Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I Love

I must admit that I love Michael Jackson - not the freakishly odd behaviors and all that , but I love some MJ songs, videos & dancing. Anyhow so today I couldn't resist sharing some of my loves this week for Michael Jackson songs - since we've been all Michael all the time here - Joe has even taught us a little dancing. In no particular order except for #1 of course. :D
  1. Billie Jean
  2. Black & White
  3. Remember the Time
  4. Smooth Criminal
  5. The Way you Make me Feel
  6. Man in the Mirror
  7. Will you Be There
  8. Blood on the Dance Floor
  9. Human Nature
  10. Burn this Disco Out


Canal Ride

Today after I returned from the east. Jono and I went for a ride along the canal. It is a super cool place to ride however on sunday afternoons there are far too many people who want to stand around in the way. Anyhow some snaps.

Adventures in the East

So this weekend I flew to DC for some fun with some friends. I hardly took any photos at all, because we had like 7 other cameras. Here's a few that I did take.
Timer shot. I love that when we tell everyone there will be 5 photos the girls in the middle sat still while JJ and I ran around.
Late Night Photos can you tell I turned my shirt around because I spill Margarita down the back of it?
A toast to friends & DC & to the life of Michael Jackson.
What is better on a hot excursion to the mall than red white & blue popsicles with your brother
More soon as I figure out where I packed my SLR camera.


Tuesday 10 - Things I Love

It's that time again.
  1. Counting down the days to Michigan. Rach - Jono wants to come up for the weekend.

2. Naps.

3. Dreaming about trips to the beach. Preferrably when it's WARM.

4. Quilting. I didn't make this one. But I'm working on a fun one.
5. Time Spent not working.
6. Clean Laundry I just did mine.
7. Bikes and Bike Rides
8. Croquet with family.
9. Red Onions
10. Two days off this week!


I love grandma's!

Yes I know it's father's day but I love Grandma's, sure it's actually Grandpa Harold's farm. But it just seems so grandma. Anyhow we had fun at Father's day brunch. We brought our croquet and busted out grandma's croquet too. We were planning to dig out all sorts of things from the barn to use as obstacles but decided against it and just played "old school style". Anyhow some snaps from today.
Cousin photos in front of the barn. We didn't think to take them until after Mia and Morgan left.
Oh we saw this super classy trailer in Orange today. Isn't it snazzy. Yes that's an awning over the trailer.
More cousin photos. I think it's so funny how little Darah and Kayla are in comparison to us. Lita and Kayla are the same age but Lita is like a whole foot taller.
Oh and I did get a picture of Grandpa Harold.
And Grandma riding her bike.
Joe takes a spin on the three wheeler.
We were so excited to find the old wagon in the barn. Once upon a time we used to ride 2 or 3 in this thing now we barely fit. Jono bit the dust.
Lita gives Jono a push.
Oh and croquet. Michael smoke showed us - he was supposed to leave but delayed it so he could put us to shame we were easily 10 strokes behind him.
Bashing jono's brains in. ;)
Michael's winning shot. Not he was hitting this while we were at the 4th wicket.
This is probably my favorite shot of the day.
More soon.


Baseball & Bikes

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to Fenway and so I took a break from work and went to the Sox game. It was the 500th consecutive sellout so they even gave us a souvenir ball.
We were in the fifth row left field but with my baby point and shoot you can't get good photos. But this is Virateck I think Lili's former favorite player.
I like this sign. Don't touch the balls.
The seats - Joe these are not big guy approved - my knees were in someones ear.
Lili and I - I love the look of the guy behind us.
We were right near the mariners bullpin I thought it would be fun to snap photos through the fence this was the only one I liked though.
And I broke out my bike today.
Look there's my new Roos. Aren't they loverly. I'm taking a poll as to what should be put in their pocket. Any suggestions?
Joe and Jono new bikes. And Jono would like me to inform the world that at this time next year he is planning to be Indy's Top Cyclist. We told him he better get bike pants and a helmet and get himself out to the velodrome.


Happy Birthday Aunt Thea!

Today is my Aunt Thea's 50th birthday! Hopefully she has a fantastical fun filled day.


