4 Things that make a perfect Saturday!

This would be better with pictures but I'm not really wanting to remember where I put my purse when I came home.

  1. Spending the morning with 6 of my favorite people.
  2. Lunchs with Jayster
  3. Naps
  4. Knowing that I won't have to get on a plane for 2 whole weeks!


I was tagged like a week ago

What was I doing 10 years ago?
just graduated from high school and I was working at LB as a line cook I think at that time maybe I was still a waitress I don't recall. I was spending a lot of time at the lake or camping I think.

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:
1. Twizzlers
2. Gummy Bears
3. Pretzels
4. Popcorn
5. hot dogs

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:
1. Most of the above
2. Apples
3. Peanuts
4. Fruit snacks
5. water

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Travel
2. Do charity work
3. Have a house with a LARGE craft room
4. Have a housekeeper
5. More Travel

Five jobs that I have had:
1. Instructional Designer
2. Graphic Designer
3. Desktop Publisher
4. Cook
5. Waitress

Five of my habits:
1. Messes
2. pressing buttons (the real kind)
3. Instant messaging chat
4. blogging
5. leaving 1/2 drunk water bottles everywhere

Five places I have lived:
1. Beech Grove
2. Indianapolis
3. Liberty
4. Oxford
5. Omaha

Five people we should all get to know better: (A nice way of saying TAG!)
gosh I don't know everyone's already been tagged how about five people who read this and want to respond?


Back to Boston!

Well I'm back in Boston. I had a most fabulous time in Minneapolis/Stillwater - Betsy and Shell are super great hostesses thanks for having us out. I am having a heck of a time uploading photos to my I'm running out of space (yikes). But I did get a few up before the error messages I will try again tomorrow.
I took a whole series of these and doesn't mimi look nice and cute and karen and I are goofs?
again shell and her cuteness and Karen and I being silly.
Betsy got into the silliness but she looks slightly scared.
Minneapolis light rail. I totally want Indy to get one. It's super nice.
Betsy's daughter Cassie who is super well-behaved and easy going. And her other one Katie who looks and dresses like a doll (she even acts like one too).
Trees in Minnesota reminds me of Michigan only shorter.
Stillwater downtown.


Greetings from Minneapolis!

I haven't taken many photos (too many cameras here). But we are enjoying ourselves here's a few pics.
Walker Sculpture Garden isn't this a cool spoon?

And more sculpture garden. I love the timer.
And the Mall of America - while it's big it just doesn't seem "that" big.
Again with MOA. L to R Jackie, me, Laurie, Karen.


Scenes from a grocery store...

Jay: puts some chicken in the cart.
Me: oh we are having chicken for dinner.
Jay: puts some ribeye steak in the cart.
Me: oh we're having steak.
Jay: puts some sirlion in the cart.
Me: "You planning on making some steak?"
Jay: "Perhaps" he says as he puts some bratwaust into the cart.
Me: look around the meat department getting bored.
Jay: "Ahhh! Ground Turkey sausage is on sale!" adding some to the card.
Me: "yay" secretly wondering when we are going to cook all this meat.
Jay: grabs some bacon and lunchmeat.
Me: "Do you think we have enough meat?" Who has started blogging this on my BB while waiting on him to finish meat shopping "What are we going to eat with all this meat?"
Jay: "I didn't get any hot dogs yet"
Me: "perhaps we need something other than ceral and carrots to go with the meat"
Jay: "I'm going to get cheese"
Me: "who doesn't love a fridge full of meat and cheese. Can we look at something else now? Or do we need more meat?"
Jay: "Yes let's get sorbet."
Me: "okay good" just glad to get out of the meat department. And seriously wondering if Jay plans to eat all his meat.
10 minutes later we check out and we have purchased 15 meat products, Life Ceral, Tide, Cheese 2 kinds, toothpaste, Carrots, Corn on the Cob, bread, corn dogs, and orange sorbet. I think when I'm gone this next week Jay is planning to start the atkins diet. lol


Weekly 4 - Fun Handmade Books

All week long I've been trying to think of what 4 things I would post on my blog. Of course I pretty much had nothing except I wanted to share pictures of something. Well then I was looking at something on esty and I discovered #1 below and it reminded me of #2-4 that
I had bookmarked way back when - so now I'm making my very own random paper book I even found some fun supplies for it at goodwill today :D, without further ado I will quit rambling and get on with the list...

1. Jamcia Edgell's Book - she sells them on esty click link to see more.

2. Emily Falconbridge's Book - read more about it here.

3. Ambers - see more here.

4. Jen Renee's - see more of it here.
I can't wait to work on mine although first I am planning to clean off my table.


Congrats Paultz & Renee!

Sorry we missed the wedding.

Weekly 4

I'm a little late with the weekly 4. But some happening here seem to be perfect song titles for my rock band...
  1. Ruby Stilettos Toe Nail Polish
  2. Freon Kills Grass
  3. Road Closed High Water
  4. Tiger Print Fruit Bowls in Bachelor Pads

I could explain these further but I'm just too sleepy.


"The Skies are Right for tornadoes tonight"

That's going to be my first hit single by my band Earthquakes in Indiana. The truth is tonight they are right they have this greenness and whispy like clouds and the air is so thick with humidity I can cut it with a knife (more good lines for our song). Anyhow just sitting here thinking aboug the skies.
Oh and because Jodie loves a pic, last weekend I finished my fused plastic project here's the final results. The other one is very similar only in Bed Bath and Beyond/Old Navy and DSW bags (Jay likes it better probably because it's slightly more manley).


Tuesday morning avoiding the traffic ramblings

Okay so instead of blogging I should be fighting the traffic on 93 but I'm not feeling it yet. Ha! It's going to be a supa fun week here, in spite of being in a marriott hotel that you can hear your neighbors every move and the wifi connection sucks. My dad is in New England working so we are going to get together for supper, my friend Ed is in Hartford so we are also going to get together and if you know Ed you know he's supa fun! And if I'm lucky I might get to see my friend Gregg too. My blackberry phone (or raspberry as jay calls it) was delivered in Indiana yesterday after 8 weeks of weird approval processing and whatnot so hopefully we'll have less dropped calls and better service (sorry mom it's AT&T not verizon). Oh and to top it all off I won $5 in the lotto (Kim perhaps that wasn't exactly what the helicopter dream was).
Good times. more soon.


Craftfest Projects!

A few things I was working on yesterday and last night. I'll share whole projects later as some things are not finished.
A snap of my owl/bird mobile. I'll share the whole thing once I hang in up in my window of my craftroom. One of the many cards I made yesterday.
fused plastic tote bags. They need handles but I'm out of thick enough thread.
Target sacks are the best for this kind of project.
A few other projects in the works but since they are gifts I can't be sharing them.