Craft Project 6 - Dinosaur accessories

I made this necklace holder for Kathleen for Christmas.  Super simple Dinos painted gold mounted on a spray painted mini pallet.  The hardest part was finding the right sized dinosaurs.  I got these at family dollar.
I had already previously made her this toilet paper holder there's no toilet paper on it but it goes on the neck.  It was super easy as well I just mounted this Dino on a plague mount and sprayed it all gold together.  Lynley ordered the dinosaur online we had a hard time finding one with a long enough neck that wasn't like $30 (what's up with pricey plastic dinosaurs?)
And then there was this guy.  Cut a hole in his back also painted.

18 Months of Jones

This month we were a few days late but jones did get to wear his Christmas sweater.  He didn't really want to have his photo taken he wanted to play.  But I don't blame him.  Something to note last December he wore these same pants and they were long now they fit perfectly! He has some massive thighs back then and cloth diaper bubble butt.  
Dear Jonesy -
At 18 months you are a barrel of fun.  You are full of hugs and smiles and jibber jabber.  
You are starting to do things that you shouldn't to test our rules and it's hard to give timeouts and stick to No, but we are working on it.  
You weigh 26 lbs 10 oz according to the U.S. postal scales.
I think you are about 32 inches tall but I am not sure - I haven't finished your measuring ruler.
You love to dance and have some new moves picked up at school "we all fall down" and "chicken dance".
You also learned to walk backwards and March at school and sometimes we march from room to room at home.
You know so many new words I have lost track of them.  But I love when you repeat a big word I didn't know you knew.
Christmas is super fun with you and we are proud of how you do each activity.  And get excited for things.
Daddy took you on daddy Jonesy date to the chuckecheese and you had a great time.
Daddy is very excited when you greet him when he comes home from work.
Daddy also is noticing that you play him because he gives in to you.
Mommy sees you learning new things daily.
Mommy and you talk about the new baby coming soon.
Sometimes you seem to understand like you told daddy the baby was in your belly the other day & sometimes you tell him mine.
Mommy and you have been working on projects and you get very excited when I break out supplies.
Keep growing our little boy you are such a joy.  
Love mommy
PS.  mommy also made you this sweater considering it craft project 5!  

Craft Project 4 - ornaments with Jones

Jones and I actually did three seperate ornaments as a craft project.  The first one was this baking soda dough.  jones absolutely loved doing these he wanted to put more and more beads into them.  Several of them cracked when drying but we still gave them away. 
We also made ornaments from Popsicle sticks.  He painted or colored them with markers.  Then we added sequins, and ribbon.  He loved doing the sequins and ended up adding many sequins to his belly.  
We also made a cutout ornament that was already to be decorated.  But I didn't photograph it before it was given away.  This was probably joness least favorite one to make it had foam stickers you added to it and he wanted to just stack them on top of each other.
Anyhow it was fun to make projects with jones and I was very impressed by his ability to get what I asked him to do. 

Christmas Cards

Considering this done.  I do have about 10 in my car that still need stamps and a few that need me to add to a little Christmas goodie package and get to the Post Office (which I am hoping I accomplish today.). But I did get them done.  I was hoping for a good "Christmassy" photo to use but then none of our random selfies seemed right so I needed up going with a photo from the fall that Amy took for us.  


Oh Santa

We had a practice run with Santa a few weeks ago.  We were at the Children's Museum with school and we visited the Jolly Days and there was NO line for Santa so we tried.  Jones watched him and they gave him jingle bells and he danced with them near Santa.  But he was skeptical. Immediately upon me dropping him on Santas lap jones was crying and screaming.  Obviously this makes we glad we didn't try first with the $30 mall Santa.  
We gave Jones a coupon in his advent calendar to go see Santa.  And we decided to go to the tree farm as they had a good Santa last year and the staff was very nice and line was null.  It was a good call.  The weather is extra warm right now so we even got to see and feed the animals.  I forgot to buy jones a Christmas outfit so he just wore overalls and a red shirt.
Basically immediately upon being put on Santas lap he wanted to be taken off.  But he didn't cry.  He refused to look at the camera.  But we'll take it.  Afterward he naturally wanted to point and look at Santa - go figure.
But he was fearless with the animals.  Even the pig that bit Daddy (the pig he called "moo").  He also liked watching the tractor take people to "the woods" to cut cut down their trees - next year when he can be trusted we'll get a real tree again.
We do want to give a shout out to Piney Acres Farm in Forteville.   The staff was excellent and it was a good time even without getting a tree.  We may return for pumpkins next year too.


it's beginning to look like Christmas

In addition to the advent calendar we have been decking the halls and getting ready for Christmas around here.   It's soooo much fun with a baby that sort of gets what's happening.
We made a gingerbread house.  Jones sort of got it he kept wanting to take candies off and lick the icing off.  So about 1/2 the candy that went on came back off.  But he is very excited about his house and will point it out to me.
We decided not to get a live tree for fear Jones will knock it over and spill the water on the floor.  He's very into climbing right now so climbing our Christmas tree isn't something we want to add.  I thought we had a 8 ft fake tree in the garage from the days when I put up fake trees - apparently at some point we got rid of it the box was completely empty.  But we found a random prelit 4 foot tree I have never seen before so thanks to the roommate that left this behind.  We put it up together over two days.  Jones ate every bit of it up.  He loved getting the boxes out, helping dad fluff the tree, putting on ornaments, the lights, adding the star.  He is very interested in the tree and has been taking off ornaments and pointing at it and showing it to visitors.  He also loves the giant ball we hang on the fan.


