The Schreve's Getting Married

I can't recall if I shared this yet or not...
But The Schreve is Getting Married. 
We are super excited it will be the first Jones and Co wedding.  I just love Alicia and I can't wait for her to join our family.  I also think she's so good for The Schreve.  And I know they are so in love.  I remember a certain conversation with The Schreve when he was friends with A when he told me if he didn't know better that he was in love with her.  He totally was and still is.  I'm so happy for them.  
You can check out their wedding website here, I absolutely love what they say about Jono - "Jonathan is the brother of the groom. The bond between brothers is a strong one, and Jonathan and Joe are no exception. They've been the best of friends since they were young and got into all kinds of shenanigans together throughout their life. Most importantly, Jonathan thinks that Joe is the baddest man walking the face of the earth, which may or may not be true, but to Jonathan it doesn't matter."  This so true and I love it - all brothers should love each other this much.  
And because I can't have blog posts without photos.  Here are some snaps of The Schreve and Alicia from when they first started dating these were taken pre-photosallowedtogether, but the Joneses are stealth and we can't not take a million photos especially when we are on an adventure and we have such a beautiful day.


2011 The Year of the Penguin - Adventure #3

My friend recently told me she caught up on reading some of my blog and she was really enjoying the Penguin adventures.  She said that if she could die and come back as anyone she wanted to come back as me so she could adventure.  That made me laugh.  Of course I'm not sure anyone would really want to come back as me, but  I do have one thing to say - you can make your like adventuresome now, your next adventure is just around the corner you make it.
In March we kept the Penguin Adventure (#15) low key.  Partially because we weren't sure what to do and partially because we didn't have a whole lot of time when it came down to the very last weekend of the year - I spent most of the month in other places I only slept in my bed 6 days.   So we packed up the SUV which desperately needs to be realigned (yes I heard that warning Schreve), and headed to Momo's.  At momo's we checked out her new washing machine and dryer - we are so excited for her she desperately wanted it. 
So we made penguins from clay, felt, paper, and beads.  These penguins we are planning on big things for them in April so stay tuned for that.  
We also had a family dinner cooked by the boys -steak and momo made yummy soup.  After dinner we took a walk to an old familiar place - our house on Brookview Ct - this was the site of many adventures of the Jones & Co kids.  We reminisced about some of the dumb things we used to do like cat-stealing neighbors, non-lemonade stands, dumpster diving for treasures for our forts, and playing in the bushes mom used to drive in, and ice skating on the ice in the street.
Anyhow here are some photos from our adventure...
Making the Penguins... Lita and Smash are trying their hands at making perler penguins (FYI they looked like toucans ;o)
We have a shortage of photos of Schreve - we always have so we were sure to take lots of pics of him.  So I took a series of Schreve in the rocker this is my favorite.
Dinner was eaten on our picnic table since we had the crafting on the kitchen table.
Although the picnic table is not big guy approved so Schreve sat amongst the felt and and glue with momo and Karen.

Here we are on Brookview in front of our old house - at one point we had the 7 people living here. It seems much smaller than it ever did in the past - I think I could just hoist myself up on the roof without a ladder I'm that much taller now.    (we thought we were "sorta recreating" this shot - but really we had it all wrong)
I think we also scared the guy who lives there now.  He was I'm sure wondering what the heck we were doing out front.
This was taken in the exact spot where Jono and I once put the station wagon in reverse and we were rolling backwards down the street.
Oh and look there is a penguin I made.
And Schreve put on a tie - he's planning for the wedding you know.
Momo hard at work on penguins.
And one last shot from Brookview.



Music Lately

I have been loving on songs lately So I thought I would share some music I have been listening to lately.

Elvis - yes that's right. I downloaded the new re-released elvis and it makes me happy.
And Mumford and Sons. I love a little banjo.
And I was recently turned onto Jamestown revival after taking a peek in smash's Justin bieber rollingstone issue. They are also very folksy.



Can I just say...

I HATE doing expenses?  This has to be the worst thing about traveling I just wish they could be coded and processed and paid without any intervention from me.


Fav Thing Friday - Blogging

Yup that's right Blogging = Favorite Thing.  As if you didn't know?  The 56 posts already in 2011 I think it says "I {heart} Blogging."

