Totally Rad 1980s Going away Party

So in like two weeks Kathleen is moving back to Bowling Green for grad school.  We are super sad to say the least.  So we threw Kathleen a 1980s themed picnic. We had a spread of 1980s foods -  manwich, twinkies, fruit rollups, Mac and cheese and cool ranch Doritos.  Oh and Capri Suns to drink.  
We dressed up in 1989s costumes including baby jones (don't all babies need sweat bands).  Not too many people wore costumes but you know we we did - Kathleen went for late 1980s Denise Huxtable from the cosbys while I was 1980s workout.  

We also gave party favors of cassette tapes with Kathleen's picture in them.  They were a big hit despite nobody having a cassette player.  
It was a good party thanks to everyone who came. 



Finished Quilt Top - Michael Miller Challenge Quilt

I have been meaning to post this work in progress for several weeks on Wednesdays but I never got pictures.  
This is the top for my Michael miller Challenge quilt with the Modern Quilt Guild.  The challenge was to use the fabric sent by the guild adding only solids or other MM fabrics.  
When I started this I knew I wanted to make rectangle blocks because lately everything seems square.  This whole quilt was going to be triangles in rectangles but I was not into paper piecing and ran out of aqua fabric.  So I improvised.    
I am making this one for Dustin his first quilt made by me.  Now to finish it off starting with ironing it.  I ordered fabric for the back specifically for Dust they are in violation of the challenge rules but I will miss the deadline anyhow.


#babyburf one month

Dear #babyburf - 
it's official we've had you now for an entire month.  It's been a month of highs and lows and just plain magic. 
Daddy literally spent the first few weeks walking around like a zombie.  We learned very quickly that he needs his sleep much more than mommy.   He can't wait to hold you when he gets off work and he's been known to actually wake you up so you can snuggle him.   Daddy likes when we feed you from the bottle so he can have a turn.  And he's even had several nights in with just you and him while mommy goes out - he admits he's been a little flustered  but mostly because he's jealous you like me better and I can instantly sooth you whereas it's a struggle for him.  He likes to make up silly songs for you and has about a million nicknames for you although I keybash them all.  
You and I spend lots of alone time together.  You crack me up the way you struggle to move your hands and the faces you make especially after eating.  I adore the way you want to hold my finger while you eat and when getting baths.  I treasure all the snuggles you give me.   Sometimes I blow raspberries on your neck and this is perplexing to you it's like you can't tell if you should cry or laugh.  I take like 100 photos of you a day, I am so enamored by your magic.   
Things of note at one month: 
+You eat around 2-3 oz at a time. 
+Your eyes are very alert. I swear sometimes you actually can see and focus on me.   You even cried real tears on your birthday. 
+You are starting to get into a routine sleeping and we get a good 5-6 hours in a row at night.  
+you make interesting squeaks and noises which are neither cries or screaming.
+you have neonatal acne which makes me nuts.  
+you love to be swaddled at night.  We call this your burrito.  
+nothing fits you quite right bit even newborn clothes.  
+ everyone compliments you on your good looks when we go out.
+ you aren't back up to your birthweight yet weighing in at 7lbs 15oz and still 23.75 inches although sometime you measure shorter because you won't stretch out.  
Anyhow we think you are pretty much amaze balls and can't believe we made you. Don't grow up to fast jonesy. 
Love your mommy
PS you were not having these photos I took of you in your blue chair.  You had just eaten and been changed but a fit still ensued. 
Yup it was. All pretty much like that. 


14 on 14 - July

This month was bound to be dominated by our newborn since about 60% of my day is spent holding him or feeding him.  I did try and capture some other moments from our day too. 
1. Milk drunk at like 5am
2. Diaper changing baby legs
3. Someone did not want mommy to do laundry
4. Also he was not interested in letting me pump for him. 
5. An almost smile
6. Baby comforts baby
7. Mystery gift from ???
8. Trip to library.  
9. Super alert at library
10. Reading with mommy ( he looks into my book on Detroit. 
11. My boys 
12.  Groceries 
13. Smelling #babyburf head for the 3 millionth time
14. Selfie to wrap this month. 


Bread. # 7 - Beer Bread

This bread was a disaster.  The downfall was the mad matter IPA I used but it's what we had.  I do not recommend this beer for beer bread I would use something else.  
I used this recipe however I only used 1/2 cup bread flour and the rest was self rising flour.  http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2013/04/02/honey-beer-bread-recipe/ 
#babyburf helped me with the bread too. 
Hers the final product.  The texture of the bread was good it had a nice crisp outside and a soft middle but alas that IPA was over powering.  We tasted it and then sent it to Dustin's work for his coworkers. 


