"he who thinks he knows how to grill"

Since summer is offically here Jay and I thought it was time to break down and purchase a grill. And so we did. After examing all our options we decided to get a little charcoal one to save a few dollars since we did just replace the air conditioner. And we brought the little guy home assembled him and Jay he's so excitied by this time that he immediately puts charcoal in the thing hoses it down with lighter fluid and ignites it. Well it's ablaze for a little while and then it goes out the coals are NOT really hot. So he tries again, immediately there's a beautiful ring of fire and then 10 minutes later it's out, he does this several times before he realizes apparently we didn't get self-igniting coal we got the other stuff and you must let the fluid sit on the coals before lighting it. So 3 hours after we set out to fix lunch we have 4 lovely grilled hot dogs - I must admit they were yummy and well worth the wait but I can't help but to laugh at "he who thinks he knows how to grill" - but I must commend his persistence because with any other task he probably would have given up.


Gentlemen Start your Engines!

Race weekend is upon us here in Indianapolis. And I must admit I'm pretty excited for the race and weekend. It's been a busy week at work and I plan to enjoy every bit of the long weekend.

We're planning to go to the parade on Saturday - that should kill a few hours or so. And then Sunday we're going to the track - I got free tickets from a vendor at work! You gotta love that stuff.

So we're off....


Mrs. Bryant Cools Bungalow Bill

Well I have a new AC sytem now. I've decided to call her Mrs. Bryant. They installed her yesterday she seems to work although it's not near warm enough to turn her on yet. She's a little bigger than the old one but is in much better shape. I never realized how beat up that old one looked it's a piece of mind to have this installed and paid for I guess this means Bungalow Bill's property value went up - you can't beat that.

Well off to figure out what to do about the lawn I'm thinking we might try and seed it before hauling off the dirt - Home Depot here I come. Perhaps if Walmart or Target doesn't look too busy I'll swing by there for other household supplies.