52 Books - Girls In White Dresses - Book 18

Girls in  White Dresses by Jennifer Close was on that summer reading list along with Friday Night Knitting that someone gave me and again I was not so impressed with it.  Clearly I need another summer reading list that doesn't involve books about girls who seem so blah.  This book jumped around so much covering a vast array of girls going to weddings of other girls, and girls who do not seem to be good friends and girls who just whine and seem loathsome.  It was not my kind of book obviously, albeit a quick read.   I have now discarded the other books on the list and put several non-fiction books on hold at the library and I'm working my way thru book 2 of Game of Thrones, which while I don't care much for fantasy books I'm finding the series can at least keep my attention.

Honeymoon in Ireland

I realized the other day as I wrote the last wedding post that I have not blogged about our two weeks in Ireland honeymooning.  It was awesome.  We stayed primarily at the Shelbourne in Dublin but also at a B&B in Doolin.  It was completely different from my prior trip to Ireland back in 2009 with Jono, even though Dustin and I stayed at the same hotel and even went to some of the same places.   It was cool most of the trip and we needed jackets and sweaters a plenty, but that is Ireland.  High points of the trip: 
  • Driving on those teeny words from the wrong seat. 
  • Beauty of the cliffs of Moher
  • My husband eating fish and chips daily
  • Looking for a missing irish dolphin
  • Doolin which was quite lovely
  • Happening upon irish sea
  • Finding that windmill in the middle of no-where
  • Making friends with some characters in a local pub
  • Discovering that I really like irish brown bread
  • Trying to determine the weather of ireland rest assured it would rain regardless of what we thought.
  • The Burren.
  • Irish Stonehenge in the rain.
  • Wandering the streets of Dublin.
  • Shopping in Irish shops.
  • Visiting oh so many castles.
  • Kilmanhiam Goal.
  • Searching for rainbow colored doors.
  • and much much more. 
Here are some of the photos we snapped.  Dustin is in way more of the photos than me as I usually am the one snapping them but we did get a handful with the both of us.



Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we ...
did a lot of bbqing three to be exact.  
Babysat four nieces.
Went to the 500 parade.
Had a picnic.
Threw a BBQ first real one of the summer
We went to Syd's grad party.
We visited with friends.
Watched the pacers.
Went to the tap.
Walked down mass ave. 
Visited Dustin's dads grave.
It was a good weekend.
I hope we have lots more this summer.

Let's Get Married - Thank yous!

Our wedding could not have come off so nicely if it wasn't for our people.  So this post is specifically for our people.  Hopefully I don't miss anyone, but let me preface this by saying that we are truly blessed with our families and our friends I often feel as though our cup runs over with remarkable relationships and hopefully we can share the blessings with each of you one day. 
Thanks so much to my bridesmaids who not only threw me some pretty awesome parties.  But went the extra mile dress shopping, made invitations, programs, wedding flowers, centerpieces, set-up, tore down, seamed dresses and more.  They gifted me my make-up and hair, and made sure my dress wasn't ruined getting in and out of cars, they stood in the cold in their summery dresses and owned picture time.  These girls - Kathleen, Lynley, Amy, Rachael, and Lita were pretty much awesome.   They represented seriously.
Thanks so much to the groomsmen, especially knickerbocker and jono who were very supportive to Dustin often leaning him an ear or giving him a needed pep talk.  You also made set-up possible hauling chairs, tables and risers, moving things an inch or two for Kim.
Thanks to my momo who helped out with gift making, pencil sharpening and pinched and saved up so she could help us out with the wedding costs - it meant a lot to us momo.  You are the best and it's great to see how your life has changed in the last few years.
And to JJ - Dustin loved how you are mister taker carer (he had no idea).  It was great how you continually checked to see if we needed anything and you were so helpful with wedding music and getting people lined up and keeping the baby flower girl in line - thank you.
Kim Shrum holy cow you are amazing we've been best friends for 12 years and even though we can't always hangout like we want you still were the best wedding coordinator ever.  You made things and magic happen - THANK YOU is not enough.  
Jill Baar thanks for being assistant coordinator and taking care of clean-up and milk toasts and just helping out where needed.
Megan and Dan you two are an amazing couple and we appreciate the craft help, picking up the cake, cleaning up, and just running out for things as we discovered they were needed - thanks!

Aunt Thea thanks for flying in early and tying a million bows (okay not quite a million), your help setting up was much needed and we also appreciated your assistance making gifts. 
Schreve, Alicia, and Lo - Thanks so much for taking care of last minute things, for keeping Dustin from being so nervous and for the sweet action grill. 
Dustin's Family - thanks for helping clean-up it's always fun to set-up not as fun to clean-up, and thanks for dancing and living it up in the photobooth.
Pastor Aaron - thanks for guiding us thru this process and pre-marital counseling and for being the master of ceremonies.

Jodie Minniear - THANK YOU so much for being our wedding photographer.  You told me you were not a wedding photographer but when I look at the photos you captured us on this special day PERFECTLY and it's truly amazing - don't sell yourself short.  Oh and thanks to your assistants Jeanne and Logan too - I love all three of you.
Thanks as well to everyone who came to celebrate this special day with us we know many of you traveled far to be with us and we appreciate everything. 
(All photos by Jodie Minniear).


Let's Get Married - Reception

 In addition to the sweet action decor with the puzzles and frisbees, we wanted our reception to be fun.  We wanted dancing and unique touches of us.  We served breakfast for dinner complete with bacon and biscuits and gravy - which is very much us.  So instead of a traditional wedding cake which is pricey we went with donuts from a local donut shop, just stacked like a cake.  So cutting of the cake was basically us tearing one in half then shoving it in each other's faces.  People however loved the donuts and it was much easier than cutting slices of cake.
 Just before he shoved it in my face.
 Our ring bearer enjoying a sprinkle wedding donut.
 We didn't have many of the traditional dances father daughter and mother son and we just had a first dance and a couples dance as well as a polka because I know my mom loves the polka.  Our first dance song was God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes.  After that we just let the dancing begin - I'm proud to say that Jono even got out there with Lo.
 Jono and Lo.
 JJ and Momo. 
 Me and Vanoskey getting our dance on, he's quite the good "bounce" dancer.
 Dustin and his grandma. 
 JJ and I dancing - gavin popping in the back I see.
 Logan and sammie two of my favorite kiddos doing a little slow dance.  I also notice my friend Jim who is NOT a fan of dancing back there dancing with his wife Haley - I love that!
 This happened much of the afternoon Dustin dancing with his nieces - they love to dance.   It was such a fun reception but it went too fast.  And I wish there had been more time to talk to everyone before people started leaving.  But everyone seemed to have a great time. 
All photos are by Jodie Minniear Photography - Jodie is simply the best. picasa