Sampler Quilt for Baby Miram

Together with the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild I put together this sampler quilt for baby miram Rachael's little baby.  I had girls make blocks with a pink, aqua, orange color pallet and then I pieced together the top and back.  I had my mind made up that her baby was going to be a boy and then it wasn't so at the last minute I quilted this in hot pink thread and tossed on some pink pieced binding but it looks girlie now.   I should have taken a photo of the quilting it's free-handed squares it turned out pretty fun despite my ridiculous plan not to change out the foot on my machine to try and make the quilt faster.  Anyhow I'm considering this quilt #6 for the year even though I didn't make all the blocks.  Can anyone tell which blocks I made? 


Looking Forward to Ace

It's no secret at least not on my blog that traveling to NYC hasn't been my favorite activity of 2012.  I'm still trying to enjoy it, more often than not I feel frustrated I'll get there.  When I learned we needed to be there the week of Thanksgiving too I was completely dreading it - travel that Wednesday is a NIGHTMARE.  But I want to make the best of this and try and be more grateful.  So I tried to think of something that could make this more enjoyable.
Flash-backward to a conversation with a friend about staying in some of the Boutique NY hotels.  There's one in Brooklyn with Bikes!  He wasn't a fan of this idea.  Sure I lose out on Marriott points and they likelihood of being upgraded to a suite is pretty much null.  But it's more about the experience right?  Perhaps it will make me feel less of a "suit" more like me. 
So I looked into it - I've wanted to go stay in the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs  pretty much since I heard about it's refashioned swim club awesomeness.  Well there's also one in NYC, sadly they don't have bikes and  it lacks the luster of a swim club and the venue of Palm Springs but I figured since I have to be there for a short week that I might as well try something new.   So I am all booked up the Ace Hotel in Midtown and I'm actually looking forward to staying there and using their Polaroid Cameras and photobooth and all that jazz.  If you know of any other boutique new york city hotels please let me know. 


Pizza Night

The other day Dust, Lo, Jono and I had pizza night at the Bungalow.  Each couple made their own pizza and then we shared them.  Dust and I made this most delicious mexican pizza.  It was very flavorful.  And Jono and Lo made an italian style one that was almost as good with it's fresh mozzarella and bacon.  Here's the recipe for ours now mind you we didn't follow one we just made it up so this is all guessimate
Mexican Pizza 
1 pre-made crust (we cheated and got some kind of thin crust at the store)
1/2 can of refried beans
1/8 of a green pepper
2 jalapeno peppers
1 lb of spicy sausage
1 tsp cayenne pepper (approximate measurements neither dust nor I measure)
1 tsp paprika (approximate)
1/4 cup of salsa (we used homemade which was extra yummy and fresh since we grew the tomatoes)
1/4 can of spiced diced tomatoes
1/8 of a diced tomato
1/8 of a diced red onion
Smidge of feta cheese
1/2 block of pepper jack cheese shredded
1. Cook Sausage in a skillet add in the cayenne and paprika.
2.  Mix salsa tomatoes in bowl.
3. Layer pizza toppings as follows - refried beans, salsa, meat, feta, veggies, and pepper jack cheese.
4. Cook approximately 10-12 minutes or until crust is a golden brown and cheese is bubbling hot. 
5. Let cool slice and eat. 
Mmmmm it was ever so good.  Pizza night was a success even if we did cheat with the crusts.


Best of Life Video - Ho Hey - September

No Tuesday list - I was more interested in making this video this week instead.  This might be my favorite video yet.  Anytime there's footage of someone crash-landing a zipline it's great - even when that someone is me!   September was a whirlwind month not that much unlike August/July/June/May/April.  But still it flew by.  I spent my time between two cities and I did document much of the month in photographs although I opted to use less of them then usual.  I knew what song I wanted to use for this video since I downloaded it earlier this month - it's "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers and I pretty much love it.  October is almost over and I'm happy to say I stayed to my goal to take more videos in October and next month when the video drops there will be a return of more video.   Anyhow enjoy this video if you can't view it here then try here on youtube.



