Skylines and Escalators

So tonight I got home at an almost decent hour from work and JJ and I went to the Prudential Tower for some skyline viewing. They give you these little radios and set you about to spy things from the 50th floor windows. Reminds me a little of the Sears tower only you aren't as high up so you can actually see things. We were there for the sunset so that was more fabulousness. However JJ and I both didn't care much for Buddy the narrator or the rapping green card guys - Annoying. But we did enjoy the views. After our viewing we went for a brisk stroll on Newbury street unforunately all the little shops were closed but I cannot wait to go back such a cool area all the shops are in row house like buildings.
We stopped in Island something for supper only to discover that the food was good and the service not so good but I guess if you have to be chosey good food is the way to go.
After that we headed back on the greenline. Holy jam packed trains! The Sox game was a little chilly so the train was packed with early departers and so it was get to know the train riders time. And of course more and more people got on at each stop and there wasn't any place to put them. Forunately we made it back safely without any inappropriate rubbing. We also got to ride the escalators at the MIT stop because who doesn't like some escalator riding - supa fun. Well I need to get ready for some BED as tomorrow we need to be up early enough for some waffles. nite.



Jay and I went to Chinatown this evening it was rainy and cold but we still enjoyed ourselves. Here's a few pics.


Jones Excursions Day 2

We had a SUPA fun time today! Despite the cold and the overcast skies the rain stayed away and we were able to frolic around boston like the best of them. Twice people thought I was from here and asked me for directions (hehe) - luckily I could help them. Here's a few highlights from today - Water Taxis, USS Constitution, Boston Harbor, Mike's Pastries, Beacon Hill, Black Ink (love this store and JJ bought me a Happy Spoon!), much much more fun but I will save that for a recap later it's almost BED time - work tomorrow - boo! Here's a few pics...
Jay and the Harbor Water Taxis Rock (oh and BTW they are free with your Charlie Passes).

Us by the Harbor can you tell we are cold?

Copley Square and some tulips.
Look I think this is mom's restaurant? Funny I didn't know she owned one.
We kept seeing all these people with pastry boxes so of course we had to score one.
And to end on a fun note here's this cute fun sign from the Naval Yard being there just made me think my brother Jonathan (love you).

cape cod cuteness

so many things to share about our trip to Cape Cod today but for tonight you just get a few pics and captions I'm too tired to type anything else. enjoy!
"Look mom we're on a potato chip bag!"
We got our toes in the sand (brrrrrr!)
oh so jolly.
footprints in the sand.
pirate patches and a pirate ships
marshlandslast lighthouse of the day.

more soon...


3 pictures


3 things I've never...

  1. I've never had poison ivy.
  2. I've never gotten a speeding ticket even though I've been pulled over.
  3. I've never been stung by a bee only a wasp.


Congratulations Julie and Jason!

One of my oldest and dearest friends got married yesterday. Doesn't she look so pretty. I'm so happy for her as I know she's wanted to get married for a while. She made all the decorations and programs and everything and it was super beautiful she's so creative. Congratulations Julie and Jason here's to a lifetime of happiness and love.
A few photos I took I'm so horrible about taking them at weddings. Julie and her dad doesn't she look like him?
Julie and Jason and more old friends Carrie and Russ.
Julie's table decor (no the beer is not part of the decor).
Me and Lauren.
Jay and I on the way out the door.
Carrie (she's expecting in like a month more congratulations), Russ, Lauren and me.


Earthquakes in Indiana

sounds like a good name for a rock band. "And the grammy goes to... Earthquakes in Indiana" - just rolls off your tongue. I'll keep that in mind in case I ever start one. But it's actually what woke us up super early this morning. I asked Jay what that rattling was and he said you just hit you nightstand so we both rolled over and went back to sleep. But later this morning on the news we learned it actually was an earthquake. You can read abou it here. Pretty wild! Reminds me of the one we had back in 2002 where I was working on the 14th floor of the Symphony Center and I could feel the whole building shake you almost think it's something you are imagining.


late night date at walmart

late last night jay and i took a date to walmart for somehousehold supplies trashbags. oh what fun. I took some pics while there - i mean what else would I do? check it!


