Get Crafty #4 - T-Rex Planter

When I saw this planter Mandy made. I knew I needed to make one. So I did and I love it.  I even gave him a little tie to jazz him up.  It seems a little small for the cactus but I backed in some extra dirt.  And ta da I have my 4th (sad day) craft project complete for 2012.  If you want instructions on how to make your own check out Mandy's Blog Something Monumental here.
PS.  Rooster now has the coolest cactus ever decorating his room - I'm sure his roommates are jealous.

Be Intentional - Beach Volleyball

Sunday Kathleen invited me to come see her volleyball team play beach volleyball.  
Hello Intentional Time!
Even though I was dead tired - I went anyway.  I invited Rooster with me because he really wanted to play too and he got his wish and they needed a player.  They both rocked  it out there even though they lost two games and only won one.  They did far better than I would have.  I even used some vintage b-ball cheers on them.


IMQG First Friday Sew-cial

Next Friday August 3rd from 6-9 the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild is taking over the Cultural Trail from 645 Mass Ave. To College Ave.  Come on out and see this awesome display of Modern Quilting.


Get Crafty - Project #3 Button Shoes

I finished a few crafty projects this week. And this is by far my favorite. I have yet to even where these shoes anywhere but inside my house and yet I LOVE them. They were inspired by what else but Pinterest and this is the source here. I already had a mad stash of buttons so I asked Kathleen to bring over her E6000 glue and we set to gluing up some old shoes we have.  It was a little harder than we thought as the buttons were sliding around but perseverance was worth it I love them.   PS this project takes more buttons and glue than you think we used an entire tube of E6000 and easily 300 buttons.

Oh Vacation - To Tahoe To Tahoe to Find a Black Bear Part 4

 The last real stop on our trip was Lake Tahoe.  The skies were perfectly blue and the water was warm enough for a swim so it was a great day.  We also discovered a ton of bear statues which we promptly had to pose with.  We did a little shopping there, went for a dip in the lake (the water is not as cold as the UP however the rocks are more annoying I got scraped twice), had some lunch and did a little exploring.  After that we said goodbye and headed to San Francisco.  Enjoy some Tahoe photos....

After leaving Tahoe we headed to San Fran where we had intended to spend the evening. Well our GPS took us on a wild goose chase and we ended up way north of the city in who knows where lost without cell service and it was kind of a comical end to the road trip.  But we got to see the beautiful Gold Gate National Recreation Area and the Pacific Ocean and the crazy fog rolling into the city.  It was the perfect end to our crazy trip.  Thanks again to Karen for being the best travel companion it was hilariously funny let's do it again sometime.



Oh Vacation - Reno Yes that's Right Reno

So yes that's right I went to Reno as part of my trip. Most of my friends were like why in heaven's name would you go to Reno??  Go to Vegas they said.  I went for my friends, to spend time with them. And while I'll be the first to admit there is literally almost nothing there, true story, I totally fell in love with their old abandoned hotels and the signage. I could have stayed their all day exploring these hotels.  Who doesn't love big old neon signs with advertising that advertises queen beds, and air conditioning? It's quite adorable even still although I'm sure it's not as glamorous as it once was nor will it ever be.
I spent most of my time there hanging with the ladies, working on project life and at the pool and hot tub but it was a good trip and I'm glad to be able to cross Reno off the list of places to visit.  I don't imagine I will go back anytime soon.  But it's a been there done that.  Spending time with the paws girls was priceless and I wish I could spend more quality time with them each year. 

PS in case you didn't know what a gun was they drew you a photo.

I absolutely love this photo of us up on mount rose.  It's not perfect but it's still awesome.