Dustin aka the Rooster

You've probably noticed for a while this guy "Dustin" aka "Rooster" appearing on my blog. I've been meaning to type up a post introducing him. I even asked permission months back but I wasn't quite sure what to say really.   I'm not the super mushy or romantic type.  I've always been really practical and realistic when it comes to relationships, but this one is special.  He's a keeper.  He's pretty awesome in fact.  He compliments me in so many ways. Who else will go on his first date with me to Lowes and then to plant tomatoes??  Just a little bit about him:  
He's currently working full time and going to school full time to be a biblical counselor.
He plays on Jono's vintage baseball team and he's has "no strike zone".
His hair is bright red and curly and I think it's pretty awesome. 
His favorite color is green.  
He loves to serve and dresses up in the turkey suit for the mission. 
He is always down for anything literally anything. 
He doesn't mind when we include Kathleen even if she makes the third wheel.
Dustin still I'm smitten with you.  Everyone else you'll probably see a lot more of him around here.
(Photo above is from a photo booth at our friends wedding where Dustin was the Best Man).


Surprise Trip

 This past weekend I surprised Dustin with a trip to NYC for the weekend.  He almost ruined the surprise when he kept going on and on about going to his nieces birthday on the same day.  I wanted to just tell him that he wouldn't be here but I didn't.  He almost figured us out but Kathleen played it up so well and she was the best trickster!    We spent the bulk of our weekend walking around the city.  Dust had never been there but he didn't really have anything special he wanted to do.  So we just walked and walked and walked.  Oh and Dust ate and ate it seemed every time we walked past something he was hungry or at least it was too good to pass up.  But I guess if you are going to over indulge yourself there's no place better than NYC.  I do have to say we ate at a Japanese steakhouse one night and it was marvelous one of the best meals I'd had in a LONG time.
On Sunday our friend Megan joined us.  We did some more walking only this time in Central Park.  I was disappointed that the leaves had not yet changed there yet but there's still time for that.  We found a cute little street fair I just I had the energy to want to walk around in it.
Overall it was a good trip Dustin was surprised he enjoyed himself - his exact words were "weekend to measure all other weekends by"  I guess that means we need to up our weekend activities? ;)


Tuesday 10 - Fall Is Here

1. Colder Weather I like the 50-70's the best!
2. Hot Dogs. I had a sudden realization the other day that I have had hot dogs in NYC like 12 times but no pizza (I'm okay with that).  (Top here is from Asiadog, bottom Schnippers)
3.  Washi Tape - I've been using this for Project Life as well as a little project I made Dust.
4. Planning Surprises and Giving Surprises.  (I surprised Dust with a trip to NYC this weekend.  He tried to spoil it but we got him).

5. The Color Royal Blue (This is also the color of like 1978 Pacers).
6. Making a music video with one of my best friends and having it turn out awesome!  Click here.
7.Riding the Subway.
8. Doing what I call the "walkabout".  This is where I take a train to a neighborhood in NYC and just yes "walkabout".
9. My house in Indiana.  Sometimes when I'm on the road I miss it.  It might not be perfect but it's home.
10. That Tuesday isn't Monday.


Get Crafty #6 Cape

I actually made this back in August right before little Pierson's 3rd birthday. I finished sewing the emblem on the back in church then added Velcro in the car on the way to the party - yup sometimes that's how I roll. I wish I had better photos but when you roll like this you get what you get.  Anyhow this is Pierson's Cape the back has a superman like emblem with his initals.  And it's reverseable with a spiderman sheet lining.  I made it without a pattern however I do recommend if you are going to put an emblem on do it before you sew the pieces together!


Things I would tell My 17 Year Old Self

I was going to write this big long post to my 17 year old self because you know I saw someone else do it and it seemed cool like what if you could talk to yourself in the past?? And then I got to thinking - I'm not sure I would do anything really differently because I wouldn't want things to turn out wrong or different.  I may not be super happy every day but I live a good life.  No I live a GREAT life.  I live a life I love.  I am blessed in some many ways.  And I cannot begin to imagine if I changed my awkwardness, boldness, or loudness that I would like my life more.  It hasn't always been like this but at some-point towards the end of my 20's I really truly figured out how to love life (the good the bad and the ugly) and I haven't looked back.  (FYI this is not to say that I think I'm perfect or content I'm a big believer in things will evolve.  But I would really only give myself this advice.
1. Things will not turn out the way you plan who cares you don't

2. Those curls you used to perm into your hair will curl naturally some day enjoy straight hair while you have it. 
3. Be You you are best at you. 
A little story behind the photo:  This is a news clipping from when I won a t-shirt contest (age 17)- those pants were 4x too big and I just finished a weight-lifting class - this was ever so stylish.  I won this contest for making a sketch 10 minutes before it was due of an elephants butt in a hanging out of a tent - I was trying to be sassy - funny thing I won?  We all wore after prom shirts with elephants butts (no joke).  But also notice how my name is spelled?  "Kaitea" - I told that news paper lady my name was spelled like that because just two days before this she interviewed me for the Tennis Team and yet she was asking me again.  Being from a small town you might be in the paper 3 times a week.  They actually printed it like this on page 3 and then correctly on 4, both with photos of me looking all awkward.  And to make it more interesting the following week I told her Jones was "Jonez" and she put that in - I was ornery and she was gullible (some things never change me being orney not her gulliablity as I cannot comment on that). 



