after wondering why I keep seeing all the "little men" all over boston I decided to just google it and see what came up and check it. I found it - he's called Stikman - and apparently he's all over the US - in Brooklyn, DC, Chicago, Hollywood - check some sightings out here. Anyhow I am just so excited to find out more because this has been bugging me.
**Updated** - Jodie - I have only seen them in Boston but my guess is if the artist has been to Indy there are some there - however generally Indy is not "street art" friendly it's too clean.


Tuesday Tutorials - How to be a "Man on the Street"

I bet you were wondering if I had forgotten Tuesdays? I didn't I just lost my point and shoot camera and had to bust out my old old old camera (but I acutally like it better aside from the size of it). Anyhow this week's Tutorial was a fast one because I'm sleepy but I want point out that in my "man on the street" reporting I found more of these little men some really cool not just painted ones now. Shout out to Tracy and Amol who came with me on the street today. :D Anyhow here it is...


have I ever told you

that i love the Olympics?
surely i must have. what is not to love! anyhow i LOVE them and I have gotten to see a little bit each day although I am sad to say I missed the ski jumping. going to the olympics is on my list of things to do before I die - I should have gone this year and I have thought about hoping in a plane and just going but then I remember to be practical perhaps 2012 in london.


My sister plays the finger cymbals and I think it's the coolest!

she also plays the glockenspiel which makes her even cooler. This weekend we donned our matching t-shirts and went to support Lita's winter band. I thought they were pretty good and they were by far the most colorful band (everyone else was all black). I'm very sad I did not get a picture of the finger cymbal action but Ethan was in the way. But Lita's face lit up and she looked right at me when she was playing them. She knew I could not wait!


Before and After - Schreve/Steve's Room

Some of you may remember when the boys did not live with me and my third bedroom looked liked this?
Mind you most of you probably saw it when it was even messier because you can't make art without messes. Well last summer the Schreve moved in with us and I'm ashamed to say we didn't even put a coat of paint up or take down the wall rubon's before he moved in and so the poor schreve lived in room that looked a little like this.

Schreve and I added that spray paint on some weird whim one day.
Anyhow with Steve subletting Schreve's room for a while we thought it would be a good time to paint her and stop using the room for storage. So we did - I gave schreve two choices of paint color - gray and white and he chose gray - good choice schreve! And we painted her up, we also repurposed two paintings that used to hang in the living room to go in schreve's room and I rather like them better now. Anyhow here are some afters ...

room is not very large so it makes photographing with the SLR a little complex I guess I could have switched out the lenses. And now Schreve/Steve has a room that does not look like the remnants of a craftroom/college party.


Party like it's your birthday schreve!

For Schreve's Birthday there was a duck pin bowling party, at the 1950's vintage bowling alley one would have thought Schreve was turning 50 instead of 25 but the place is just to cute. Unfortunately Alicia (schreve's girl couldn't come she just had surgery hugs A) and Ashley jono's girl couldn't get off work so we missed her too. But we did get a surprise visit from Mikey and his girl Julie (who is also our cousin's bff - how fun is that). Oh and our new roomate Steve joined us as well - he gave jono and joe some competition because let's be real I am not a duck pin bowler. Anyhow I hope the Schreve had a great birthday and I can't wait to celebrate 25 more birthday's with him happy birthday lil brother.
Here we are with our trophies - mine is causing me to make some kind of horrible face?

Schreve shows us the technique
isn't this the cutest little bowling man?

You keep score yourself and Lita and Jono did a fantastic job.
I think we all need bowling sweaters like this? isn't it the coolest?
and a bowler's bra? I think I'll pass it's made from real bowling balls
some bowling action
look at that matching form lil and big schreve in sync (well almost).
mikey and julie bowling
Another group shot this time I look a little less special
I wish this gum ball machine worked.
Mom bowling.
And there was a cake - unforunately you cannot bring your own cake to fountain square so joe had to take it home. next time we'll know.
Oh and one more thing Mikey's niece is in intensive care so sending her lots of thoughts and prayers.


Happy Birthday Schreve & Ash!

Hope you had a delightful birthday thought you could use some stash! :D

More on schreve's birthday party soon!


Tuesday Tutorial - Pie Pops

I didn't write one this week because I ran out of time but here's a super sweet one by someone else - Pie Pops.


And we saw some monsters...

monster trucks that is. yes that's right I went and saw monster trucks - how's that for an adventures. a few observances of the monster trucks - you cannot understand the drivers when they talk, there is far too much "lull" in between bus jumping, and if you want to win you need to flip your truck right before the time expires. Anyhow it was great to see my friend Bobbie from college, and Lita had a great time I think so it was a win win. Oh and we also got to try another restaurant which was the cutest little places in our favorite part of town - fountain square - we {heart} fountain square. So much we are returning next week for Schreve's birthday party. Enjoy the pics.