Studio Sneak Peek...

The new studio is coming together nicely I still have about 4 more boxes of stuff to sort through and then I should be done with the organizing. In the meantime I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek...
I found this lovely bucket that is meant for icey cold beverages but it works out nicely for storing chipboard.
And my sewing machine and notions and a jar of thread.
And my jars of silk flowers.

We found my lampshade hat in the old studio as we were cleaning it out. Jono couldn't resist trying it on.


Off to the races...

Well the car races! The indy 500 in fact. It was a great time if you've never been it's something to put on your bucket list as even if you aren't into the race or the party the people watching is fantastic and 250,000 people in one place truly a spectacle.

Jodie striking a pose with this car.
Jono and I with the cars. Why don't I wear those sunglasses? Apparently squinting is in. note mr. no shirt next to me (oh the fun of the infield) not that I can talk my shirt is falling off.

This is what happens in the infield.
Jono and the celebration balloons.
Jono pre-sunburn.
Check out the sunglasses jono scored from some white trash girls. I think they are totally indy 500.
After the race we needed a little paddle boat. And Jodie's parents have just the ticket! I love that Jodie looks all normal but we look special can you tell she's a photographer?
This one actually has me it in it.
In true jones fashion we needed a feet shot. Good thing I didn't share the underneath of my feet they were super dirty.
This is how we roll
I'm not sure what this look is all about I think it says bad plastic surgery.
This is joe pretending he's not our brother. He's not into the girlie margaritas
And my favorite photo from our adventures. When I saw this I could not stop laughing! I wonder if I took in a high enough resolution that I can blow it up poster size!
Me and margarita #2 I think note the sunburn that is a product of SPF 30 x4.


Can I get an Awesome Baby!

Let's see what festivities deserve an awesome baby???
7 year old friendships
An ungrounded Syd
If Indy 500 Driver Paul Tracy and a Caveman doesn't do it...
Then perhaps a 4 story tall my little pony
Or what about the world famous Gordon Pipers
Parade watching with the shrum clan? Even Grandma Ellen aren't they the cutest.
Superhero grover
Oh and Purdue Marching Bands!
Dickie V masks! We're smiling behind them. Oh yes it all deserves an awesome baby.


Managing to the Delta!

Today Jonathan told me that I needed to manage our garage remodel like it's a project so I wrote us up a schedule and hung it on the wall. And now we are managing this project to the delta so we can get it done before Joe is living in a cardboard box on the street. Here's a few of the latest snaps.
The Giant Shelf-Wall done just waiting on a little dusting with old english.
Brotherly teamwork.
Oh and Jill came by to help us out. Safety is always first here so we made her wear safety goggles in the wood shop.
Jono tried out the drill.
So did Jill.
oh and check out this puppy! This was my find on Saturday antiquing. I'm not sure you could call this an "antique" but isn't it hilarious! you may need to click it to make it larger. But it's a Bonanaza tray. Anyhow we are already putting it to good use and I washed it up and used it as a grilling out tray. Loverly!


We have the making of a shelf-wall!

We got to make some headway on the garage project this weekend we have a deadline to finish it by early June and next weekend we have big plans so we won't make much progress. It seems much more real now that we have been sinking screws. Lessons learned for the day - "Don't buy Zinc Plated Screws - even if the screws look the same they might not be." But we learned that lesson. Anyhow some pics.
While I was running out to get some new drill bits the boys took the opportunity to pose for some pics. I think this was the pose of the day.
Here Jonathan is focusing on measuring.
Measure once cut twice.
Look we have a shelf-wall!
Another shot of the shelf. We still need to sand the putty and touch up the stain before we put on the back - but we feel it coming to shape.
Oh and here's our new kitchen chairs. I went antiquing yesterday and scored some new kitchen chairs. We needed them like nobody's business. I wanted ones that didn't match but looked similar (for the record jono thinks this is silly), but I like it as people who sit in the chairs are different. I also scored something else lovely which I will share tomorrow.


This announcement is for Aunt Thea

Guess what I've been working on. Getting my Photos of the Day together. I'm in the process of getting them all labeled so I can upload at the airport tomorrow so look out. I thought you might be excitied. You will probably not be as excited when you see the "quality" of the photos I've been taking.

End announcement.


The latest project at the jones & co compound

we are in the process of building me a new craftroom in the garage so Joe can move into the extra room. The new craftroom or should we call it the "studio" that sounds so much more official - will include many shelves including this extra large super sized shelf. Which has been the latest project at our house. It was an adventure to get the wood from the lumber yard note random country music on the radio helps make it more enjoyable. We haven't assembled any of the shelf yet but we have cut all the pieces, sanded, and stained and stained and stained them. The staining is probably the most boring and tedious process wood should come already stained but of course it doesn't which I think is purely to spite me - and I really wanted this "exotic" stain color but for the record despite the samples they have at the store they do not really sell super cool exotic stain colors. And just to prove that we are doing the work here's a few pics (that japanese tourist camera comes in handy) -
every good carpetener jots notes down on the wood. in 100 years someone will find joes notations and enjoy them (I didn't sand them off).
The first cut. Yes we wear safety goggles and gloves in the wood shop.
Staining and staining and more staining. Place you bets now if 2 gallons of stain will be enough.

And just for fun I started a new project - A Million Little Pictures.


OMG - How did Lita get old enough for prom?

In Liberty they do the prom up all fancy like with a red carpet and the whole town comes out and watches all the prom goers walk in. it even has some paparazzi complete with grandma and harold. Aren't they the cutest? Debbie is just to the left their too. I love everyone's faces as they are watching the prom goers.
The adoreable Alyssa was there. Isn't she all grown up. She rode in on a dune buggy or something Look there's the watertown and the lights for the tennis courts in the background too. I wonder if they still flicker before they go out?
And Kayla looking so pretty. I hate that someone jumped up into the picture. Hello people!
And Miss Lita - her date has the look of a grump (here I hope it was just his displeasure from having to be paraded down a red carpet, but doesn't she look pretty in her pink dress? You look too cute.
And this is probably my favorite pic I took - Jono and Lita the too youngest of the Jones & Co clan. Lita is almost as tall as Jono now.


Happy Birthday Kim!

we got to celebrate with a little party at my house yesterday. Hope your birthday is fabulous!


I love thrusdays

because they lead to friday's. Some photos from my favorites in flickr.