34 - Block of the Month with Thea June

I am waaaay behind with these but tonight after finishing another project I tackled the June block. It took way longer than it should have.  But now I have 4/12 done.  I have been only swapping out one print for another but I really wanted to use rhinos and deer even just a smidge. 


First Day of School

Jonesy had his first day of preschool yesterday.  I was way more nervous then him.  He ran right in to play.   He didn't even want to give me a hug bye bye that first day.   Even though he's only one he's going to a daycare that has a curriculum for his age group too so we call it preschool (tectonically they do to).  
He already is having fun he wants to show me all the toys when I come pick him up.  And Silly Safari was there and now he can say "owl" and hoot like an owl.  
It's so weird for me not having him here to have lunch with or to see on breaks.  But honestly it's good too because it's quieter and I don't have to worry if he will beat on the door while I am on a call.  
Anyhow here's to hoping this continues to be a good experience for him.

Book 51 - The Dirty Life - Kristin Kimball

I think last time I said I love memoirs so it makes sense that the next book in queue was also a memoir.  Book 51 was "The Dirty Life" by Kristin Kimball and i loved it. I don't usually say that about books but this was a good one.  I actually read an excerpt from this book years ago on a plane and forgot about that until it came up in the book. Anyhow the book is a lot about farming which isn't really my jam, but I do have secret desires to want to have my own garden if I really had any clue what to do with it!  Anyhow i recommend this book and look forward to reading her next one.  And with that I am onto book 52 which is the last in my quest to read 52 books. 


Week in The Life - Sunday

Sunday I was over this project.
We woke up around 8 to Jones banging on the side of his crib.
I got up got him changed.
We fixed eggs for breakfast.
I got him dressed.  
We played trucks and blocks.
I got daddy up so I could shower.
I shower and he showers.
I pack a church bag.
We go to church.
The message was very good about wisdom and following Jesus even if the path is not easy.
We came home fixed lunch.
We take Dustin to a job so we can have the car.
Jones is asleep.
I go to a quilt guild meeting (big turnout).
I dropped jones off with Kathleen first.
I pick him up.
He has had the best time playing with Auntie Kathleen.
He falls asleep on the drive home as I chat with Aunt Thea.
We get home daddy has fixed chili for supper.

Jonesy doesn't want chili except beans and also gets a hot dog.
We play for a while.
Jones tried to impress me with his climbing (I am not a fan).
We go for a walk in the windy evening.
Jones loves the wind in his face.
We come back and give him a bath.
Then it's bedtime (first day of school tomorrow).
I clean up the kitchen fold laundry and start a load of diapers.
Then I sit down for a glass of water and fall asleep on the couch.
I wake up around 10, and Dustin is making popcorn jones has woken up and is also on the other couch.
We watch some terrible show Mountain Men.  
Around 11 Dustin puts jones in his crib and I go to bed myself.
I read the bible for a little bit then turn in.
Dustin is packing for his work trip and joins me after I am already asleep.
And like that a week ends and a new one begins.


Week in the Life - Saturday

Saturday Jones was in our bed he's getting molars and has been waking up.
He woke me up around 8.
We got up and ate breakfast although I don't remember what.
We read books.
Jones brought me his shoes after he got dressed to go "bye bye".
I woke dad up.
Jones and I watched the firetrucks and listened to music.
I took a shower then Dustin did.
Jones knocked on my door the whole time.
We went to the fair.
I want to remember how jones was so brave to touch the snake he reached right to it.
I want to remember how he didn't want to eat the batter of the fried cheese only the cheese.
I want to remember how he spilled his cup of water all down the front of himself.
I want to remember how he really enjoyed petting sheep and horses.  And he squealed wth delight.
I want to remember how our pulled pork sandwich was delicious.
I want to remember how the weather could not have been more perfect for the fair.
It was good times.
We also saw Tisha, rob and porter at the fair.
After the fair we all took naps on the sofa.
Dad went to quote a job.
We ordered pizza for dinner and auntie Kathleen came over to join us.
We put jones to bed after a bath.
Then did a puzzle.
Kathleen snapped the last photo of me ms the puzzle I failed at taking pictures in the evening.


Week in the Life - Friday

Friday we got up before the alarm.
I changed Jones and he requested to eat.
We ate cereal and jones also had yogurt.
I started working.
Jones wanted to read books on my lap.
So we woke daddy up.
It took us three times.
I went to work at my desk and the boys hung out.
Around noon Dustin went to have lunch with a friend.
Jones was napping but woke up probably 10 minutes later.
He and I went to subway for lunch walking for exercise.
We split a chicken sub.
For the record jones doesn't want to eat bread.
We walked home.
Dad resumed watching jones and I went back to work. 
I worked until about 2:30.
We then went to target to get jones new things for school.  ( he starts school Monday.)
We bought him two new outfit both pairs of shorts on clearance.  
A case of diapers and wipes for school.  The school says they allow cloth diapers but I am planning to introduce those later.
We also got a few other things.
We came home unloaded stuff.
Met friends for meatballs at Mimi Blue which by the way is totally the meatball shop. 
I enjoyed my meatballs in garlic sauce and jones enjoyed the spaghetti noddles and his strawberries. 
Dustin got the special pizza meatballs and mashed potatoes.  He said mine was better
We also splurged on dessert.  
Mine was excellent almost a blondie with the sauce.
Jones enjoyed the cookie part.
We came home instead of walking around because jones was exhausted.
We gave him a bath and put him to bed.
I relaxed on the couch and read my book.
I fell asleep myself.
I did wake up around 9:30 and folded a load of laundry and then resumed reading.
Dustin watched tv.
Eventually I finished my book and went to bed around midnight.
Ps The Dirty Life was good.
Dustin stayed up and later jones woke up (he's getting molars and has been waking up occasionally).
They both came to bed with me.


