Round Robin Last One

This is our last round of round robin.  I had Chris's.  Hers like mine started black and white only hers had a touch of red.  I was entirely unsure what to do for hers (as usual). I have been wanting to make some wonky stars and so I started out doing that.  Well lets just say I ended up making wonky 1/2 stars so I joined them into what looked like a wonky "pow" from a cartoon.  It was not what I intended but its due tomorrow.  She also wanted us to  add a sash between the strips so I had to piece one as the black was gone and I didn't have any in my stash.  
Next time I make wonky stars I think I will try much larger ones these were too small for me. This is our last round of round robin and I am kind of glad because I want to work on the eight other projects I have going.


The Highline

I saw a documentary on the highline several years back.  Then forgot about it. For over a year now I have been working in manhattan and I have been thinking I should go visit the highline.  Well for one reason or another I never went.  With my days in manhattan dwindling and the other Boros calling my name it was time. 
The highline for those of you who don't know was a rail line that brought freight thru manhattan from 1930 to like 1950.  It originally was built because 10th Ave was the "death ave". People were getting killed by trains running on the street level.  Thus the highline was built.  It was later abandoned leaving an elevated eye sore.  
But in the 80s someone had a genius idea to make it into a beautiful park.   Talk about massive repurposing.  
I loved the idea before I ever saw it.  I wish I had ideas and genius like that. 
Anyhow it runs from like 14th to 34th along 10th Ave.  and it's literally an elevated park on the rail tracks. It's beautiful and interesting and as a history lover I love the historical side too.  There are sculptures along it as we'll and viewing decks and lovely gardens. Anyhow I am sad I waited this long for a free spot this is one of my favorite NYC spots.


Another week down.  Nothing terribly interesting happened this week.  NYC working all week, a quick trip to Springfield and 1 whole day at home.  The pictures reflect this lack of excitement seven weeks until I wrap phase one of this project and I can't wait.
Monday - moccasins on a plane
Tuesday - swimming pool
Wednesday - San Gennaro with my coworkers.  I so love rainbow cookies
Thursday - waiting for airplane
Friday - Japanese with our Chinese
Saturday - Clayville festival with baseball
Sunday - wizard of Oz in 3D with Kathleen


West Baden Springs

I have been wanting to go and stay at the West Baden Springs Resort for several years.  Well Dustin and I went this week but we didn't stay.  Instead he played baseball with the Blues in the front lawn.  He also played with the White River BBC and the Batesville Lumbermen.  Anyhow back to the resort - it was beautiful.  I found it hard hard to capture the amazing architecture and history within the place on camera (my lens wasn't wide enough). but I did still try.  
The Resort originally looked like this.  
It looks like a massive castle.  Those tiny trees are now huge.  It look like this today. 
There wee many "springs" and spas back in the day and many people vacationed here.  When the resort was restored it took almost as long to build it, probably due to lack of money. In the center of the building is this huge dome room.  Around it are the many hotel rooms each with a balcony looking in. 
In panoramic form, it looks less like circle and more swirl. 
The bathrooms also impressive with lovely hexagon tiles and the worlds best paper towels.

Anyhow next time I hope to stay at the resort and get to see guest rooms and the spa.  
Thanks to West Baden springs for having the tournament for the Blues to win and me to finally visit.  


Book 23 - feast of crows

So I finished the next book in the game of thrones series "feast of crows" by george r r martin.  so far this one was my least favorite most of my favorite characters weren't hardly in the book.  It was hard to follow and very depressing.  Still it's very well written and as usual there were some surprises. And now I need to read the next one too.  But I want to finish one of my other summer reading books first.


Last week was more work then a trip to west baden for baseball.  It was a blur of a week.  i missed my first day photo too on monday, but alas i continue anyhow.

Monday - fist day I missed
Tuesday - welcome gift
Wednesday - September 11 Times Square
Thursday - nail polish shopping
Friday - someone's getting married.
Saturday - west baden springs
Sunday - cheeseburger pizza homemade and delicious.


We went to Octoberfest over the weekend.  Having previously been to Octoberfest Cincinnati I thought it might be a little larger with more to do and see.  
Sadly Indys Octoberfest was tiny little more than a handful of beer tents and food vendors,  just a few little shops.  And everything was so expensive!  There was some polka music though and a the worlds scariest Ferris wheel.  A Ferris wheel that was run by a drunk man that never seemed to end and was kind of rickety but we lived, it does join the South Dakota ferris for sketchiest ride. Anyhow it was a fun double date with Lynley and John. 




Last week was almost a blur I worked late every night and the weekend was consumed with the Purdue game and cooking for church then German fest.
Monday - swings at cultured swirl a cool new spot in fountain square 
Tuesday - blurry photos of the city
Wednesday - I went to the container store and bought nothing.
Thursday - we ate chickpea for lunch
Friday - leaving the city.
Saturday - Purdue game with the Hawkeyes 
Sunday - German Fest scariest Ferris wheel yet.