Project Life January 2015

I wanted to simplfy things with Project life this year so I changed up the size. I am doing 6x8 pages.  The sleeves still come in a variety of options but there's a lot less pressure to print a million photos.  I think it can also potentially help me use up the kits I have (or not as I think I used like 1 cards so far.)  anyhow here are my pages for January nothing super fancy  mostly paper and stickers.
I also want to use the little bits of paper from our daily lives this year.  In January I failed at that.  I forgot and then found the stuff so I made one last spread and used extra pictures to fill it in since I only saved a wine tasting menu from date night, a envelope, a gold coin wrapper and a tag from a sweater.  But it works.  


BabyBurf 9 Months

Dear BabyBurf - 
You are amazing.  You turned nine months last Thrusday.  On the same day you mastered the crawl, no more army crawling or the backwards worm for you - crawling is officially boss.  It's so awesome to watch you learn and try things it's also hard to watch you fall down and scratch your face.  Here's a list for this month: 
+ in addition to crawling you love to cruise.  Anything you can pull up on is fair game in the cruise including your cloths basket and chairs (not safe).
+ Your wearing 12 months and sometimes 18 months because of your cloth diapers.
+ You like to make all sorts of sounds like growling, mamma, dadda, yayaya, bawabawa.
+ You like to eat grown up food now things like chicken, pulled pork, green beans, asparagus, and probably #1 black beans.
+ you will not stay still to get your diaper changed.
+ you no longer sleep thru the night :(
+ you give hugs and high five and reach for us to pick you up.
+ You love to sing and at church recently the worship leader heard you.  
+ you have started smacking which is apparently a baby thing where you smack things you are excited about i.e being picked up or the tray on your chair.
+ You love seeing Nanna Anna and in the morning when you here her you get all excited.  
+ She sings you songs and teaches you lots of cool things like animal sounds.
+You also like seeing your aunts and uncles.

+ Daddy likes to take you out for just daddy jones time and you seem to enjoy such things.
+ Daddy gets sad when you go to sleep before he's off work.
+ Daddy like to throw you up in the air and you love it.
+ Mommy and you have a routine.
+ Mommy like to take you places so you have many experiences. 
+ Mommy loves when you let her read you books.
+ Mommy gets frustrated when you try and squirm off the changing table. 
+ Mommy thinks you are pretty awesome.
+ Mommy found you lots of nice things thrift store shopping recently.
+ you especially like the panda that makes Chinese music.  You makes you dance.
Love you little guy.


Bottles - things we can't live without

So I promise that my blog will not become entirely consumed with all things baby (just mostly).   File this post under things we can't live without.  
Anyhow I wanted to share a little bit about the bottles we use here.  We use all glass bottles.  Yes you are reading that right and it's not even 1975.  When I was still breast feeding we had about 6 plastic ones that were in rotation for pumping and storage but I have since moved those to the get rid of box.  When I was researching bottles there didn't really seem to be a consensus on which were the best.  Everyone had a different opinion.  
I am not sure exactly why but I decided on glass dr. Browns to start off with.  Bottles with the colic reducer.   We bought 6 small and 5 large to start (hint they can be cheaper on Amazon).  I personally love them aside from cleaning that straw thing.  I later purchased another 4 large when jones started drinking more at a time.  These bottles while heavy are good conductors of heat and cold when needed.  These bottle also worked with my Medela pump.  Oh and they don't warp in the dishwasher.  While I have no idea how the colic reducing straw works we didn't have colic and only probably usual spit-up. 
We had these for 6 months before we broke one - we have broken two total both not from ordinary dropping situations.  Recently we added in some Lifefactory ones with silicon sleeves and these are great too - I may like them even better (although grandma thinks Jonesy needs the straw). The sleeves are easy to remove and put back on and they offer protection from being dropped.
Another thing about these they will definently last thru several children.  Anyhow we love them and use about 6 a day.  
Both dr. Browns and Lifefactory are available at Amazon.  And I also purchased some at buy buy baby with coupons.


