Bathroom Remodel During

When I first started working with our contractor on this project I am sure I drove him crazy pants.  I might have sent him and Dustin this picture and asked them to pick a white.  And then I came home taped these paint chips to the wall and asked them both several times again which of these lovelies?   Meaning of course the whites at the top.  
And then when Ryan (our GC) was like did you pick a white yet Katie we're painting tomorrow?  I in a panic went to lowes without any paint chips and just bought a color called Hertitage White.  Does it ultimately make a difference?  Not really but it did brighten up the room like a 1000x.
I also must have exchanged 100 texts with them about the tile.  I really really wanted penny tile.  It's so pretty and trendy.  And the room is tiny so it wouldn't be terrible to install.  Dustin was like yes yes.  Sadly even with only needing 40sq feet the penny tile was going to cost me about $300 without grout tile board etc and I was going to have to order it which would take about 4 weeks.  With my bathroom already out of commission waiting 4 weeks wasn't in the cards.  But look at the amazing potential...
I think the contractor secretly rejoiced when I went another route too.  But once I finally made a decision then I needed to pick a grout color.  I think he had the tile about 3/4 laid before I decided on grout.
And then there was the new vanity which proved to be the most annoying of my purchases.  I really wanted a vanity that was taller.  That had a bigger sink and that was not just boring orange oak (this is what all the cabinetry in te bungalow was).  We'll once I made the decision Ryan picked it up and tried to install it only to discover that the drawer was bumping into the plumbing.  This was going to cost more than the vanity to move the pipe.  So back that one went.  Then we got another one which was defective back it went only to discover no more in stock and finally I ended up with like my 6th choice because it fit in the space and it's virtually the old vanity with a new top, different stain and like 1 extra inch.  Whomp whomp!  People when building  bathrooms think about where those stupid pipes are especially in relation to the bath tub and toliet.  Seriously though I never want to look at vanities again unless it doesn't matter where those pipes are.
In order to save a little money I repurposed the mirror for the bathroom which wasn't horrible just needed some updating.  I again was on the struggle bus with paint colors. I finally found a winner.  But painting in fridgid temps don't help the paint dry.  
Oh and just to record it originally my floors looked like this. Ack. I almost wanted to preserve them.  

Bathroom Remodel Before

So last year we had several major construction projects new roof, new drywall, new guest room ceiling, finished hardwoods.  And while we were at it we had the contractor redo our main bathroom.  
This poor room was in despite need of some love.  The floors were straight from the 1990 lowes vinyl that I think every house had at one point.  the drywall had never been primed and when the wallpaper was removed it also removed the drywall - hello bumpy walls. The sink and vanity were ugly wood that was warped at the bottom.  And while I couldn't spend $5k and get a new tub we did basically everything else and for roughly about $1k too.
Anyhow I wanted to share a few snaps from before because well next week I am going to share afters (I just need to hang the frames and get the cleaning lady to polish it up nice).
Oh yes I forgot to mention the towel bars were gradually "falling down". And the toliet paper holder bit the big one like 5 years ago.  Oh and look there that toliet is two tone.
Isn't that vanity sexy?
I sanded and taped off that door in 2004 (obviously I got it painted).
And here is my husband who just yanked out the vanity about to rip out toliet and all the drywall but first a selfie.
Just an FYI one of things we did to save money while having a contractor complete the work was we did all the demo work. So we stripped the walls down to the studs and removed the vinyl and the sexy asbestos tile under it.  It probably saved us about $400.  I also saved money using lowes coupons, Menards rebates and buying tile that was the end of the lot. 


Tuesday 10 - oh January

I am bringing back this old standby, since I have not been blogging regularly even though I still write posts in my head. My Tuesday 10 a list of 10 things I am loving on right now Tuesday January 27.
1.  Guerrilla Art Projects with friends follow us @leftforyou on Twitter and Instagram.  
2.  New baby tricks like pulling up into standing 
3.  Baby play dates (Date 1 of 2015)
4. Grown up date night.  I am guessing Dustin is glad it wasn't also "chore" date night 

5. This Quote screen shotted from @alliepal
6. This selfie fur trimmed coat for win.

7.  Remembering times like this when looking for photos of Schreve and I (note most photos also include Jono +\- a bottle glass or pitcher.
8. Babies in stripes oh heck just this baby.

