up and swings you - you love it. 
I love you little baby man.
Love mommy
PS these photos explain it all you are ready to move.


Tuesday 10 - Presidents Day Week

1. Quilt retreat with IMQG.  It was a great way to spend valentines.
2. Receiving our free Jones Soda
3. Watching hand and eye coordination 
4. Finishing two quilts this weekend.
5. Zucchini so lovely but so under rated.
6. New stroller and the returnable first one.
7. Baby's swimming 
8. Babysitters that are also nana
9. Lightbulbs seriously I had to buy like 8 kinds in the last week and I so love having light.
10. Snow that doesn't need to be shoveled.  I love that white stuff but I dislike the shoveling.


IMQG Quilt Bee - The Stacked Book Quilt

This quilt was started back in 2010.  The members of the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild made me stacked book blocks in our Bee Swap, (aunt Thea also helped).  Anyhow I pieced the top like two years ago. 
This weekend I took it to the IMQG retreat with hopes to at least baste it.  I actually didn't just baste it, but I quilted and bound it too.  I love the bright primary colors they just work well together with the black and white prints.
The back is pieced from leftovers and scraps.  The quilting is not entirely straight line but looks like it occasionally there's a zig zag in there, but you have to look closely.  

39 - Take Jones to Children's Museum

I actually did this about a month ago.  It was free day at the museum and we met up with Jones's birthday twin Ewan.  
It was crazy crazy busy so much so we didn't even wait for the boys to ride their first carousel instead we just left.  
I think mostly they enjoyed watching people but they did enjoy the playscape area which is for younger babies.  
They also enjoyed touching and tasting each other.  Lol
In the playscape I had a real hard time keeping other kids from taking the toys I had brought from home.  Since the boys were eating things I didn't feel like they should eat the museum toys.  

And both boys were worn out when we went to leave.


Project Life - October & November

October was super fun. I especially enjoyed putting the ridiculous snaps we took at lynleys wedding into project life. I also saved all kinds of stuff from the wedding and I love the little paper bits mixed into this. No also think we should wear red red lipstick more. 
Pumpkin patch was so fun.
So was Art in Odd Places.
And our baby bacon precious.  In November I went with Simplicity and only made one page.  Even though we went to West Baden, and Missouri, and remodeled our bathroom and hosted thanksgiving one page was sufficent.  And I like this simplicity.
Enjoy the sneak peek of December too.