16 - Eat a pomegranate

For thanksgiving we had pomegrante instead of cranberries it was my first time ever having them.    The second I sliced into the fruit my husband was snatching up the piece of the fruit to drink the juice he apparently knew of its lovely taste.  Surprisingly I wasn't the only one to try it for the first time most of the family had never had one.  Anyhow it was delicious. I think next year I might do pomegrante again.


Bread #9 - Country Bread

Since I am way behind on those 25 breads (what was I thinking??) we made bread for thanksgiving.  We pulled a recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook - country bread sorry no link just buy the cookbook it's useful I promise.
Anyhow the bread was served straight from the oven it was a little crusty but you know it doubled in size 4 times not twice ( this is what happens when things are in the oven). But otherwise it was pretty good.  If we made it again I would define you not cook it with a turkey or sweet potatoes.


Oh the Pumpkin Patch

So waaaaay back in October we took #babyburf to the pumpkin patch.  He pretty much loved it.  So much to see and touch and taste.  It was extra warm the day we went so that was nice too.  My favorite part of the whole adventure was when I stood the baby up so he was holding himself up on a pumpkin and he immediately started chit chatting with it as if it was one of his toys or an animal - it was priceless.
I love the photos we took took of my boys that day.  Dustins hair looks extra red next to the blue sky and the baby well hello cuteness!
Jones was very interested in the baby goat I mean heck he's drinking a bottle which I am sure he can relate to.
The baby also got a gourd which he loved until his drool ate part of the skin off. 

5 months

My baby is 5 months now.  If he was spunky before he doubled in spunk in the last month.   
Dear Babyburf - You've grown tremendously in the last month both physically and mentally.  We can see you thinking and exploring things  lately and we wish we could read your mind.  We enjoy your stability and love your little chub.  This month - 
We fed you real food avocado, peas, sweet potato, and banana (sweet potato is a favorite).
You sit up on your own (mostly).
You get so excited that you shake.
You like to clap your feet together and sometimes hold your bottle with them.
You started sleeping in your crib.
You play for longer periods of time with toys.
You particularly love your caterpillar and no-neck giraffe. 
You probably weigh about 20 lbs.
You Started scream talking.  
You have a little patch of hair on the back of your head that is your baby mullet.
Grandma taught you to stick out your tongue and to head butt - both are adorable.
Daddy loves to have playtime with you where he throws you up.  
He likes to have daddy baby time which usually involves a trip to the mall.
He also bought you a 5 month present of a baby gym.
Mommy loves how you reach for me.
How you light up when you hear me.
I love when we do chores before work in the morning and how you patiently will sit next to me as I eat breakfast or check emails.
I love how you give me deep belly laughs for no reason.
And how you snuggle your head on my chest.  
Your getting so big little man, can't wait to see what's next.
Love mommy

Book 42 - Landline by Rainbow Rowell

So I actually have two books to blog about among other things but I will start with this one.   Landline by Rainbow Rowell.  While I really enjoyed Elenaor and Park this one was meh.  It was written in sort of the same style but the characters aren't 16, so it didn't have the same effect and well the whole concept of time traveling phone calls - not really my jam.  But it was a quick read and it was available at the local library both wins!  Anyhow I still need 9 more books for my 52 goal who thinks I'll finish that? 


Lynley got Married

One of my best friends got married like a month ago.  It was beautiful, fun and amazing.  I am so glad that John and Lynley found each other.  You can tell they truly love each other and its awesome sauce.  Lynley was looking especially beautiful.   Kathleen and I were bridesmaids and so you know we took like a million selfies.  We also tried to give her a million amazing ideas like monkeys instead of bouquets and leopard suit dresses.  Thankfully she shot down all my ideas.   We also had guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Tupac, Biggie and a handful of other celebs.  Here's a few of my snaps.

Here's to a long and magical wedding!  


#14on14 November

Holy cow November woe is time going fast!  I remembered about my photos yesterday and I tried really hard not to make them all about the baby.  Anyhow here's our November 14th.
1 - jones napping in the morning (sometimes he gets dressed at like 10am.
2 - playing with his chicken rattle patiently waiting for me to finish with work.
3 - Bottle Bottles and more bottles. We only have 10 glass dr. Browns bottles and sometimes we use all 10 in the same day.
4 - Oil Change.  Jones was laughing hysterically when facing the other way (I thought the man sitting there might be annoyed)
5 - target for toilet paper and oh 100 other things
6 - it's too soon for Christmas not to soon for me to score stocking stuff USB port for the car. And aren't these foxes darling? 
7 - selfie in the car 
8 - This is how we do mail.
9 - daddy told us to be ready and yet we wait
10 - gas is $2.95/gallon
11 -it's Christmas at fiddlers too.
12 - dinner without the baby and he's on his phone
13 - jonesy with his aunt Maggie I think (twins it's hard to keep that straight) 

14 - bedtime (I sorta like this have shadowed shot).

Family Photos October

In October I took lots of photos of Dustin and Baby Burf there are a few of me and him and even some of Dustin and I but I only have this one photo booth strip of all three of us - FAIL!  I guess one is better than none.
My phone has a built in timer now so hopefully in November is better - I already snapped one.  December I am trying to decide if maybe I make an advent calendar or maybe one of those December Daily books so perhaps I will improve then as well.