100 Days Project

You might recall last year I did the 100days project.  My project was saying "Yes". Which seems simple however when you have two tiny people and work full time sometimes yes is harder than it seems I think I got to 94 yeses - you can find them with hashtag 100yeses on instagram.  

This year I want to bring back this project and I haven't quite figured out what this is exactly yet?  
 + Do I incorporate my daily cartoons which I haven't done one since March 8?  
 + Do I do a quilting project? 
 + What about something with the kids?
 + Or art journaling? 
 + Or writing down stories from my kids? 
 So many questions how will I narrow it down??
I am pretty sure I need a project vague enough that I do it but specific enough that I want to finish all 100 days.  
April 4th is coming time to figure it out. 

39 - Take Babies to Parade

I took off St Patrick's day to take the kids to the parade.  It was rainy and chilly so I bundled them up, our green on the bottom as we have no green outerwear. And we picked up Kathleen and met Lynley and Graham. We got there right at the start because of the weather there were less people there.  The rain held off.  Jones was especially excited by the motorcycles, bands and all the candy.  Thea was very memorized as well, she kept clapping and waving.  After a while she wanted to get up and go out into the parade.  

After the parade Jones couldn't quit talking about it.  Still today he keeps asking me when's the next parade, can daddy come to the next parade, and Will the motorcycles be in the parade.  It's so cute, totally worth the cold. 


Tuesday 10 - SPRING!

1. IMQG - like 7 years ago some of my crafty friends and I started this thing called Indy Modern Quilt Guild.   Seriously I love this group.  It's inspiring, it's friendships, it's creative, it's giving, it's everything.
2. Richard Simmons Missing - yep another podcast.  This one I gobbled up so fast.  I look forward to the final episode this week.  Kathleen and I have only discussed it like 10 times in the last few weeks. 
3. fried Rice - this one is entirely made from leftovers and so good
4. Hexies - started a new project this weekend it's like a million hexagons, hand pieced.  This is so not my usual thing but I am totally digging it. 

5.  9 Lives Cat Cafe - when looking for an indoor activity while it was sooo cold outside we discovered the Cat Cafe near us and took our kids. Surprisingly it's so popular you need a reservation so we went to goodwill while we waited but the kids loved it.  It was a good exposure to cats without actually having a cat. 

6. Conversations with Jones - he's such a character he always asks me about my day.  And what I am doing, it's so cute to see him learn. 
7.  Hammy Downs - as a kid I hated never getting new things but recently one of our friends hooked us up with like 150 summer clothes for the kids and this will save us sooo much money as Jones is growing too tall for his 2Ts and Thea has only warmer things, and I am finding it's more and more difficult to get nice things at the thrift store.

8. Thea's wave - she waves like a princess except she twists her hand too.  Too adorable 
9. Almost being finished with my taxes. 
10. Black Leggings (ps I totally think they are pants.)


30 - Ceramics Groupon Used

There's this super cute ceramics studio right near us.  And they offered a Groupon last year and we bought a class for two to go make something.  Kathleen and I took a Saturday and went to make pottery.  It was fun we are planning to go back maybe once a month and throw on the wheel and glaze our pots as well.  The price without the Groupon was super reasonable, the Groupon just made it more reasonable.   


Tuesday 10 - Bringing it Back

Bringing back my Tuesday 10, because I want to make more of a continual effort to blog.  So with that here goes...
1. Meal Prep - in the last week several we have eaten meals I froze a few weeks back when I made two of the same meal and froze it.  This is so amazing. Dinner was cooked eaten and served by 6:30 last night and cleanup was so easy. If you have ideas for more of this please share. 

2. Pod Save America - this is one of my favorite podcasts.  

3. Panda Toms - I might need to buy some for the whole family.  
4. Kix Cereal - this is my preferred breakfast these days.

5. Toddlers Puddle Jumping - so good

6. How to Be Amazing - yup another Podcast I used to find Michael Ian Black annoying but I rather like this podcast.  I especially liked Tim Gunn and Lin Manual Miranda.  I also plan to ask people the five questions in social settings.  

