Lets Get Married - Homemade Burlap Roses

 I am not entirely sure why I thought making flowers for our wedding would be easy or would be a good idea.  But I did it anyway - I ended up having to make almost 50 of these burlap roses and they took way too long.   I love how they turned out anyway, and even though  they were used for like 1 hour each day it probably wasn't my best decision, but they were pretty and they will last forever so everyone can save them.  Oh and did I mention they use about $6 worth of burlap, $6 worth of ribbon and $6 for the cones, leaves and baby's breath $6 so for $24 I had all the wedding flowers.  So they saved us money.  
The flowers are made by cutting petals, coating them in glue, and rolling and forming them into roses one by one,  They are sewn together so they would hold, and I inserted a floral wires that is the stem and I already had the wire in my craft stash.  Some 48 flowers later I had enough flowers.  I finished them off by arranging them in a floral cone added ribbon and a few leaves.  The boutineers were very simple one rose a leaf, and a little baby's breath - they were pinned on with a straight pin very simple.  (Just a few more wedding posts.)


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thea said...

they turned out great!