Thea 4 months

Oh baby Thea.  Still so tiny but getting more mellow.  We think we know why you are fussy so much we think it's boredom.  We've been trying to keep you entertained when you start fussing and it seems to be working.  Bonus. You also are not a fan of strangers if it's not a familiar face or smell you tend to scream.
Dear Thea - 
4 months brings exploring with your hands.
You reach for everything and get it! 
You explore faces and textures with your hands.
You stopped sleeping thru the night and get up between 2-6 times a night which is terrible for mommys sleep.  
You started take two naps which is new for you.
You like to play with your dolly as well as other textured noise making toys.
You love bath time it calms you. 
You scream talk which is so cute.  
You pull yourself up and attempt to get out of your rocker.  
Your drinking between 3-5 ounces at a time.  And prefer nursing to bottles.  
You are very interested in food.
You are very interested in Jones and what he's doing and will follow him with your eyes.
You also seem to listen to him when he talks to you.  
You reach for me most anytime you see me - clearly a mommys girl.
You weigh 10 lbs and 10oz and are 25 inches tall.  Long and lean.
You can sit up unassisted for a few seconds and roll over. 
Ohhhh little birdie.
Love you - Mommy
Bonus a few snaps of you not for monthly pictures.  


47 - National Park - Muir Woods

One of our day trips on vacation was to Muir Woods to see giant redwoods (we actually visited three other national parks too and got passport stamps at 2 of them but I am crossing this off as "the national park even though it's not a new to me park it was for the kids and kathleen).  
We made the decision to leave the stroller and as we hiked the maybe half mile from the car to the park and Jonesy probably spent all his energy.  Because once we got into the park he immediately was over it.  He demanded to be carried.  He only wanted to see the water not the big trees.  He threw his water cup down and spilled it on the trail - not my usual happy boy and he napped most of the way to the park. It was quite terrible but several other parents had sympathy for us.  
Anyhow we still did a baby hike with the babies in tow, and tried not to let Jones's attitude spoil the fun or beauty of the park.  And go figure as we approached the end of the hike he wanted to run around and enjoy himself.  He happily played next to giant redwoods while Kathleen got the car and I fed Thea. 


24 - Robins Wedding

Earlier this month we flew to California for  Vacation and Robins wedding.  Her wedding was in kirkwood near Lake Tahoe and it was a beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, beautiful location.  And Jonesy he loved the "party" he got to come for dinner and dancing and he thought it was awesome.  The next day he requested "party".
It was so good to see family as well. It was nice for jones to have cousins to play with and to hanging with his aunties and uncles.  He also dubbed my mom and her sisters "grandmas" and was calling them all grandma.
It was a good trip.  More about our trip soon.


Jonesburf 23 months

Talk about being behind on blogging, jones already turned two but I am blogging 23 month photos.  They were taken a little late and Jonesy had on pajamas.  Anyhow here's a few notes about 23 month jones.

Dear Jonesy -
Your almost two.  
You run, jump, and spin with delight.
You are full of joy. 
You are such a happy boy.
You love to go places.
You can be shy when strangers talk to you.
You play well on your own and with other kids.
At soccer one time this month you tried to make a boy feel welcome and hugged him and held his hand so he wouldn't be scared it was so cute.
You adore Thea and often want to snuggle her or hold her.
You also try to breast feed her.  lol
You talk up a storm and remember things.
You love playing outside or working on projects at your table.
You are mostly good at listening and are quick to say your sorry.
Your favorite thing to eat is currently yogurt.

You've been playing pretend in the kitchen cooking and with the minion doll you have and will take care of the minion.
You sometimes will think your name is you - I am guessing because we say "do you want this", "can you pick up etc".
You are starting to outgrow some of your summer clothes from last year - I guess we will buy some new ones.
I love you so much you are such a joy.
Love mommy


12 - Rain Boots

I have been looking for rain boots on clearance or at the thrift store I kept finding lots of pairs for girls.  But today I found green ones at Target $5.  I snatched them up.  They are a little big but Jones doesn't mind.  His favorite part is that he can put them on by himself.