9.  This verse a powerful reminder.
10. Lifesavers are the new gum 

Babyburf 7 months

Dear Babyburf - 
We arrived at 7 months with a clap.  You are starting to be very clingy and yet want to be fiercely independent at the same time.  You are always a delight and we can't wait to see what's next.
- This last month you learned to clap, pull yourself into standing position, and pop into position to crawl although you don't go anywhere.
- Nana has been teaching you Animal  noises and your tiger/lion and monkey are pretty good.
- You weigh roughly 20 lbs we don't go to the doctor again until 9 months so I am not sure where you are exactly but you were 19 lbs 8 oz last month.
- You mimic us coughing and laughing which is quite comical.
- You are at the last setting of the cloth diapers that are supposed to last until 35lbs - yikes.
- you current favorite toy is your red donut.
- you added all sorts of things to your diet this month but your favorite is toasted bagel, which you don't even eat but just gnaw on.
- I love when get all talkative when nobody is paying you attention at dinner.
- you crack me up when eating making mmmmm sounds and then trying to move the tray yourself afterward. 
-you had a play date with baby Ewan (your birthday twin) and you are still bigger than him.  But it was so cute how you "played" together.
- you scare me in the bath as this is where you like to stand-up on your own the best and its slippery in the bath.
- I love watching you experiment with things
- I love how you grab my fingers to pull yourself into standing position then shake around dancing.
- I also like rocking you to sleep in your room now even though you are teething.
- daddy has been working nonstop so we can save money to get a bigger yard and house, and he only sees you for a few minutes in he morning and at night.
- he's always so excited when you are happy to see him.
- He always wants to push you in the stroller and carry you whenever he is with us.
- I think he also likes how you grab his beard.
Keep growing little baby man. 
Love mommy 


34 - Block of the Month w/Thea

Thea and I are doing a Block of The Month this year.   We decided to do the Sew Mama Sew one from 2012.  Link here ... http://www.sewmamasew.com/2012/01/modern-block-of-the-month-bom-january-sew-along/
My first attempt while the block wasn't challenging somehow I screwed it up and it was too small!  And I also decided I don't like the gingham print.  
So I made a second block adding and extra 1/2 inch to the measurements of the pattern.  This worked much better.  I also swapped in a chevron pink for the gingham.  I like this much better.
I am doing this entirely from stash fabrics (see photo at the top) although I desperately want to buy something in the olive in the + fabric.  I am going to alternate prints since I only had small cuts of the pink and some of the other prints.


1:12 Recipe: Zuppa Toscana

So my first new recipe was a soup - go figure it's January so don't be surprised if my next one is soup too!  Anyhow I saw this recipe on someone's blog and they commented on how easy it was so I was sold.  7 ingredients and 30 minutes. Done and done.
Well it was really simple.  I switched the gnocchi for potatoes and cooked the potatoes to soften in advance but it turned out find.  I would have used gnocchi but they didn't have any at my marsh (Jono substitutions are acceptable).  Anyhow it was well received lots of comments no leftovers in the bowl.
Sorry I didn't have better photos i forgot.  I also made the chili and we had both for game night.


New favorite activity

Around here the baby has a new favorite activity.  
Emptying the toy basket.
In this activity he takes each toy individually, tastes it, tests noise making potential usually beating it against another toy, then moves on to the next one.   He will climb into the basket to get them all out.  He gets frustrated when the big toy he removed gets in his way and or gets his head stuck. 
I pretty much think this is awesome.

And so does this guy...


Best of 2014

Time for the "Best of" literally I could make everything into a best of this year was full of so much bests!  So let's get started! 
We had a polar vortex and got dressed to the nines.
We did several remodeling projects, but the best one was the baby's room.
My favorite quilt was the scrap vomits!  I also loved the girlfriend one.  I will revisit this concept later.
Ahh the magic was everywhere.  The most magical was obviously jones.
I set out to make 25 breads I made like 8 but our favorite was by far pretzel bread. Yummy.
We went on many trips and visited new places but by far we enjoyed Oregon the most.
The best tourist outfit came to Florida with us.  
The worst/best cry was my unexpected ball session and Jono and Lolos wedding.  
I made a lot of stuff but by far the best thing was this guy.  He's so much fun and joy.
Man was he soooo small back when he wore his 80s track shorts.   Too cute.
We had such a nice time at Cremona that by far this was our favorite family event.  I hope when jones is older we have new traditions ourselves.
We only had a few BBQs this year but Labor Day was pretty sweet.
My favorite photo which is going on the wall.  I love it.
Hello bacon!
The favorite toy was the gourd.  Jones are it until the bacteria in his mouth ate it away.
These girls were by far my people this year.  I love them all.
Lynleys and Johns wedding was the best backyard wedding ever.  Also the best color scheme and lipstick - I know want to wear red lipstick everywhere.
This is my favorite family photo although closely behind were several others.
Best trip to my past life was our boston trip, it was so nice see my people back in MA. I miss them so
And best new tradition jonesy adding the star to the tree (he wanted to keep it not leave it).
And last but least the best selfie has to be with our new selfie stick.