Project Life - Update

I continue to work in documenting my life via project life.  I'm oh easily 20 or so weeks behind but I did get organized so I can catch up.  Even being behind I'm still liking this project.  It's a good reminder of all that things that happen both "everyday" and special day around here.  It's also a fun way to be creative.  Here are a few snaps from some of the weeks I did I skipped over a big chunk of spring to dive into summer happenings. 



5 Weeks Down...

I feel like I'm horribly neglecting my blog.  I love blogging and I have been trying to find the time to actually blog.  However I'm not making excuses I should have blogged earlier this week but didn't.  
I did do some awesome things recently like...
Ride the Ferry.
Shop at the world's largest store.
See the Statue of Liberty.
Eat at Shake Shack.
Visit Central Park.
Go to the top of the empire state building.
Stay in Times Square.
Have breakfasts with awesome views.
Shop in letterpress stores. 
Eat in hipster places.
Discover art in subways, alleys, streets and other odd places.

Wear a dress that matches the carpet. 
Find myself in sketchy parts of down.
Eat a Vietnamese sandwich. 
Buy a new sketchbook. 
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.
Drive over two other bridges.
Learn about car services.
Go to the San Gennaro Festival.
Find some big things.
Talk about Seinfeld.
Walk walk walk walk around the big apple.
After 5 weeks - I feel a little less lost.  I navigate the trains better. I'm still trying to find my groove with this new assignment.  It's not even the work - I get this work.  I like it. They like me too.  But sometimes I find that I'm struggling to be grateful.  To be content.  To just be.   Enough whining though more exciting posts are coming as I'm on the verge of finishing a quilt this week among other things.



The Summer Manifesto - Goodbye summer.

Fall is pretty much here my fall allergies are attacking.  I need to dig out the sweaters and work on packing socks for work so it's time for a recap of summer goals.  Back in June I set forth on my Summer Manifesto. My goals were simply:
  • Waste Less
  • Get Crafty
  • Ride Bikes
  • Work on "da list"
  • Be Intentional
  • Celebrate the Simple Things
  • Run 100 Miles
  • Be Zealous for Christ
Any while I can't exactly say I accomplished all of these with leaps and bounds however with the exception of running 100 miles I did accomplish each of these to some degree and considering how busy this summer was I will take that!  I haven't quite decided what I want to put on my fall list because this fall will be equally if not as busy as the summer, but it should probably have something to work toward so watch for that.

Dear Jackie and Lisa - Book 10

Someone should tell me to give up on this 52 books goal. There are just over three months left this year and I haven't even made it 1/2 way to my goal. Clearly I'm not a reader.  But still I truck along.  I finished up a iBook that I read on my phone recently.  I don't necessarily recommend reading this way nor do I recommend the book - This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald.  It was free and it's by an author of classical books on those lists and such.  And somehow it got downloaded to my phone so I read it.  Much of the book with it's odd poetry and jumping around made me want to just give up and never finish it.  But for whatever reason when I was bored on a plane or a train or wherever I kept reading it.  It wasn't horrible but it definitely wasn't my cup of tea.  I think my favorite part of the book was the quotes in the beginning - "Well this side of Paradise... There's little comfort in the wise" - Rupert Brooke  and "Experience is the name so many people give to their mistakes" - Oscar Wilde - perhaps I should read their books instead??  Read it if you like however I say find something more interesting.  
Anyhow that puts me into double digits with my reading for 2012 so I'm pretty excited about that.
Happy Reading!


That One Time We Went Ziplining

 So like back in May I bought this groupon to go zipline.  My intent was to get a big crew of friends together and go - well I was the ONLY one who bought one so we never went ziplining this summer.  But when I noticed it was expiring and suddenly my Saturday was free we capitalized on this adventure, just Dust and I.  It's was about 2 hours away near French Lick at a place called Lark Valley Ziplines.  It was a perfect day for ziplining (although maybe a little warm when you factor in all my nervous sweating).  We got there early afternoon just before a giant party of people.  They strap you into some harnesses - I'm terrified of heights so naturally I checked the clips and snaps like 100 times before we left the barn. 
 Dust however was all sorts of gungho.  As we boarded a tractor headed for the zip trail I had second thoughts I'm pretty sure my lunch was turning summersaults in my stomach.  We got a mini lesson and then started zipping.  Dust of course went first the majority of the time and went let go of the bar and twisted every which way.  I am pretty sure I just had mini panic attacks walking up the platform steps at each zip line. I thought it would get easier as we went but each time I was just as nervous if not more.  The funny thing is that it's totally safe and I felt totally safe mid-zip but still that fear of falling kicked in each time especially on the last zip which is 1,000 feet long and over a lake oh and included a drop from like a 3 story platform.  UGH!  I almost didn't do it I was so panicked but I did and I enjoyed myself for the most part.  Here's to crossing something off my list that terrifies me. 