To me blogging is...
  • The journal I never kept but always meant it
  • Documentation of my life and journeys
  • A method of sharing with people I love 
  • A conversation with strangers
  • A conversation with myself (I often blog in my head first)
  • A tool for exploring new avenues and adventures I've never thought I would
  • I remember more with it 
  • I tell my story my way  
  • And so much more
XOXO I love you blog you are truly my favorite.


P.S. I am working on updating the design of my blog too.


File This Under Ramble

This past few months has flown by in almost a blur. 
I feel as though I traversed the state of Massachusetts at least twenty times (and this isn't an exaggeration)  
I feel as though I only exchange suitcases at my house
I feel as though I stayed in 25 different hotels (in reality I might have stayed in 35)
I feel as though I taught the same class 100 times (okay so this is an exaggeration it's really only been 20 )
I feel as though I went out 50 times (true story)
I feel as though I had a lot of interesting conversation
I feel as though I walked a million miles (in reality I only went to the gym four times)
I feel as though I drove more crappy dodge rental cars then any human should have too (FYI I have no desire to EVER own a Dogde)
I feel as though I am missing something by not standing still
I feel as though I'm not appreciating all these awesome opportunities and blessings I have been given
So I stopped just for a few hours tonight
After a quick dinner with my friend instead of going out with someone else or doing some shopping or taking in some kind of adventure - I came back to my suite at the hotel and took a bath and read a book (I know crazy)
I actually almost read half of it while soaking in the spa tub then I got hot and bored 
And then just like that I was over it

This is what happens with me I get bored with being still so easily
This is why I never sit still 
This might be why I love traveling for work
This could be TV and books are not really my thing
This is probably why Jono thinks I have ADHD
But you know what I'm okay with that 
Because sometimes even I take a moment



#48 To Jeanne's New House

This weekend I drove up past the giant Indiana windfarm to see Jeanne's new house which was #48 on my list.
Jeanne's house has a groovy rug.  The Safe Way is the Right Way - I'm guessing this is an old Safeway rug?
She also has the grooviest oven - granted I wouldn't trade my new one for this little beauty but isn't it cute?
Her stove is so retro too it's name is Leigh.  
I should have taken more snaps as Jeanne's house is littered in treasures I have made in all this little corners however like a goof I did not perhaps next time.   Thanks so much for having me I can't wait to come back.


Glass Floor for Real and ROM & Other iPhone Goodies - Eh

Here are the missing glass photo shots.  Those are my feet on the glass.  
And here I am looking down - not I'm not passed out.
Heather's boys really wanted to take me to Tim Hortons to "roll up the rim" but we never got there but I did get some tea at the airport and I rolled up the rim right before leaving Ontario.
Another shot of the ROM.

The ROM had some great dinosaurs (never mind that most of the bones were reproductions.  I was still felt like I was in Jurassic park.   You know now that I'm an adult and just shy of six feet tall I and I see the dinosaur bones of T-Rex he's really not that big.

This is my favorite kind I wonder how big their eyes really were?
And there's t-rex - he didn't eat me.

They also had some hieragryplics.  I think that second line says says -  "Winking about a shower in the movie pyshco?"  Or maybe it's "have a nice day"
And there were some mummies - they make me want to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids before they erode away.
I think this is Caesar or Augustus
Oh and look miniatures.

Then parched we left the museum headed straight to that mcdonalds for a soda.  Just an FYI root beer in Canada tastes different but not as funny as coke.   This is the only photo I have of all the Heather's clan - and wouldn't you know it's their backs.  Whoops.
More random shots - I haven't a clue what this was.
Some buildings downtown.
I think this is the University of Toronto which is a big school.  When I asked her boys if they would be attending there they told me "No - Queens College."  I guess that's where John and Heather both went so it's a family thing.
Another shot of the CN tower.
Well that's it for my round up from my trip to Canada.  It was a fantastic time and I cannot wait to return - Heather's family are great hosts - THANKS ONE MILLION TIMES OVER FOR HAVING ME.  I had a great time and I almost didn't leave when I waited an hour in the customs line to leave but I figured I better get back to work.