28 - Return Work Equipment

Did this the other day.  I have been meaning to unload this box of 6 yes 6 unused laptops and old software for at least 2 years.  Finally returned and just in time for equipment recycling at the office.  
Crossing rando things off my big list every day!



Ahhh November - I didn't do much better at remembering to put on my Fitbit or charge the thing but I did try and do more things and this resulted in more miles when I did have the thing on.  So in Novemeber I added 68 miles to the tally 663 (not including the last two days of November because Fitbit never sent me an email to add those to the tally).  Anyhow last month which is highly doubtful to add 300 miles to, but maybe 100? The weather is supposed to be nice and I have over a week off with Jonesy coming up.


Craft Project 3 - one hour basket

I swear I have done many craft projects this but somehow this is 3???  Anyhow in efforts to stick within our budget for Christmas I need to make some gifts.  I started these as a gift for jones's teachers at school.  I was thinking I could fill it with other handmade items like cookies, Carmel corn, ornaments by jones etc.  
I followed the pattern available for free on Craftsy.  It was a terrible mess!  Took me two hours I had to do seam ripping and I didn't use interfacing so it's floppy.  My next attempt I subbed in leftover batting for interfacing and didn't follow the directions instead I just did what I remembered working.  This second one is much better.  And it took like 45 minutes.  I need to make one more but I am now out of this leftover houndstooth and trying to decide if I cut into my fancy Japanese fabric or use some other duck cloth I have on hand that is a directional print???  Agh decisions.


Family Photos - November

Again in November I forgot about taking family photos but on Thanksgiving I grabbed my sister and gave her my phone.  We took these shots and which they aren't perfect I love it.  I am totally loving this project though and I think I may make yearly books from these and then next year as our family grows we can continue it with the new baby.  


17 Months

Again I was a little late taking these.  I've been picking Jones up from school and there's like 10 minutes of daylight left so it's hard to find a good wall in time.  I went with his school on a field trip so after yesterday's long nap I took him out to find a wall.  It was snowing but stopped before we took the photos.  This wall is in Fountain Square behind the Super Value thrift shop.  Anyhow a few things about month 17.
Dear Jonesy -
This month you weigh 26lbs.  
You discovered candy pretty much and now we are on the struggle bus to not let you see it at the store or anyplace because it makes you crazy.
You also love dipping sauces from soy sauce, to ketchup, to cheese you want to have dipping sauce whenever possible.
Your vocabulary has expanded dramatically I can hardly keep up with my list on the fridge but you are connecting words together and I find I can understand your jibber jabber.
Phrases you say "Bobbie at Home", "beed in the potty", "where's spot", "more wa", "more pehza", "more beans".  
We continue to work on potty training it you are scared to sit on many public toilets.
You often understand things I tell you like "we're going to the store", or "that's trash".  
It's great to be able to communicate with you more.
We started implementing timeouts when you do something you are not supposed to.  Not yet sure how successful this is.
Mommy likes watching you play pretend kitchen with bowls and spoons.
Mommy loves how you nuzzle your head in my neck and rub your hair on me when you are sleepy.
Mommy thinks it's so adorable how when you are in trouble you try to give me a kiss to make it better.  This is NOT good behavior.
Mommy likes playing cars or blocks with you.
Mommy thinks your more magical as your get older.
Daddy likes when you fall asleep on him.  
Daddy throws you up high in the air and you giggle so much.
Daddy loves the little sounds you make learn playing, eating and drinking.
Daddy likes catching you when you jump to him.
We are so excited to see what's next mister.
Lots of love, mommy


50 - Advent Calendar

I actually wanted to make an advent calendar last year but time got away.  But I got it done this year.  We opened the first two already.  Jones first reaction yesterday was "more". And he kept pointing to the calendar pouches which are hung in the living room.  
I made the pouches from felt and buttons.  They aren't sewn perfectly but they will be easy to replace if one goes missing or something.  They are all different sizes.  I hung them with ribbons and twine from my grandma's old stash. And I decided to hang them off of Dustin's old Hebron Walking Stick because let's be real he's not taking it walking in the woods.  I filled them all with little small toys and treats and some have cards in them that say things like "date with just daddy" or "make the gingerbread house" or "go pick out a Christmas tree".
So far they are a hit jones got a painting kit tonight and he is most impressed even not opening the paint part he's been fake painting Dustin's toes and the side of the sofa with the brushes.  


November Recap/December Hello

I set 5 little goals for November.  Sadly I didn't finish them.  But I feel pretty accomplished regardless.  
1. Blog Daily - I blogged 22 times not to shabby.
2. Make advent Calendar - finished I still need a few things to fill it then I will photograph later tonight. 
3. Childless date - done.
4. Random packages
5. Make pop tarts

Since I seemed to have some success with these things I felt like I need some December Goals too:
1. Make those pop tarts
2. Christmas craft with Jones
3. Work on Baby Thea's room
4. Send Christmas cards
5. Christmas activity with girl friends & silly Christmas Buns
6. Doughnut date
7. Add to my 1,000 gifts list.  
I am stopping at 7 although I easily wanted to add another 77!  Lol.


7:12 Sausage and Tortellini Soup

I usually make a chicken tortellini soup but we had sausage not chicken so I found another recipe.  We used this one from epicurious 
http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/italian-sausage-and-tortellini-soup-2537 we didn't have zucchini or red wine and used chicken broth.  But we liked the soup maybe more than our usual tortellini soup, but we like spicy chorizo.  Next time we will probably add more broth as well.