Best of Life Videos - July 2012

It's ever so hard to trim these to fit into 3-6 minutes.  I cut out a lot of photos and even some crappy videos that really didn't add any value.  I think in October I'm going to resume only using video clips and make a special point to take more video.  I had trouble picking a song.  July was such a fun month - I spent about two weeks on the road out west and then several days on mini family vacation.  It was a month of extreme heat and flew by in a blink, so many moments in July I want to remember.  In July I don't recall listening to any special songs really so I wanted something summerish but then everything summerish seemed "sexual" so I ended up going with Chicago's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is" because well Chicago is very summery and it just struck my fancy in that moment - I do so love bands with some real music to them.  

  Hopefully this works.  I keep getting "crash reports" in the preview.  The youtube link is here. picasa

Airport Ramblings

I keep meaning to blog all week. I even logged in three times but never did it. So while I have some spare time (my flight is delayed). I thought I would start a post fill you in on life. I was going to just make this a to do list but we may go zip line tomorrow so that list will NOT get done. Imagine that. A few updates: 

  • No Sugar No Breads - I finished 13 of the 14 day cleanse cheating I think four times. Ultimately I gave up because it didn't make me feel any better ever the pro-biotic pills didn't help. I still don't feel great but I am not convinced that was the right diagnose. I made a doctor appointment for my next week at home and we'll see what they say. In the meantime hopping between Indy and NYC isn't making it better. The air quality in NYC is horrible in the subway an with all the window A/C so that adds an interesting dynamic. 
  • Running - I took my shoes out of my suitcase and took them to a running path the other night but I only ran about 1/2 a mile an was hacking up a lung. Previously mentioned congestion not really helping this goal. I think as of today I am at 190 miles! Behind behind. 
  • My summer goals - I need to do an official recap soon but I did well for the most part on them. I want to set some for the rest of the year too been thinking about that recently. Books - what can I say? I don't like to read. I renewed my library card with the intent on "checking" out audio e-books. I haven't checked out one. I did resume reading two other books though. I think I will be lucky to hit 20 books this year. 
  • My NYC Attitude - it still needs some readjustment Sundays/Mondays are the worst. I noticed this week part of my problem is a "loneliness" factor and not having a good set of friends established in NYC. This week I tried to combat this with attempting to meet new people and going new places. I found that many people wouldn't look me in the eye Or really just were not interested in talking. In the meantime I saw some new areas of the city and I got out my comfort zon. I think next week I may find a class I can take maybe yoga or some kind of crafting. I also am planning to get in touch with the city mission as its right near the office.
That's all my rambling for today. Onward and upward! (hopefully that means take off!))


Observations in Manhattan

Several things I've noticed since I've been in Manhattan working and playing...
Women are wearing ridiculous pants.
There is a lack of children.  Not entirely but for the most part.
There isn't a shortage of Asian men wanting to sell me fake bags.
Nor one of African men want to sell me watches.
Taxes are high.
People walk fast.
Subways smell of sweat + dirt.
Everyone seems to be either a hipster, a yuppie, or from some other country.
Not everything is really open all night - the city does sleep.
My cell phone doesn't have great reception which can't be from a lack of towers.
There is no shortage of pizza places.
Or hot dog vendors.
You can relate almost everything to a Seinfeld episode.
I {heart} NY shirts can be acquired for anywhere from $3 to 30.
My gps does lie.
Humidity does NOT make for a good business dress code.

When I want a cab there isn't one.  
When I don't there's 200.
I don't look before crossing.
Fountain sodas are almost non-existent.

Photos were all taken in the last few days of my trip.  It's been an interesting week. 


Ohio "Paper" Cup Winners

 For Labor Day Rooster and I went to Ohio for the the Ohio Cup Baseball Tournament. We first stopped off to have dinner with an old friend of his who's getting his life together and is a little rough around the edges.  His friend was tickled to be eating at Crackerbarrel with friends - it was not something he had done before.  But I'm so glad we did it because I think it made his day - nothing like a little good wholesome restaurant.
Then we headed to mom's with a slight detour because my tire needed air.  We got to mom's and played some Hand and Foot where Lita and I teamed up against Roost and Momo and naturally we took them with ease.
The next morning we rose ultra early to drive to Columbus.  The Blues played well in the Ohio Cup Vintage Baseball Tournament - they won the first two games and then tied in the last.  Rooster had several really good hits - I was mad impressed.  The team had a team meeting in which Dustin volunteered us take over updating the website - so look out for news and updates on that.  We also had dinner with the team afterward which was such a fun time.
Sunday we got to sleep in a little and then went to see my friend Jen and her family at their "new" house (gasp they moved in 3 years ago and this was my first time visiting).  Jen's family has grew as well since the last time I saw her and I got to meet her newest baby little Weston - who is giant wide blue eyes and ever so timid and shy (adorable).  It's crazy how fast her kids are growing up.  Dustin enjoyed playing football with Cohen who is energetic as ever.  Jen it was lovely to see you start blogging again already so I know what's happening with you!!
After that there were 3 more games which the Blues swept.  There is no winner for the Ohio Cup but we discussed it afterward and determined the team won the Ohio "Paper" Cup which was my soda cup.  I saved it in the trunk of the car - I may have to spray paint it and award it to the team.  We headed home after that.  It was a good weekend away and I'm so glad we had Monday to chill out because I needed that extra day before returning to NYC.