What I miss...

I love traveling but sometimes I just miss things that are in Indiana. So this weekend I took photos of some of them.
I miss speedway slushies sorry I didn't stop in and get one but I wished I had.
Mainstreet in the Grove it's just so much more manageable than main streets in New England.
My craftroom even though it's messy.
Beech Grove
My spacious garage I'm so not good at parking but I can pull into my garage no problem.
Iterstates that don't charge me money to drive on them.
Jay even when he's got a mountain manness beard.


If you guessed...

spending excessive time in airports. You guessed right. A little Feb. snow storm in Boston kept in the airport a good part of yesterday. I did find a plug in to work so that was good. I did make it home last night so that was also good. And I met some fun people at the airport also good. So hanging out in the airport isn't all bad!


Guess where I am?

Here's a hint....



it's nice to visit with friends. What's better than dinner complete with "wholesome butter, scottish accents, conversation about British and australian soaps, great company, goofy photos in the parking lot, and leftovers so you can eat it all again the next day.

Who wouldn't want to watch MSNBC's

coverage of the primaries on large plamsa TVs! I know it makes it so much more appealling to me. Now I wonder if I can get through security with this in my carry on?


A valentines day gift for me???

Or was it for Jay?
Don't tell anyone but I think he's sucked in he watched my first two seasons in a week. Not that I mind I so love me some trashy nighttime soaps. Hope your love gave you something.


Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!

I will be spending my valentines day doing two of my "favorite" things 1. meetings & 2. Airport Layovers - try not be jealous. Love ya!Thanks to the lovely Sofia for the photo.


I think this is good omens...

Janelle you should be worried sorry I blurred my lotto numbers I can't be giving them out.

Oooo La La

Curved shower curtains at my hotel this week! What a feature.

Seriously this plan advertises this as a hotel feature right next to wifi and free parking. What has the world come too.


If you happen to be in...

Jackson Hartsfield Airport and you see a little black phone that looks like it cost a nickel and has all of Katie's contact's in it. Please pick it up and return to me.

Yes that's right I lost my phone at the airport today -yet more travel drama for me I had it in my coat pocket and then I didn't. My companies already gotten me a new phone yay for them however all my contacts are gone and I had a lot of phone numbers in that phone I don't have elsewhere. So if you are reading this message you might email me your digits.


Happy Birthday!

Joe Dan and Sydney! Cards and gifts will be late because Katie's a slacker!

Because I know you all want to read this...

I'm back home in Indiana for the weekend. I had a few issues getting home last night. I got in later than normal 12:30 - when it's actually normal but later than scheduled. And then I couldn't remember where I parked in the lot and my remote is not that good from far away. But finally I found my car only after some idiot almost ran me over in the parking lot (please not the speed limit is supposed to be 5 not 85). And then I get to the pay station and there's no cashiers just the credit card machine which is fine. But the thing eats my ticket won't eat my credit card. I pressed the help button for around 5 minutes and then decided I needed to resolve it by going inside the airport. So I drive to the side of the lot that will involve less walking because I'm so not going to stand in the cold and wait for a shuttle. I go inside the airport and try to find someone who can assist and quite literally there's like nobody in the place most of the passengers and employees have long since left. Finally I find a security guard who can radio other people in the airport. He calls some kind of somebody who's with Airport Management or god knows what. And he has me meet him in the near some baggage claim (seems his office is in the least noticeable spot in the world). He then proceeds to figure out what happened to the attendant who's supposed to be at the lot. Finally they determine that the night shift attendant never showed up and the day shift person just left without waiting. So he thinks we should talk to shuttle bus driver of the shuttle. She is pretty much cruising around the terminal bored waiting for that one last flight and it's now like 2 something. And she tells me that she can open the gate and let me out and not to worry about paying (which I like better than paying $45 for the taxi and coming back the next day to pay the maximum fee for a lost ticket). AMEN for her. She also gave me a ride back to my car since it was so cold. I finally as a result I pulled into my garage around 3:30 in the morning. The whole situation is like something out of a sitcom all I can say is at least I wasn't toting around an air conditioner the entire time or my luggage.

Regardless I made it here and my life is so not worth really whining and complaining about so I thought you might enjoy the latest trival story of Katie and her travel woes. Until next time...


A little incident

I was driving down Memorial parkway and it's like a mini highway (although I'm not entirely sure what the speed limit is. I was going about 60 and some guy going at least 80 maybe 100 came up right behind me like an inch from my bumper and then whipped around me and then back in front and spun me out I did a 360 and some kind of nutty zig zagging but I somehow managed to not hit anyone or anything. It was something straight out of a Nascar race. And quite a miracle I didn't hit anyone.

Then I met my dad for supper we had the cheesecake factory it was so yummy! I had some thai chicken something. No cheesecake though. luckily we walked there as I'm sure it was a million calories.


Back from a fantastic weekend...

let me start off by saying I love me some Jodie! And her family is just as adoreable and fabulous as her. They had 5 of us over for a lovely weekend in Newburg, IN (near Evansville). One of my favorite things was Jodies sons and husband were waiting on us all weekend. Dennis cooked us fabulous meals, and her boys made sure we were well taken care of too. And not to mention Jodie took care of us too! Thanks so much for having us. The lovely Kim drove us and so I have to give her big thanks for that. Poor thing she even got a speeding ticket on the way back. The Katie vs. Janelle Scrap-a-thon continues. I'm happy to say that I have closed the gap and I'm only behind 1 page. I will win this challenge. Stephanie made us some yummy cookies. And Jeanne well I just love her too. Here's some pics... perhaps I'll share more later