Week in the Life - Thursday

Thursday Jones woke me up.
I changed his diaper and put his bottle in the sink.
I started work while he hid things in the sofa.
We tried to wake dad up.  
I made us breakfast of eggs and cheese.
After breakfast jones played by himself.
Part of his playing was taking all the recycling from the bin that doesn't lock and putting it by the door and declaring bye bye.
I took this as it was time to take things to the recycling center.
He also put toys in an egg carton he found.
Around 9 we attempted to wake dad up again.
He woke up and moved to the sofa.
I got jones dressed.  
I bagged up the recycling so it could go out.
Jones pulled the diaper box out and proceeded to put his head in it.
Jones engaged dad into reading him books and I returned to work.
Jones ate cheese and sausage and crackers and pineapple for lunch around 11.
He mostly are the pineapple.
He took a nap after lunch.
Dad showered.
I took a work break and made Popsicles.
Pineapple and cherry Popsicles.
I returned to work.
I worked until around 5:30.
Jones and Dustin took the recycling and ran to the post office.
Dustin fixed supper while jones and I colored with watercolor pencils. (See clown above).
We also face timed grandma.
We had supper.  
Then jones and I played with his blocks and toys.  
And we went for a short walk jones was super cranky.
I gave him a bath and then put him to bed.
I basted the half square triangle quilt.
I trimmed the quilt.
I looked up crockpot recipes on Pinterest (I need to work on my recipes for my list).
I read the bible and then went to bed.  
Dustin joined me as he had a headache.


14 Months

Jonesy - 
You are growing up so fast little guy.
I love when you dance.
I love how you get so excited about things.
I think it's so adoreable how you ask to go bye and find your shoes.
This month you learned to blow kisses, make fishy face, and point.
You have been enjoying fruit and cheese and ketchup.
You often don't want to eat carbs.
You like to open drawers - newly you like the freezer.  
You are very happy.
You run instead of walking.  
You find joy in the tiniest things like a straw or a bucket.
You learned to gobble and now I find you gobbling while in the bath, when playing blocks - all the time.
You smile when you see us in the mirror together.
You often speak gibberish to me I don't understand.
You give me kisses by putting you nose on my nose then leaning in its priceless.
New words include - No No, Max, Bite, Lita (Eita), Baby (Baby), and mine.
You know animal noises like dogs, cats, turkeys, cows, bears, seals.
You make a siren noise when you hear a fire truck, ambulance or police car. 
Daddy thinks you are so grown up.
Daddy loves pushing you in the stroller.
Daddy likes you to sleep on his chest.
Daddy likes to play a sneak up on mommy game you pretend sneak but are soooo loud I hear you coming before you get in the room.
I love you baby boy. 
Love mommy

Week in the Life -Wednesday

Dustin left for work at 5 as they were traveling to Tennessee.
I got up and started checking emails.
Jones woke up around 7:30.
I changed him and dressed him.
I started a load of laundry.
We ate together.
Cereal and Blueberries.
Jones then played try and hide under the playmat for a while (see above).
I went back to work.
At 8:30 Julie came to watch jones.
They decide to go "bye bye" for a bike ride.
I have an online class I am teaching.
Julie leaves around 11.
I feed jones chicken nuggets and leftover mac and cheese and blueberries.
He is fussy.
After lunch I put him down for a nap.
I return to work.
I have cottage cheese, apples and leftover potato for lunch.  
I do a working lunch as this might be our only naptime.
I notice Jones has hung this Woody toy up in the basketball hoop. (Ps this you is a remnant of a friends child left a long time back and jones found it in the garage toys).
I can't help but wonder if he is anti-Disney like me.
Jones sleeps until 2:30 which is great for me as I can be super protective.
He gets up I change him and he plays blocks and I return to work.
Auntie Kathleen comes by with slushies around 3.
We hang out until about 6 and she leaves.  
then I fix leftover chicken and new broccoli for supper.  
Jones has chicken and grapes and raspberries.  
Dustin is still gone.
Jones and I go to take his 14 months pictures at a wall.  
He falls asleep this one nap thing is a struggle still, but next week he goes to preschool.  
I decide on the wall of Jacks a Super Bowl mural.  
I wake him up. 
We snap photos.  
He is uber cranky and wants me to stand with him at the wall, but I take his photo anyhow.  
I cannot believe he's 14 months already.  
The whole event takes 15 minutes we walk over to the library afterward.  
It's closing - sad day. 
Back home it's bath and bed time for mr. Cranky pants.
We do read a few books first he always picks the dog barking book.  
He goes right to sleep since it's about 8:30.
I work on sewing projects.  
I finish the quilt back for my half square triangles and three more low volume charity blocks. 
Sometime around 9:30 Dustin gets home.  
He forgets his phone in his bosses truck and needs to go pick it up.
I read my bible proverbs 3.
Shower then bed. 
Dustin stays up past me and I am fast asleep when he comes in.