For Thanksgiving we wanted to be home and so we invited both families to our house.  Dustin's family couldn't join us but part of mine did and we also had a few exchange students, which was fun.  

Jones helped me with the turkey.  He was more than willing to stuff it full of onions and oranges. He also helped baste it with butter.  Mom helped make a few dishes which was perfect, since I have two small babies.  Lita brought rolls and our new student friends brought dumplings. 

Everything was so good.  We enjoyed the meal.  Thea ate her first turkey and probably enjoyed sweet Potatoes the most.  Our friends have never eaten anything we prepared, and they enjoyed potatoes and sweet potato casserole the best. 
We cleaned up and ate pie. They also liked pie. 
Afterward we played Yahtzee and talked.  So fun.  

Our guests really enjoyed my kids since they don't have many babies in their family.  
It was a lovely thanksgiving. 


Big Finish - The Charming Plus Quilt Along

Finished this puppy and within the deadline too.  I am actually surprised myself.  My friend Erika is doing it too and she and I have been playfully throwing down to see who could finish .  Somehow I finalized it.  The quilt is probably composed of only 50% stash but I will take it considering I couldn't find my green fabrics.  Quilt is just diagonal straight line, I had a little back puckering but it adds a little character.
It's also worth mentioning this back makes me crazy!!!  I almost should have given it more design but I kept needing to make it a little bigger and still a little bigger.  And then finally I needed that little strip of bikes on the left and that's like the worse part to me.  Oh well it's finished.

Jones will be very excited he often walks by it on the machine and touches dinosaurs.  Anyhow this is also the quilt for our twin bed which will eventually relocate to his room.  I am giving it to him for Christmas because the boy needs more presents to open right? 
Technically this is 9 on my 2016 list as well so check.

Thanks Tisha for the challenge to do this project. And big thank you to Erika who gave me that last little nudge to finish it.


43 - Thea's Stocking

I feel uber behind on blogging and my list, but yesterday I had a free hour and I finished up Theas stocking.  
I tried to use scrap felt I had.  I just made up the pattern.   The penguin was super simple.  I wish however I had made it fatter for her.  Oh well it's done before Christmas. 



Jones was equally enamored with Halloween as he was with the pumpkins.  I didn't really ask what he wanted to be for Halloween because he doesn't understand the question.  Instead, I just decided on spider for him and flamingo for her.   I got to work making their costumes.  Jones was super simple sweats + extra arms and a pod.  I gave the pod a Spider-Man look because he loves Spider-Man books.  And I made it easy for him to take off if he wanted too.  

Theas was a little more complex I made a simple tutu, wings from felt, and a "hat" for the neck/beak/eyes.  The first one Thea was not a fan of because she could tell it was on.  So I made an alternate from a knit hat we had.  

Both costumes were uber simple and I just did my own thing without a pattern.  Just with photo ideas.  
Anyhow they wore them several times to various events, Halloween parade, trick or treat etc. Jones loved it and thought Halloween would just keep going.  Surprisingly he forgot about his candy which was good because Dustin ate all his favorite things.  Jones's favorite part was Trick or Treat.  


Charming Plus Quilt Along Moves Along

I finished up the top and the back for this guy.  Now to get it wrapped up.  The holiday season is rapidly approaching so that makes quilting a little more of a stretch.  It's also a challenge since I have been teaching classes at lunch time and Thea wants to stay up late.  But maybe I can take a day off and work on projects.  I love how the top turned out despite wishing for more black to mix in there. 


Theaburf at 9 months

Oh baby!  So far this is my favorite.  You are spunky girl spunky. 
You growl at me with your fists held high.  
You lay your head on my and snuggle. 
You watch me as I do chores. 
You want to play games with jones and I. 
You want to taste EVERYTHING.
You crawl, cruise, dance, and climb.
You are taking your first unassisted steps.
You blow bubbles.
You give kisses.
You wave.
You clap.
You bring joy.
You are learning to play peekaboo usually covering your forehead not your eye.
You say dad.

You understand your name.
You adore jonesy.
You try so hard to throw a ball but struggle with release.
You laugh at raspberries on your belly.
You like to fall asleep on daddy.
You like to pull daddy's beard.
You reach for me often.
I love you to wear big bows.
I love how you watch for me and get so excited for me to pick you up.
I smell your head and soak up the last of the my babies.
I call you bird, and baby lady.
I love you so.
Love mommy