A Week Home

I got to spend an entire week at home last week and I totally loved it.  I enjoyed it to the fullest I spent some time with some of my favorite people so it was extra awesome.  There's also that perk of work from home and living in my own house.  I worked on two different quilts.  I spent some time with Jono who's moving soon.  Dust and I had quality time together.  I got to go to a picnic, play "golf", see some friends get hitched.  And here's some snaps from my week at home.
Jono with Coffee, Hoosier Tenderloin, and Super High Royal Blue Heels
Photos from the picnic, isn't that a great hot dog eating contest photo
Photos from the Schreier Wedding Dust was the best man.
Photo by Bethany from the picnic.


Date on the Street

Last night a group of my friends and I got together for what I like to call "date on the street". The girls and I had been talking about doing this since back in April but we could never make it happen. And now that we are all dating lovely gentlemen who want to join us on our ridiculous adventures it made it that much more magical. We basically packed up a picnic, fine china, silver and sparkling grape juice and set-up a table and chairs below the monument.   And although the guys were apprehensive at first even they were excited to make plans to do it again soon.  They particularly enjoyed the hysterical evening entertainment which danced by in a afghan (which we could not have planned).  It was beautiful, fun and magical.  I also just want to say how much I love this group of friends they are always down for whatever and we so enjoy each others company.  I'm so blessed to have them in our lives.


Best of Life Video - August 2012 - Before I Go

Another video down - I really haven't been listening to any music lately and so when it came time to pick a song for this I was at a loss.  I thought at first I might use some Who or U2 and then I came across this song in my playlist "Before I Go" by Bearfoot it seemed right as August was a month before I started traveling again (well the beginning).  I really need to find some new tunes to add into the rotation so I have something to go to if anyone has anything to recommend let me know. And just in case this won't load for you click here for the youtube verison.


Fall 2012

After not really hitting my summer goals out of the park I thought I better have attainable goals for the fall season - especially with my upcoming travel.  I asked Dustin what he wanted to do this fall and so the first things on the list were thing he wants to do.  So this is my simple list let's see how it goes.

  • I will take a long drive with Dustin.
  • I will carve pumpkins.
  • I will be content.
  • I will have dates with the bible weekly.
  • I will make something.
  • I will visit central park to see the leaves.
  • I will not spend money on things not needed.
Let's go fall!
PS - Also something I didn't add to the list Blogging - I want to blog twice a week.  I'm starting out this week strong but that's because I scheduled up these posts this weekend. 


Kathleen + The Biebs

Amy and I have been helping Kathleen with a little "Bieber" project.  It's been ridiculously hilarious.  Anytime you take a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber with you pretty much everywhere it's hilariously awesome.  My favorite thing is all the stares and catcalls.  But I love it all it just makes being friends with Kathleen that much more awesome.  Anyhow I thought you might enjoy a few of the out-take snaps. 


Last Blues Game

Two weeks ago the Blues had their last Blues games.  They played 4 games back to back.  It was a hot long afternoon.  I also somehow stabbed myself with an umbrella and managed to make the second game a little more exciting as we had no band-aids and I was dripping blood pretty much everywhere.  They won all four games and the bonnet girls were much impressed with their sportsmanship and playing, espeically Roosters lack of a strikezone and diving and rolling to catch those hits to the rightfield.  We also really like Shankswank's warm-up routine and he did have a mad impressive day of good plays at second base.  
Unbeknown to us at the time - it was Shawshank's last tournament and season with the Blues.  I know Rooster will miss being on the ball field with him. And I will miss the Shank at the ball field and just hanging out around Indy.   We are still holding out hope he can find a team in the same league and Florida and they want to travel to the midwest for a tournament.  Well struck young Shawshank well struck.

I think this photo of us girls is hilarious.  Notice our matching but "not matching shirts? We made those - Huzzah!