This year is rapidly ending, it feels like winter here.  I spent part of the week in New York and part of it home.  Traveling two days is much better than five I must say.  I have one more week of travel for work in December then I am done for the year.   
Monday - I took a limo to the airport.  In all fairness I ordered a town car and this showed up. 
Tuesday - the view from my room.  
Wednesday - I found this street art note interesting.  I hope KP and Michelle found each other.
Thursday - I forgot to snap a photo. 
Friday - I went to a concert with Amy and Sophia 
Saturday - I was pretty much the laziest person all day but I got up early for regulars breakfast and we finally found a spot.  Ma and Pas Cafe.
Sunday - the makings of soup.  



This week I fell off the wagon.  So few things really happened that I just didn't take many photos.  I missed two days life was so boring last week.  Ps sometimes boring is nice.
Monday - my knocking cat
Tuesday - no photo
Wednesday - my mishmash of leftovers for lunch
Thrusday - no photo
Friday - our wedding cutout.  Which I have decided will be coming inside the house 
Saturday -regular breakfast with Kathleen we have decided regulars should drink coffee but neither her not I like it!
Sunday - Dustin iphoning while I snuggle right before I fell asleep on the sofa.


Book 26 - The Jungle

So I downloaded a few free books to my IPad.  One of them being The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  I have to admit that I know I read part of this back in like 10th grade so it wasn't entirely new. Surprisingly though I remembered very little.  The first like 2/3 of the book I found much much more interesting then the last part which was a giant case for socialism - that part just kind of lost my interest.  I actually skipped over whole pages of the socialist rambling it was too much for me.  The whole book itself is for socialism but the beginning about the meat packing industry and being an immigrant was much more interesting to me.  I also feel like the story just died off in the last part.  Anyhow I am 1/2 way to my 52 goal now and I love that.


Last week was another week at home.  As I looked back thru the 20 photos I snapped it seemed like a dull week but it was good nice and quiet.  
Monday - leftover chili so spicey I need twice as many crackers as chili.
Tuesday - we went to Ralstons for the first time.  I got one of their flatbreads which are their "signature dishes". 
Wednesday - Dustin's phone broke so he  enjoyed messing with mine.  

Thrusday - project life
Friday - a walk to the store
Saturday - weird bubble tea it's like a milkshake icee
Sunday - Sammie playing basketball


11 Things on 11/11

1.  I like my oatmeal thick like cement with nuts and berries (or raisins).
2.  I never feel or am caught up on laundry.
3.  Being a one car family works best when I am on the road. 
4.  I am "thinking" about purging much from my craft room. 
5.  I despise yard work. 
6.  I semi cleaned the garage this weekend. 
7.  I wish my hot water would be hotter (I think our showers cap the temperature to prevent scalding - I want scald).
8.  Lately I have been watching movies on Netflix I feel very unproductive. 
9.  I matched 45 different socks this morning we still have at least 30+ with matches missing.
10.  I want a new SLR camera. 
11.  My new favorite nail polish brand is NYC Nails - for me it dries faster and seems to avoid chipping oh and it's like $.99 or $1.99 at walgreens. 


Project Life Week 34

I continue to work on getting caught up with these.  This one went together pretty fast since there were so many photos.  It was all about the weekend this week as we traveled to California for P & Cs wedding.  I made a pocket from a cut down and sewn up sleeve to hold the invite and program.  To fancy it up I sewed in gold paper hearts and scraps of their wedding ribbon.



I got to spend another week at home.  It was a cold week and it went by quickly. The girls and I did trivia Tuesday with a pretty respectable score.  And Kathleen and I worked on a craft project.  We went camping on the weekend and it was so cold, luckily Dustin talked them into a cabin.
Monday - game night at Amy's 
Tuesday - oatmeal and tea
Wednesday - getting outside
Thrusday - carving pumpkins 
Friday - key found

Saturday - the car is loaded ready to camp

Sunday - Dustin watching tv