Gambling Boats, Poker, BBQs & Bad Movies

Yesterday was a fun filled day of "wholesome" family goodness. Took my younger brothers to the riverboat for some gambling - Jonathan won so hopefully we didn't start a new addiction, Joe, JJ, and I not so much.

then we came home for a little BBQ with family and a few friends. It was very odd for all of us to be in the same place at the same time. took lots of photos. Played lots of poker.

After a walk to our favorite dairy in J's we played some family Fued (here's to team B me, Jay, and Lita - we won all three rounds) and watched some Scarey Movie #4 - now isn't that wholesome.


Jay Jones is in the House!

Isn't that hat fabulous? It's a $3 Walmart Special if you love that you'll love mine too.


The Tuesday 10 - 10 Exciting Things This Week

Well I've decided to have a good week this week no matter what so here's 10 things I'm looking forward too.
  1. Clean Laundry - I'm working on mountains of it.
  2. Lean Cuisine Panni's - I bought a whole ton of these for work so I can save some $ and not go out - it's working so far.
  3. Getting all my courses PMP reviewed - something from work.
  4. My younger brother turned 21 this past sunday! Happy Birthday Jono! Luv ya!
  5. BBQing at my mom's.
  6. I got a new used sweatshirt from Jay's friend (not sure why he gave it to me, but how fun is that)
  7. The Weed Killer I sprayed in the driveway last Saturday Morning seems to be working.
  8. Jay's cleaning house! How exciting is that.
  9. Today Scrapbooking is on QVC! - That's a highpoint of the week let me tell you.
  10. My brother JJ is coming to visit! Wehoo this will be the first time in a while we're all in the same place at the same time.


Wonderful Weekend!

I had a great weekend which made going into work this morning so hard. I went to a baby shower for Rob and Katie and their new daughter Maci - What a blessing Maci is for them. Didn't take many pics this weekend but I did capture this one of Rob and Maci I wish I had taken one of Rob, Katie and the baby but I of course I didn't think of it until it was too late.

Went to BBQ at Russ's house it was good to see Russ. Also went to Julie's new place - boy is that far north of town.

I also finished my CKU-A - A-Z book what an accomplishment that is.

I did a whole lot more but I'm too tired to keep typing and some laundry is calling my name.


Cupcakes, Crazy Hats, & Checks.

I've been making cupcakes for a baby shower (6 dozen) decided this was too many so I gave about 12 to my neighbors, and I'm sending some with Jay to his friends tomorrow. I made them yesterday and iced them tonight and then on top of that I've been working on a crazy hat for stamp club. It's a hoot - it's a stamp club literarlly on my head. :o) I can't wait to share a photo of it. In addition I got a check by mistake for $2500 it should have gone to someone else - unforunately for me I have to send it back the bank didn't tell me it was a bank error in my favor like monopoly - bummer.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I Love at the Fair!

Since I went to the fair last week and Jay wants to go again this week I thought I'd do this weeks list about the fair. I wanted to share photos with this but it was taking far too long to get them uploaded.

10 Things I love at the Fair!
1. Seeing the Worlds Largest Boar

2. Lemon Shake-Ups

3. Dairy Barn Cheese products.

4. Seeing my sister in the Band - Love ya Lita Happy Birthday tomorrow!

5. Rides on the ferris wheel even though it makes me dizzy.

6. Free Stuff - I got some bandaid carriers last Wednesday they are too cool.

7. Jersey Cows - they are so pretty.

8. Pressed Pennies

9. The 4H Crafts (I missed this when I went last week)

10. Funnel Cakes


150th Indiana State Fair

Went to the Fair today to see my sister's band preform. They did really good so I'm told - I'm not really into Marching Bands and I'm a little tone deaf so I can't comment on goodness myself, but I thought Lita marched, and played like the best of them. Other hightlights from the fair included - the worlds largest sow, a sheep house with a smell that made you run out of it, enough NAVY rulers for my mom's entire class, a ferris wheel ride, and a trip back in time to Hooks Drug Store. Fun Times!


Tuesday 10 - 10 of Photos From Nascar Weekend

I really had more than 10 favorites, so I just picked a variety of them.

1. #2 Blue Miller Lite Car from the Circle I just love the angle of this one.

2. Me and Carl Edwards I should have held up my flip flops.

3. National Anthem at the Busch Race - i love the color of the sky in this.

4. Love how it looks like the cars are going fast in this one. I do wish however that I knew how to take night shots with this camera.

5. Check out the crowd.

6. A least Boris Said's not to Preoccupied to wave at the crowd (90% of the drivers were looking the wrong way.

7. The #6 car - Jay's favorite driver.

8. Hot sweaty backwards baseball cap Jay. At least he's not subburnt yet.

9. #38 Into the wall. My mom was on the phone when i took this pic.

10. #8 passes Kyle Busch - the crowd at the Brickyard was so excitied you might have thought that Elvis had entered IMS.


Day #4 - Jimmie Cheater Johnson Wins

Well I have to recharge the battery again before I can upload any photos from the Busch Race or the Cup race but I thought I'd post a quick recap of Day #4 and evening of #3. But look out as tomorrow I will have photo feature in "the tuesday 10".

Day #3 -
Went to the Busch Race.
ORP is a great racetrack. You can see almost the whole track from any seat I imagine and your very close to the action.
We had a great time and saw a few crashes right up close from our seats in turn #4.
One perk was that the row behind our seats was empty so we moved up to be less like sardines in the seats.
One memorable moment was during the pre-race prayer the preacher said and I quote "thank you lord for the crunching metal" - now that's a race fan.

