Rainbows and Lawnmowers

Yesterday I mowed my lawn. 
With my new 0 emissions, battery-powered Stanley Black & Decker Lawn mower!
Hell ya! 
Did you know it purrs?  
Yes that's right it purrs. 
It's not a loud engine sound but a soft purring.  
I almost didn't think it started. 
My neighbors dogs tried to hope the fence to get it they liked the purring a little too much.
It also doesn't smell like gasoline.
Doesn't have spark plugs that need to be pulled out when it floods.
It's lighter.
It mows my baby sized lawn just fine.  
Can you tell I'm super excited about it.
And it's made by Stanley Black & Decker (so Jono should approve).
The bungalow gets greener every day I wonder where I can get a rain barrel.
Just prior to lawn mowing the sky looked like this.  
It was awesome with the rays of light peering from behind the clouds.
And just before that it was sprinkling and  sunny.  
And we were driving along on I-70.   
And Lita and I saw the awesomest double rainbow.  
That's right a double rainbow.
Really one half of it was the reflection of the main rainbow but still awesome!
This was a time I wished I had the SLR instead of my iPhone.  
The rainbow was arching over I-70.
It was beautiful.
I almost drove off the road taking a video of it.
I didn't because rainbows are lucky.
Sadly I didn't find a pot of gold at the end of it.



A Letter to my brother Jono

Dear Jono -
I wanted to tell you about some songs I'm digging today but you weren't on AIM so I'm blogging them to you.
Such Great Heights - By The Section Quartet
This is the instrumental version of the same song by The Postal Service both equally awesome you should download - links are here and here.   Please learn to play strings like the Section Quartet it's super cool. 

Here I Am - Spring Standards - Quality of this video is lacking but you get the point.  I also like Goodbye Midnight and Bells and Whistles

Also on the super cool list"newish" Decemberists.
June Hymn and Don't Carry it All - for your viewing/listening pleasure. 

That's all for now.  Oh wait if you can figure out who sings that "when I die can my still pass down"  I'll be ever so grateful. 



Midweek my week at home - YES & YES

I have my Robert Kaufman Quilt 1/2 way quilted.
I have been crossing things off my list and doing things that never were written on there. 
I cringe at amount of money spent on my SUV this week - but lack of car payments still make me happy.
I came across this in my internet reading and thought it was worth sharing. I like #1 - Steal that Art.
I need to purchase a new lawn mower my old one seems to have bit it and after having it repaired twice last year I'm over it. 
I have been super productive at work.
It's rained everyday I've been home.
I only have 5 more expense reports that need to be submitted. 



Happy Easter from Us!

We had a nice Easter.  We went to church in the morning then came home and worked on items on the list, prior to easter supper and family Wii time.
Jones and Co Family Photo minus JJ.
 We made kebobs instead of a traditional Easter dinner. 
 Yum and yum
 Mom supervising the grilling

 My kitchen is so tiny when we have family dinner in it. You don't even need to leave your seat to get water.

 Schreve doesn't want his picture taken.
 We played some Wii

 And had homemade cinnabons for dessert

 More Wii - I wonder who was out of sync - jono and Mel or Schreve?
 Jono and Schreve's face is priceless
 Momo likes to play even without the remote.
And here's the whole crew - well minus JJ, Chris, and Alicia.
And one more of just the siblings.


Penguin Adenture April - Peguins for Easter

Remember on the last adventure we made penguins?  Well this month we put them in Easter eggs and scattered them about Indy.  We also included notes wishing people a happy Easter.  It was a fun activity I wish we could have sat and watched who found the eggs.  I hope that people enjoy their penguin finger puppets and the little miniature clay penguins.   Happy Easter to all those who found a penguin and to all those that didn't I hope you have a blessed easter as well.  Some photos ...
We put some in trees at parks.

These are some of the penguins
This one we left on a footpath bridge.
Momo really loved the lilacs
So we left a penguin egg in the lilacs.
We found these what I call bleeding hearts and there was an bumblebee I wish I could have captured a better photo of him but he would not sit still.
And we left an egg in a cherub.
And on steps
At the bus stop
Here is one of the little guys that went into the eggs.
more of the penguins.
Assembling eggs.
I kept that little gal with the blue eyes.

Do you see the egg in the pansies?

Here I am pre my sunburn for the weekend.
Here's one we left on a bench.
Not sure where we are heading for our next penguin adventure but looking forward to it.

5 Favorite Bloggers

I think every blogger has their favorite blogs they like to read.  I'm no exception some I like reading more than others and I must be honest some I don't read at ALL I just look at the pictures hehe!  So anyway I thought I would share my 5 favorites.  For the record it was super hard to narrow it down to just five.  Here they are in no particular order really because I can't rank them that way too...
  • .It's me Jen - I love having friends that blog.  Jen shares recipes and sometimes rambles just like me oh and it's her birthday yesterday so I couldn't not pick her Happy Birthday Jen!
  •  Pioneer Women - I love her recipes and how she will blog 500+ words on the silliest of things
  • Oh Happy Day - I wish I could pack up and move to France, and I just love her party ideas.
  • Film in the Fridge - This women never seems to stop quilting her work is beautiful although aside from the fact she just had a baby and she lives in VT I know nothing else about her as I don't read most of her posts just look (yikes)
  • California Dreaming aka Aunt Thea - I think it's awesome that she has stuck with her blog and she is enjoying it.  I also like to keep up with her quilting projects and Mikey and Drewbob getting bigger.
  • Pacing the Panic Room - I don't read too many blogs men write a few about Indy but I love this one.  Ryan takes beautiful photographs and he has the most adorable children.  I also love that he's not afraid to post anything on his blog.  
That's all for now. Oh and yes I do realize this is 6 not 5 but I couldn't narrow it down.  I almost make it six so I could share this lovely I read about urbanization. 

In the Garden - new flowers

We planted some new flowers in the "garden" today.  I don't think Lita has ever planted a garden before.  Everyone had special tasks although I did most of the dirty work as I was covered in soil after I finished planting.  Hopefully we don't have any frost as I am really excited to have some of these new flowers.   This also completed an additional item on my "at home list".  When it warms up a bit I will plant some veggies in the back too the onions and cilantro are already coming up on their own.  I'd tell you what I planted but I really have no clue.