7. Big Bows - seriously I think this is why I needed a daughter so I could buy up all the giant bows to put on her.
8. One Second Everyday App - seriously this is my favorite ongoing project I love this app.

9.  IMQG Kids - I love these ladies and their babies.  So neat to see them growing up.   

10. Mini Vans - for my birthday last year we got a mini van and I am total convert.  Even though with two kids we could totally have a sedan I love the ease of my van.  And the latest one has heated seat, a fancy DVD, and built in GPS.  


17 - Randy's Quilt

Sometime last year I cut all my fabric scraps smaller than a fat quarter into either charm squares or strips.  Varying sizes. Anything that didn't make the cut I put into a bag and gave it away.  It was soooo liberating it freed up a bunch of space in my drawers and it also created a stash of fabrics I could easily put into projects.  The first project that I used these scraps for was Randy's baby quilt.  Randy is the son of my friend Jackie from Boston (who now resides in NY).  He's a super cutie (see photo). 
Anyhow for this quilt I just grabbed strips at random from the bin and sewed them into the top.  Sort of jelly roll-esque it went super fast.  The top was pieced with some kiddish scraps from my quilty friends and some other stash stuff.  I quilted it with wavy freehanded lines.  Binding and done.  I always love these super scrappy quilts.   


9 - Theas Party

A party for Thea's birthday.  Finding a location for a party when your baby turns one and your house is too small without being outside is challenging.  We ended up using the Donatos party room which was perfect.  I loosely had a cats partying theme.  Made her a cat cake.  And tossed together a photo booth.  Of course I was running late to set up but it came together Thea and Jones enjoyed themselves.  We had cake, presents and photo booth.  
We got her a chair like Jones's and a bike because she wanted to ride his when he was riding it.  Thanks to everyone who came.  


2 - Tarkington Park

Tarkington Park was on my list since they re-did it.  And oh boy what a fun place.  Both Jones and Thea loved this park both the old playground and the new.  Fun items for any age.  And unique playground items - funky spiderwebs, cool climbing towers, porch swings, and merrygorounds. And my most favorite moment was Jones saw boys about 8 playing basketball, and he asked me if he could go play too.  I told him he could ask the boys to see if they would let him play.  They agreed.  And he ran around guarding (chasing) them and few times they gave him the ball and he passed, dribbled or took a long shot.  They were sooo gracious to him, he loved it.  When I asked him to come away so they could resume playing more aggressive.  He asked me if next time we could bring our own ball - I assured him we would.   Anyhow I would totally recommend this park it's cool.

Theaburf One Year

Thea Lady
Here we are at one.  We've now been completely around the sun one time.  What a year it's been.  We started out so fast and so good.  And then you were a screamer.  You spent sooooo much time crying.  You wanted to eat all the time.  But what a good eater you were.  And then we started having you play and be distracted and we discovered you needed new scenario, stimulation, interactivity - and you stopped screaming.  You matured fast crawling and walking so early.  You developed a little sass and spunk.  You are soooo smart.  Such a thinker.  Fine motor skills so refined.  Just a big personality in a tiny little body.
You finally got back on the growth charts.  You are 20 lbs and 29.5 inches tall.  You are transitioning to whole milk and eating only solid foods.  You can sign, more, eat, yes, no, milk, and all done.  You say - mama, dada, dog, done, bottle, bebe, bye bye, bath, hi, yes, no.
Your hair is growing in and we can't decide if it will be blonde or red.  You have 4.5 teeth.
You love to mimic jones.  You climb.  You dance.  You clap. You like to play dress up, kitchen, blocks, and basketball.  
You like to wear shoes.  You can still wear 6 month clothes.  You put on hairbows. You take off hairbows. You try to put on your jackets.  
You seem to understand me and give me responses when I say something like let's go! Or bathtime.  You give me hugs and kisses all on your own.  You run with joy when I get you from school.  
We are so glad you joined our family girl.  
Love mama