46 - Make New Soup

I started working on my list already.  I started with a favorite thing SOUP.  I love soup most of the time I can get my kids to eat it although Jones immediately tapped out when I said it was corn chowder however grandma and Thea were both down.  I used a recipe from here https://pin.it/7ftQgqR
I used extra chicken broth because I let it cook down a bit and seemed to need more liquid.  But overall we were pleased and I enjoyed leftovers all week.  It reminded me of my time in Boston where everyplace had chowder and I often would have clam chowder almost once a week.  


2023 Let’s do this.

New years showed up and we wrote lists out of paper with some goals.  I incorporated mine and a few family goals and kids goals into my big list this year.  So without future ado here’s my list…


  1. Monthly other country dish
  2. Cincinnati Chili Parlor Tour
  3. Topiary Park - Columbus
  4. Host an Art club
  5. Bike new trail 
  6. Hang a disco ball
  7. Start a new art journal
  8. Remove the carpet from the stairs
  9. Visit Thomas Dambo in Dayton
  10. Make new stockings
  11. Plant sunflowers 
  12. Buy the bud press jumpsuit 
  13. Rearrange bedroom
  14. Paint guest room
  15. Make bread
  16. Buy pool passes
  17. Monthly meal plans 
  18. Jones to see Bengals 
  19. Layover with Jono
  20. Take kids to dairy
  21. Ladies night with Thea
  22. Host an Art Club
  23. Family vacation
  24. Visit summit park
  25. Get (renew) passports
  26. Make a friend a cake 
  27. Get pretzels with Kathleen 
  28. Finish 5 months of project life
  29. Sleepover with Brooks
  30. Adventure with Ollie & Marlow
  31. Football Moms night 
  32. Finish a quilt
  33. Add new art to walls
  34. Visit new place.
  35. Donate to 23 small charities 
  36. Spring purge (100 items)
  37. Sign jones up for hockey school
  38. Visit JJ and Rob
  39. Read 15 books
  40. Mini dance parties (maybe weekly)
  41. Week of no technology evenings 
  42. Make new soup
  43. Complete puzzle 
  44. Donate trampoline
  45. Rehang towel hooks
  46. Move raspberry bushes
  47. Pressure wash siding
  48. Feed the birds
  49. Make Christmas cutouts
  50. Help Jones with his list
  51. Help Thea with her list
  52. Make new list


2022 list update

Last year my list had 46 things.  I finished 27 things entirely and 2 halfway.  It doesn’t seem so bad.

  1. Buy new to me car - bought
  2. Alms Park-Cincy
  3. Mend jones pants - complete
  4. Thomas Rambo Exhibit in Dayton
  5. Complete a Puzzle - Completed
  6. Finish half rectangle quilt
  7. Great Wolf Lodge with Kids - done
  8. Katie and Kids Spring Break - done
  9. Finish the Teal/orange/yellow quilt
  10. Finish another quilt
  11. Visit a new National park
  12. Get clothes line
  13. Read 12 books - finished I did finished 8 adult books and 8 kids chapter books 
  14. Watch 12 movies - I watched maybe 8
  15. Visit JJ and Rob - May 2022
  16. Sleepover with Brooks/Blakely - done
  17. Lemon desserts with Kathleen - done 
  18. Craft with Ollie and Marlow - done 
  19. Go to Miami Hockey game - Done.
  20. Walk 1200 miles (roughly 3.3/day) - I ended with 1203.45
  21. Family Vacation - done
  22. Watch the last years Project Runway
  23. Replace pans
  24. Paint bathroom cabinets
  25. Make new stockings
  26. Try 5 new recipes - I did 3
  27. Visit someplace new - done
  28. Remove carpet from stairs
  29. Paint shed
  30. Lume at Newfields
  31. New to us Bike trail
  32. Buy new running shoes - Done
  33. New shelves under tv.  - done
  34. Cookie tastings x25 - done 
  35. Take the kids to a play/musical - done
  36. Planned art club with my kids - done
  37. Purge 100 things in Spring cleaning - done
  38. Plant some hydrangeas - planted
  39. Visit the Westcott house
  40. Take Thea on a girls trip - State Fair Trip
  41. Go fossil Hunting with Jones
  42. Make a junk journal- done
  43. Make 22 - $22 donations to small non profits- done
  44. Moms 70th Adventure - done
  45. Visit the Wilds - Done
  46. Make new list - done


2022 cookies

My goal was to have at least 25 cookie tastings I just counted them up today and we are at 22.  I guess we need to get some more cookies before the end of the year stat.  Seems doable since I am not working until Jan 3rd.  


1,200 miles November

Well there’s a little less than a month left so I wanted to share a November update.  Despite having 4 of the biggest mileage days in November I hit 102.66 which doesn’t come close to Aprils numbers.  But it does keep me on track to make 1200 in December with 1100.46 at the end of November. 
(Photo completely unrelated from voting back in November). 


Christmas Movies

Watched two Christmas movies recently and one and a new one.  the Noel Diary and prancer - I appreciated them both they both had some Christmas cheese and predictability which I was appreciating.  


21 - family vacation

This year for family vacation all my siblings and I traveled to Disney World.   It was to celebrate both thanksgiving and my mom turning 70 originally we were going to travel to Vegas and then plane tickets were insanely expensive.  So we opted for something equally as expensive Disney.  
While it was much fun to be with my family I must say that Disney is not relaxing, at all I much prefer a beach vacation. I don’t really understand the appeal of it really.  While the rides are much more speed than Kings Island it was soooo crowded and hot and we walked about 8 miles each day.  Anyhow I tried not to be too Debbie downer and just enjoy the company and as usual that was my y favorite part.  


Movie 5 Don’t Worry Darling

Watched another movie.  This movie was a bit lacking it was confused about what was happening and what time period it was and then it was like “hurry up and wrap it up” at the end like it only 1/2 explained it.  I actually almost turned it off several times but somehow I stuck with it.  


Movie 3/4- enola Holmes 1 & 2

I actually tried to watch Enola Holmes a while back but fell asleep and when the second one came out I decided to watch them back to back.  I actually liked them both although they are a bit corny.  Millie Bobbie Brown is a delight and the story is cute.  And I like period movies costumes too.  Oh I do so love Helena Bonham Carter as well so that was an extra treat. I think my kids would have liked it as well so maybe we will put it in our movie jar.  
I swear I also probably watched other movies this year but when I try to think of them I have nothing so I guess I better get a move on watching things.


October Miles

In October I had decent month with 105.7 miles.  There were actually several 8 miles days on there but also several days where I forgot to charge my watch or wear it so it seemed to balance out.  I am not at 997.8 miles which is decent I might just make this goal.