Book 3 - The Last Garden In England

I have started soooooo many books in the last few months I actually just made myself finish this one.  This one i even read as an audio book.  the Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly was not really my favorite book it was a bit hard to follow because it’s following several womens stories and I kept being confused which women it was following and which time period it was.  But I made myself finish it.  Their stories kind of came together at the end.  I did enjoy the bits about the gardens I want to look more into English gardens.  


Movie 2 - The Beguiled

For my second movie this year I randomly watched The Beguiled. (Technically I also watched a few movies my kids picked)  I can’t say it was good it was kind of meh.  Very Sofia Coppola.  I do love a historical period type movie and story but this one was just very moody.


22 - New Shoes

I bought new running shoes x3.  This year.  

However I had to return 2 pairs!  It seems either the shoes sizes are changing or my feet grew.  The weird thing is I literally bought the same exact shoes I was currently wearing and my big toe was like popping out the end.  So then I ordered Kiziks which are a bit wide for my feet in size 12 but my toe was not poking thru at the end so I kept them.   Kiziks are shoes that don’t requiring tying which is MOST convenient for me as I usually just throw them on on the way out of the door.  


1200 miles Update

In May my Apple Watch broke.  Sad day.  
But before it broke I had 86.9 miles in the first 24 days so that leaves me at 485.3 miles for 2022.  It was actually a good month for walking.  I wish I had the last few days of may in there too.  But until I get a new watch it’s stalled.


1200 miles - April

In April I hit 115.7 miles this brings my total to 398.4so I am just short of being on target for 1200 steps.  I am hoping to gain ground in May as well.  


1 New to Me Van

I bought myself a new used van a few weeks ago.  It’s been so hard to find a minivan that fit my requirements (one owner, no accidents, less than 100k, leather seats etc).  But I finally did and I snatched it up.  
Hopefully this will be a good car for us - I know it will come in handy when we have extra friends for play dates as the old crv just didn’t have space for friends.  
My kids are very much in love and I am just rocking the soccer mom vibes because I am in fact a soccer mom.  Lol

I also sold my 2003 CRV and had over 200 people interested it in, desperate crazy people too.  The market for a used car is crazy right now.  


38 - hydrangeas

This probably looks like nothing but it’s one of 6 new hydrangea bushes.  I learned from a friend the local Soil and Water Conservation Department had native barefoot bushes and plants they practically give away in the spring.  And to my delight when I read the list of available plants hydrangea bushes of two varieties were on the list.  They also had lilac bushes so I ordered some of each.  I finally got them planted today I am hopeful that they will make it a few of the bushes seemed a bit dry.  I wish now I had bought enough to line our back fences, but if they do well I can get more next year.  



The other day my daughter asked if we could get some “twinnies”. I thought at first this was another way of asking for siblings which of course is a hard NO.
But we were at the store?  Specifically in the snack aisle.  
So I said “do you see any twinnies?”
She looked around and came back with “twinkies”.  I told her they were called “twinkies” and she again called them “twinnies”.  Well we bought the twinnies.  I am not even sure how she knew what they were since I am pretty sure I thought they discontinued them and I had not had one since way before she was born.  
Today she requested she pack her own school snack and she got out her “twinnies” and packed it in a Tupperware because she didn’t want it smooshed up.  

I wanted to remember this moment so I am leaving it here.  It reminds me how she always thinks Dolly Parton is Dolly Partment and no matter how we tell her she still insists Dolly Partment is her favorite singer. 

(Photo unrelated because I did not take one of her and the twinnies although I should have but she did win the Wiggle Worm award at the cheer banquet which seems fitting for someone who wants Twinnies.)


7 - Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend my brother and sister in law invited us to join their family at Great Wolf Lodge.  We came just for the day and enjoyed the water park, bowling, arcade, quest, and more.  I will say that the day passes might be the best way to enjoy the GWL.  It’s less than an hour from our house to the Ohio one so it was convenient to drive up for the day.  
I did one big water slide and reconfirmed my decision that I prefer the small ones, wave pool and lazy River.
The kids had the best time, and it was a good way to spend time with cousins.  Thea now talks of nothing but returning and thinks we should just head there after school or with play dates.  
Thanks for the adventure Schreve and Alicia.  


13 - Book 2 Cultish

Second book down - Cultish, Amanda Montell.   I finished this one up on spring break.  I enjoyed it although I felt myself wanting more on the topic.  Such an interesting topic.