34 - Block of the month with Thea March

An update on this project.

So I actually made my March Block in Feburary but I wanted to make sure I had time to do it.  I made the block a little big purposely figuring I could trim it down.  Is switched out the pluses too for a houndstooth and I am thinking that I dislike that switch and probably won't make that swap again, although who knows.  Here they all are lined up.  I am liking how this sampler vibe feels so far.  
As a reminder...  This is the 2015 Thea & Katie Project.  We are doing the sew mama see modern blocks from a few years ago link here http://www.sewmamasew.com/2012/03/modern-block-of-the-month-bom-march-sew-along/


Tuesday 10 - March On

March is rolling on by.  Soon I will be going to my moms for my sisters shower and then on staycation.
1. Monkey babies who think it's appropriate to eat with both hands and feet.
2. Birthday party shenanigans where both my boys are making the same face
3.  Seriously I love wedding crafts.
4. I love this quote.
5. Soup
6. This baby face.
7. Finally getting the last check back from my mortgage company 5 months later.
8. Clean sheets
9. Melted snow!!!  Yes I thought I was going to have to get outside with a blowtorch to get rid of that stuff.
10. Hashtags - seriously I love that I can hashtag BabyBurf and then search on them best idea ever.


Bungalow Bathroom After

Here are the after photos of our bathroom, see the before here http://katajone.blogspot.com/2015/01/bathroom-remodel.html?m=0 Our new vanity and reused mirror.  I panted the mirror this olive after nixing the Tiffany blue. I love how it's like a little surprise even though the paint is not perfect note to never spray paint in 10 degree weather.  Doesn't this random tile look great it was also like $48 for the whole room of course that doesn't include installation and the grout etc but still we could have laid it ourselves reasonably (but it looks better when the contractor does it).
We are using hooks rather than towel bars because towel bars are spendy (seriously they are like $30 for a bar WTH?) And honestly I like the look of hooks.  I also really dig the crystal hooks and knob on the mirror, not that you can see them very well in the photos but it's an interesting touch.
even spray painted the frames and register cover.  The photos are pictures from our trip to Ireland.  I plan to also paint the back of the door but it's still too cold for that. Anyhow I love the end results I think it's completely different and much nicer.


2015 Family Photos February

So in February I did get photos because we had them taken by our friend Miranda Gabbard (of Miranda Gabbard Photography).  We went to the Federal Building where we actually had our wedding photos taken I think it's a neat contrast from when we got married to now.  We also went to the library.

Dustin looks so tired and my roots need a touch up but I think this represents our life in Feb 2015. So I like it.

I also took one other family photo myself.  A selfie snow day (jones eating the snow and the light blinding us - lol!)


96/1000 Fitbit Miles

In February I added 49.29 miles on the Fitbit. Which isn't on pace for 1000 miles but still it's progress when it's sooooo cold and most of the outdoors is covered in ice and snow.  I also lost my Fitbit for. Two days in the parking lot at the pool.
Still almost 1/10 to the goal, so I'll take it.  As it gets warmer I am sure the goal will become more within reason.
In March I also started Tisha's 1,000 push-up challenge.  So far I have completed 60/1000 two sets of 30.  


Tuesday 10 - Happy Birthday Dustin!

Today's Dustin's birthday.  We did a little celebrating this weekend and tonight we are going to BDubs and then some are to Nicky Blaines for more celebrating.  Anyhow here's this weeks list:
1) Veal's Ice Tree (so cool not sure how I never saw it before).
2) Playing ball with these guys.
3) finding all the cards and notes I wrote Dustin while on the road.
4) babies in snow suits
5) babies and snowmen 
6) babies in nail salons
7) oh shoot I just love babies.  Especially this one. 
8) I also love Leslie Knope and Parks and Recreation.  Photo from recent article on Buzzfeed
9) this verse - philippans 4:10-12
10) These guys.