Day #4 -
Tired from the Busch Race we slept in until about 10 showered and headed for the track.
Got some decent parking for $10.
Walked around outside the track before going in.
I met some guy from the Sopranos while waiting on Jay who went to the bathroom - bummer he had the camera as I'm sure a photo opp of that would have been a great treat for my boss.
We went into the track and after a quick servilance of our seats we opted not to sit in them. They were good but not as good as our 500 seats had been so we headed over to the spectator mounds.
Seems lots of folks had the same idea as they were very crowded but we found ourselves a nice spot in the sun and set up camp.
Race started late - I called my mom so she could hear just how loud the cars really are - I think she enjoyed that - while we were on the phone we saw a wreck right in front of us - this gave her an idea of where we were.
Enjoyed our time at the track I took too many photos as I had to delete some older pics from my memory card.
One of our least favorite drivers Jimmie "Cheater" Johnson won - we call him cheater as his crew cheif seems to get in trouble a lot for breaking rules.
Jay's a little sad Martin didn't win as this might be his last season.
Although according to some of the fans we met at the track they have the "insider scoop" that he'll be back.
I came home with some whacky sun burn on the back of my arms and my knees, but I think it could have been far worse.
Made a mental note as well that 8 bottles of water aren't near enough when it's that hot outside.


Day #3 - We're off to a slow start

Well we are off to a very slow start for today. We got up early went for a walk. Then decided to skip qualifying especially since I haven't recharged my camera batteries. We caught a few of the Q laps on tv while I read my latest CK magazine. Now Jay's taking a nap I'm thinking the same thing sounds good for me too - good thing the Busch race isn't until 9pm.


Day #2 Long Full Day

Too tired to type much.
Too tired to upload any pictures.
Wouldn't matter as the camera batteries are dead.
Here's the highlights -
  • Went to Archivers for and M&T with friends. Enjoyed lunch with them too.
  • Saw a few practice laps no guesses on the winners yet.
  • Met Carl Edwards - he signed some flip flops for me - I'm sure years down the line someone will ask what's the weirdest thing he ever signed and he'll say "flip flops" - probably also mention if he wasn't sure if I was going to go barefoot the rest of the day or not. Not to worry I didn't actually have him sign ones I'm wearing or going to wear.
  • Won two free Sharpies! I was hoping for something more fun but maybe I'm holding out for Richard Petty Driving Experience or a helicoptor ride to the track.
  • Went to See Ricky Bobby at Movies - very funny I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars small children should avoid it though. Jay says it's more like a 2 but I saw him laughing more than he'd admit too.
  • Avoided horrible sunburn so far anyhow.
Well I'll post photo's tomorrow probably. We aren't sure yet if we are going to go to qualifying or not before the Busch race - we've never been before so we think it could be fun, but we could also burn ourselves out. Okay so that's more than I intended but now I'm done.


Day #1 Nascar Weekend - Dodge on the Circle

Brickyard 400 is in Indy this weekend. Jay and and I making a long weekend of Nascar festivites. Here's a recap from day one (several photos included) - sorry for the goofy wording I thought it was fun.

Depart from house.
Head to Krogers.
Elliott Sadler going to be at Krogers?
He must be sponsored by Krogers
But should be fun times.
Show up at wrong Krogers.
Wished the paper was with us to find right one.
Cut losses move on to next stop.
Drive Downtown for Dodge Drivers on the Circle.
Luckily there's only one Circle.
And I know where it is.
Find parking Spot in Perfect Location.
(Hear George Constanza in our heads bragging about it).
Immediately pointed in the direction of an autograph ticket line.
Wait an Hour.
Find out it's the wrong line.
See lots of Nascar fans more die hard than I.

Observe most are in love with Kasey Kahne.
(Should have photographed a few for kicks).
Watch several drivers sign autographs for other people.
People who waited in the right line.
Drivers being Kasey Kahne (below) Ryan Newman, Dave Stremme (left) and Scott Riggs.
Take a handful of decent pics - none of Riggs or Newman though really people in the way or blurry.
Get in right line for tickets to get Casey Mears autograph.
Find out Casey's not coming as he's ill or something.
Other lines too long now.
Autographs aren't in the cards today.
Walk around circle.
Look at various show cars.
Get various free trinkets.
Have dinner.
Come home.
Pass on USAC race.
Sky is looking frightening.
Had nice time.
Despite all the waiting for nothing.
Tomorrow is another day.
Perhaps our luck will be better.


The Tuesday 10 - 10 Items on My Fridge

Today's list is from the stuff hanging on my fridge. When I hung up the gold fish coupon from my friend Deb and her son Nick I noticed it was getting a little bit cluttered might be time to clean this puppy off - anyhow here's the list.

10 Items on My Fridge
  1. Valentine from my friend Julie circa like 1999.
  2. Photo of my friend Carrie and her ex-fiance Tod I think it was (note she's now married to Larry - yikes that old).
  3. Assorted Magnets from various Trips Jay and I have taken - Sea World, DC, San Fran, Monterry, St. Louis, Cleveland, Boston, Tennessee etc etc.
  4. Tonix Ball Postcard - this is at least two year old it's from when they celebrated Neil Young.
  5. Bengals Playoffs tickets - from the 2004 playoff game the Bengals didn't actually play in.
  6. Gold fish coupons from my friend Deb
  7. Rolling Stone Light-up Magnetic Pin that my boss got Jay when the Stones were in Philly last year.
  8. 2004 Colts Football schedule - Why the heck this is on the fridge I'll never know.
  9. Warranty for the TV in the master bedroom expired 2005.
  10. God Rocks Postcard - it's so cute I just couldn't not save it all this time.

If this doesn't scream that we are collectors of stuff I'm not sure what does. Perhaps next week we'll dig underneath the bed although that might eat my camera alive.