Only the Joneses...

Hit 12 smithsonians in a single day. Let me briefly recap our smithsonian adventures.
#1 American History- Let me tell you this one has gone downhill since the remodel. There are lines for everything and 1/2 of the walls don't even have anything hanging on them. However the star spangle banner was cool as was the president exhibit.
#2 Natural History - same as always although I think that elephant in the lobby finally stopped stinking.
#3 National Gallery of Art - yay for no lines and spacious rooms. Much more pleasant than one and two.
#4 National Gallery of Art - East. yay for modern art and even less people that #3. Always good to see some caulder and warhol.
#5 National Museum of the American Indian. - This is architecturally very cool and I'm sure the contents are equally interesting however we were hungry and cranky while we were there so we found it to be lacking a little something. However thumbs up for the ducks in the fountains and the traveling exhibit.
#6 Air and Space - Hasn't changed a bit in like 10 years. Aside from the line to get into the building and their need for a fast pass lane for people without bags and strollers - we enjoyed ourselves.
#7 Hirshorn - (this is #7 despite the fact I can only put up 6 fingers) Another cool building however a good deal of the art inside seemed to be... how shall I put it - confusing. However yay for open rooms and escalators.
#8 The Castle - There's not much to see inside here however it was certainly festive for the holidays and with a name like "castle" you have to love it.

#9 Arthur M. Sackler - All asia art. a smaller museum but with a cool mirror installation in the lobby.
#10 National Museum of African Art - Nothing particuallarly memorable here however I was getting very tired of seeing things in cases at this point.
#11 American Art Museum - One of our favorites. we resisted going here tired of walking all over but we enjoyed the visit.
#12 National Portrait Gallery - last one and probably our favorite. We did so enjoy the president portraits and the movie poster exhibit.

So there you have it 12 smithsonians in a single day. now we are off to brave the windy. stay tuned for pictures of us walking sideways and hair blowing every which way.


There was this one day...

That started off with a long train ride. (JJ was working so it was all Jono and I). Then we ran into this little cutie - Pam. She joined us for lunch and margaritas.
And then there was shopping for new christmas ornaments and there was this one invention I just feel in love with - the Cart escalator! Hello how fantastic is that.
They even warn you they are for carts only. Don't be sending your babies up or down in them. I wonder when cart escalators are coming to Indy. I can't wait.
And then after another long train ride. We dropped off our loot and did a little sightseeing in DC. There was the lincoln.
And the reflection pools. Complete with scary santa and his helper.
Look there's santa jumping in our pics of the washington monument.
And some silohettes that look vaguely familar with the sights.
And funky photos of us and abes feet.
And people getting annoyed that we want to them stay out of our timer photos. They really wanted to jump all up in our business on the front steps.
But the einsteinwas all us.
yup just us.
And then we stopped by to get JJ and our loot and headed out for cocktails and noodles. And the best part was that it was 1/2 price cocktail time! Yay on that.


Family and Chinatown

We are down in the photo count today. But perhaps we'll make it up tonight.
We went to chinatown for lunch. Check out the meat in the window. lovely.
the gateway - nowhere near as impressive as other chinatowns. but still fun.

jonathan and a old ambulance (not quite our sweet ride but still fun)

Grandma how cute is she.

and probably one of my favorite pics so far (aside from my weird bending knee).

The Kelly Cousins & Cousin Stephen's

Well we visited the kelly cousins for a smidge yesterday too. And then had the most fantastic chilli at my cousin stephen and his girlfriend ninas house. I am still dreaming about it jono and I plan to make some ourselves. Anyhow here's a little recap.
Nina (aside from loving games like us, and being a fantastic person and hostess also has this awesome jewelry making studio). Here's just a smidge of what she's working with. check out her glass beads she makes. Too cool.
Aunt Rachel and cousin sara came to visit us too. Sarah is all grown up now - craziness.
Cousin Stephen decorating his tree.
Jonathan doing the dishes (he also does them at home).
Jonathan won a round of Bananagram and he thought it was pretty cool. Dylan however gave him a thumbs down.
We got to visit with Leslie and Andrew too (our kelly cousins). Just for a quick pop-in perhaps we'll see them again.
A group shot at Andrews (well minus JJ and I we did get a whole group).
and a group shot of us and the kellys and sarah.

A little sightseeing...

We also did a little sightseeing today....
The white house (note we should visit it in the daylight or it looks vaguely like a UFO.
The capitol from Penn.
Plaques for Joneses.
Lita rides the train.
jonathan riding the train.
The menorah and the washington monument.
A less ufoey white house pic.
I think we are next to the arlington marriott.

Visiting the Wagners in Beaver Dam....

Another action packed fun filled day. Here's a few of the pics from our adventures to beaver dam virginia.
Lunch with the Wagners. Left to right - Breanna, Mikey, Lita, Mark, Robin, Pauly, Me, Paul Sr, Michael.
Cousin Robin
JJ and Uncle Paul talking politics.
Mikey giving Breanna kisses.
Feet Pic I think this is the most feet we've had in a pic.
A group shot (too many people for names).
Jonathan feeding the horses.
Kelly and her winning christmas presents.
JJ and Mikey