The Return of Tuesday 10

It's been a super long time since I've done the Tuesday 10. But you know tonight I feel like it might be time to revive it - with a twist of course. So every Tuesday I'm going to just post 10 things that I'm enjoying, think are fabulous, or just feel like sharing each week. Anyway here we go.
  1. My new Aqua Blue Roos. For not being a shoe person I'm all about these I actually want to wear them today I took them to the office so I could wear them this after work - what is going on? Mine are cooler than these but I don't want to spoil this week's POTDs.

  2. This blog. I love how he signs his posts and shares all his thoughts and feelings. And hello who doesn't love awesome photos.
  3. Making Jokes about Jono biting his fingernails. Would you believe it's been a week and he already needs to file those puppies.
  4. Improv Everywhere. What fun and fantasticness. How cute is it that they threw this couple that got married a wedding reception .

  5. Wine in the Streets!

  6. Mike Altman Art. I saw this at the fair - I think I need something in Red or Green for the studio. This lovely one is for sale here.

  7. Operation Nice this one is from my blogroll. Sometimes I feel like I could work on my niceness shouldn't we all "Be the reason someone smiles today." I think I will work on that.
  8. Oh and I have dreams of gnome shaped cookie cutters. Not that I bake sugar cookies often but every kitchen that has a happy spoon and a squid wisk probably needs a gnome cutter?

  9. Discussing Jones & Co past and future camping trips - yes I think this is what I'll do for my birthday and the 4th of July.

  10. Having only 7 days until I'm leaving on a jet plane to Pams - girls I cannot wait.


Art Fairs & Italian Street Fairs & Roller Derbys

Busy weekend here and we still may go to Kings Island yet. Friday night we went to the Italian street fair where we polished off three bottles of wine, got some good food, rode the ferris wheel, and came home with a gold fish which we promptly named Italian Street Fair. Italian Street Fair is already fitting in with Fall Festival and Grove. I forgot my camera on Friday so we didn't have a single pic and the boys did not let me forget it.
Saturday we were up early doing things like laundry & errands. I ran to the Indieana HandiCraft Exchange - which is quite possibly the cutest little craft fair. They were selling all kinds of good things pottery made by children in urban areas or with disabilities, letterpress, silk screen, paintings, homemade soap and more. There was even a girl about 7 or 8 their who would draw your portrait for $3 if their hadn't been a line I would have had her do mine. It also bumped up against the Talbott Street Fair which had some fun things too. I came home with an apron for jono - mugs for joe and I and a button for Lita. I really wanted to buy this painting on cardboard for my craft room but I held off and got the website so I can get it later.
After that mom and Lita came up for the derby and more street fair action. The roller derby was fun - we tailgated in the parking lot beforehand surprisingly that is a very popular activity at the roller derby - who knew? Anyhow enough ramble here's some snaps in no particular order.
Jono and I at the derby - every good Naptown Roller Girls Fan needs a foam finger - we were not exempt to that.
Joe playing the rigged basketball game. They "smoosh" the hoops so the ball barely fits. The worker couldn't even hit it.
Dart balloon game - Lita won this one.I love the blurriness of the photo. the lense got wet in mybag with the wine.
Mom at the derby. She is into it. - we like to call her Leeeead Jammer!
Joe at the derby.
Lita and I at the derby.
My photos of the actual action are HORRIBLE. I think I got some decent ones with Mom's camera though. I haven't a clue how to take action shots with my point and shoot.
Going to a street fair where they encourage wine in the streets.
Traditional foot shot. No we did not pay $10 for parking. Just saw the sign.
I thought this was the cutest. This guy is teaching his 2 year old to skate board of could he's blocking his son, but you know they were going away from me not toward me.
At street fairs particularly Handicraft exchanges it's very popular to ride your bike. Look at how cute these bikes are? The yellow was wasn't a repo it was the real deal with a new coat of yellow paint I so want it.
The art fair. I love those paintings there in that second booth. Click image to see bigger.
People looks at colorful things.
This I think it's so cool. This guy was making things from trash. this is a fish sculpture made of bottle caps and a boat oar.
That's all for now. Later.