Philly Airport Part Duex

I know I have said it before but I HATE the philly airport. After waiting in the terminal for a few hours. We go to board a new plane and then sit on the runway waiting 2 hours to take off only to find out a storm was coming and we needed a new flight plane oh and new fuel. So we returned to the gate to sit there for another two hours to be refueled and some passengers flirted with the idea of getting out and flying home tomorrow which held up for more time. And then we finally got pushed away from the gate to wait another 2 hours to take off. We finally got back to Indy around 2am only to discover that the ground crew to get us off the plane was busy with another "delayed plane" so we waited a while to get off. Thank goodness we finally got off because sometimes sitting in a commuter jet for around 9 hours just isn't fun.
But I'm back home now so that's good news.


greetings from philadelphia airport

what the heck am I doing here you might ask?
Well my flight from Boston was mid-air when some kind of immediate landing warning light went on and we had do an emergency landing. Funny thing I didn't know that Philadelphia was between Indy and Boston but apparently USAirways thought it was.
So here I sit at gate F7 waiting for some chance that we might get another plane. Our first one is not so much leaving here for a while. And it seems that I can't get on the flight from Philly to Indy as it's sold out. How fun is that?
But on the good news front I made a new friend Preevan (sp) who was traveled from White Plains, to LGA and then to Boston and then to Indy so that poor guy has it worse off he's been trying to get home since 10 am this morning.


So here I am...

sitting in the laundry room. Waiting on the dryer to finish it's cycle. My co-worker Bryan had his laundry stolen last year and so he is always warning me about leaving it all alone - perhaps my laundry would get bored just talking to itself too. So what can I do but sit here and blog about something oh so marvelous like hanging out in the laundry room? Let me tell you about my experience here...
First there's only 5 washers - 8 dryers too who did that math?? It seems everyone decided about 8:30 they too wanted to do their laundry so I get in here and there's only one open. Since I've already dragged two loads down I figure I will just mash the whites and the coloreds all in the same washer what can I say I'm all for desegration it's a good thing I don't believe in bleach. Regardless my slightly overloaded washer was going full speed jumping around the laundry room when people came in to change their clothes over I naturally pretended it must be someone else's. hehe
So I go to toss the stuff into the dryer and I get 30 minutes for $2 yes that's right 30 minutes for $2 insane especially since it takes more than 30 minutes to dry even on the HIGH setting. So I manage to segregate my laundry once again so the whites dry with the whites and the coloreds with the coloreds I can't have no bleeding now ya know. I also pulled out those dry clean only clothes because we all know I'm not really into following directions but at least I'm not going to dry them - I most certainly cannot wear size itty bitty!
And now I wait and wait and wait for my thirty minutes to be up so I can stop watching my clothes dry. Isn't this how you always dreamed of spending your Wednesday night. I know I did - with any luck I can finish the night out with a episode of my beloved Top Chef - ahhhh the luxury of it all.


Now that's multi-tasking!

This morning I'm driving to work watching people and stuff. And as I'm sitting at a light (just like everyday) and I spy this guy who is riding a bike and I notice he's drinking some coffee and while texting someone. I tell you that's some crazy bad multi-tasking. I need to try that!


A Special Message for Kim Shrum!

Keep it up you Rock! xoxo :o) Katie



Heading home tomorrow for like a whole 36 hours. But in the meantime I have a few pics I took in the last few days. We went back into the city tonight, Jay got some salmon with a touch of honey bbq he really enjoyed it. It was just at a hole in the wall restaurant near the Boston Common. Jay's becoming familiar with the trains and buses at least those off the redline.


Summer Shack, Subways, and Harvard Square

A few photos from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We're having fun of course. And no we didn't eat those lobsters we saved them for someone else.