#babyburf birth story

I typed this up for his baby book but thought I'd share it here too.  
June 18th, Wednesday morning I woke up early with a horrible headache.  I ate some breakfast then got to work on my laptop, trying to ignore the headache. Around 9:30 I decided to take a nap.  I laid down for a bit.  About 10 minutes later I found myself with my head in the toliet vomiting. I laid back down for 10 minutes and then felt better so I went back to work.  Again I got the urge to be sick and did.  I figured this time I should google my symptoms - We were past the due date and morning sickness was not really a pregnancy symptom I had ever had much of.  Google basically said call the doctor. 
I called her she said we should pack a bag and meet her at the hospital.  I called Dustin at work then took a shower.  
Dustin came home all in panic he's much more of a worrier than me.  He also flipped out because at some point between work and being sick I had pulled out the filter of the AC also moving the large heavy storm doors and not putting them back.  (Apparently my husband is not a fan his 40 weeks pregnant wife hauling around heavy things).  We headed to the hospital after he changed from his work clothes and put away the storm doors.  I had packed both myself and you, a bag. 

After checking in at labor and delivery they hooked me up to monitors, drew blood and urine samples.  very quickly they decided I must be dehydrated.  I also was having "secret mystery" contractions every two minutes but didn't even know.  These contractions had me dilated at 5-6 cm and 60% effaced. However I hadn't a clue!  Since I needed fluids and also needed my GBS antibiotic prior to delivery they admitted us.  I called Kathleen and gave our family the heads up.  I gave the hospital my birthing plan which I had indicated that I wanted natural childbirth (it was really detailed and thorough).  We got all checked in and started walking laps around the labor and delivery wing Dustin and Kathleen took turns walking with me.  We had a really good nurse Carmen we all liked her and she was extremely knowledgable. 
Around 10pm we were at like 8cm and they tried to break my water.  Apparently my water would not break because the baby was not engaged.  So we started pitocin and doing a hands and knees position to try and move your head down a bit.  I want to state for the record that labor and delivery beds are not made for women 5'11" this made most positions on the bed uncomfortable and/or my legs dangled over.  The pitocin did not really speed things along however your head shifted down and around 3am they were able to break your water for real.  This was extremely painful I pretty much closed my eyes and grit my teeth.  
With my water broken my every two minute contractions got really intense I went from feeling no pain to this extreme pain and discomfort - it was a level 12 on their 0-10 scale.  It was almost like everything was amplified I seriously wanted to strip off my clothes and the monitors and run out if the hospital - everything that touched me was dreadful cold packs, hot packs, blankets, the bed, massages etc.  I would spend the two minute breaks of contractions just trying to figure out how I would not go crazy when I was having the contractions. 
Around 8am at only 9cm and being fully effaced I caved and got the epidural.  If I had not I am quite certain all my sanity would have gone out the window and I might have jumped out the window naked and delivered you in the ditch next to the highway.  
Getting the epidural was not so bad.  It took away the pain for some time however it gave me uncontrollable shaking and actually slowed your arrival. I couldn't really feel or control my legs so walking and position changing was out.  However I was no longer stripping off the monitor or going crazy.  The doctor was rather shocked I got it considering I had been so calm prior to breaking my water. 
Around 11:30am I was feeling this really intense pressure and the desire to push.  We paged the doctor.  
She came in checked me and agreed it was time to push.   When we started pushing I was feeling the pain again and it was not pleasant.  Dustin was holding my hand and leg and our nurse Jeni the other side   Also at some point like 3-4 other doctors joined our doctor and a handful of nurses and a few med students everyone was checking on tyou and trying to encourage me to keep going.  I however just wanted to stop I kept telling them I could not keep pushing.   We had trouble getting you out so they used the vacuum and had to cut me.   Some point at the end I even attempted to kick at the doctors to get them off of me.  But I stuck with it and within 20-30 minutes you arrived.  Good thing too as somehow you had managed to knot your emblical cord and you were in distress. 
They immediately put you on my chest.  I looked at you in shock and said this one can't be mine he's Chinese.  Lol.  Of course you were mine but you had not seen light yet so you were squinting.  Your silly mommy.  You were perfect and tiny and we loved you from the first minute we saw you. 

You were born at 12:09pm, weighing 8 lbs 5oz, and 23.75 inches long.  A long and slender boy, with a dimple in your chin and otherwise looking a lot like your mommy.   We are so glad you have joined our family Jones Forrest you are the perfect addition. And that's your birth story.


Around Here With #babyburf

Around here I am tickled that my husband tells everyone about our cloth diapers and wipes (who was apprehensive before).
Around here the baby and I are binge watching HBO series's on Amazon Prime.  We have started Big Love, Deadwood, Six Feet Under and Rome.  We are currently finishing off Rome.
Around here we are overloaded with leftovers from the meal train our friends have been bringing since the baby came.  It's good to be loved.
Around here we are catching up on sleep whenever possible.  
Around here we have many visitors loving on sweet baby Jones. 
Around here I can't stop smelling my babies head or marveling in his magic. 
Around here we have ordered baby announcements - I found a way to use the 5 coupons I had even though I Can only use one per person!  
Around here I am a pumping and feeding machine however the baby somehow has not grown bigger. 
Around here we are never caught up on laundry. 
Around here I love the many faces of Jones he's so expressive.
Around here we are learning the new ins and outs of being a family of 3.