Tuesday 10 - 10 Things to Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose

I'm using my list from a few weeks ago. Last week I wrote another list but I had trouble posting as things were in Bengali so I'm saving that for another week.

10 Things to Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose
  1. Food Boxes - for example Ceral Boxes, pasta boxes, pop tart boxes - these make great gift wrapping boxes I have a whole large stash of them my box of box they are perfect for all occasions and don't really need gift wrapping.
  2. Jars (any kind really) - I like to save all sorts of shapes and size jars - spaghetti jars, jam jars, taco sauce jars - they are perfect for store scrapbook embellishments as well as other items like pens and markers on your desk, newspaper rubberbands, tacks etc.
  3. Old Wool Sweaters - I've heard that you can felt these into all sorts of fun things hand bags, potholders, bowls I've been dying to try it but I haven't had time yet.
  4. Newspapers - RECYCLE them! Not only are they good for clipping out words and articles but take them to your local firestation and/or library and have them recycled. This also makes for great wrapping paper I like the stock page as it's all black and white. Something to note this is also a great garden liner better than the plastic kind if you lay it down water and cover with mulch it will keep your garden weed free.
  5. Waterbottles - I reuse these puppies. We wash them out and refill them. Once we're done into the recycling they go.
  6. Twisty Ties - right now I'm reusing twisty ties as a key ring to I don't lose my desk key, a curtain tie and luggage tag holder - what can you Twisty Tie?
  7. Unmatched Socks - these make lovely mittens, nice stuffed creatures, dust rags and more.
  8. Record Album Covers - These make lovely wallpaper.
  9. Plastic Sacks - I reuse these over and over and over for trashcan liners, taking lunch to the office, assorted tote bags options and I recently saw these adoreable little purses made from them.
  10. Laundry Baskets - they make nice recycling center bins, foot stools, shoe collectors and holders of random stuff.


Fall has arrived in Indiana!

Seemed like the leaves were never going to change colors this year probably because they were confused about if it was fall or if it was summer. Well I'm happy to announce that it came to Indiana last week while I was in Boston. So naturally Jay and I went out and played in it yesterday. Happy Fall!



Mimi tagged me so I figure I better respond. With this tag you tell where you were 10/20/30 years ago. So here we have it.

10 years ago...
I was a senior in high school. Since today is a Friday I was probably working. I think I was still a server and not yet a cook at the Liberty Bell Restaurant. So it would have been a good tip night yay for that. I lived with my mom and step dad and siblings in Liberty, IN. I was probably enjoying life as much as I am now aside from the whole "rule" thing as I'm sure my biggest concerns were what kind of fun my friends and I were going to be doing, what's the answer to this calculus question, did I leave my soap in the shower, is my baby sister getting into my nailpolish, and all that petty stuff at the time it seemed important now when I compare it to real life it's still important just in a different way. I was friends with Lauren, Jenny G, Rachel, Donnie and Caleb.

20 years ago...
I was 7 in the second grade. My teacher was Mrs. Gabbard I think I'm sure my mom will know for sure. I lived in Oxford, Ohio with my mom and brothers this was a time when I was a middle child with my own bedroom (ah the luxuries). I don't remember a whole lot from seven grade except for rolling skating parties on thrusday nights, church on sundays, trips to the bluffs what a grand place this was to someone who is 7 now it's little more than a cliff with a creek at the bottom, and good wholesome family fun. I was friends with Sara, Bethany, Beth and Robin and Jenny (who were twins and I thought that was so much fun).

30 years ago...
I wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eyes - JJ however was! I'm sure God however was laying out the fabulous plans for me up somewhere in heaven. I'm envisioning him drawing me out in complex blue prints complete with polka dots, flip flops, and kung pau chicken, with his t-square, protractor, compass and big fat sharpie marker - he probably even had some bling and chipboard on those plans too.

Without further ado I'm going to tag...

Kim (you better do this)


Fun times....

First a little weekend recap. Had a lovely time scrapping with some of my good friends scrapping this weekend, I miss you gals already it's always so much fun to see you! Here's a few snaps from this weekend. Thanks to Jodie and Pam for taking them like a goof I left the house without a camera. I know I know that's awful.

I had to leave early Sunday so I could catch my flight to Boston. I spent 7 hours at the airport and then arrived in Boston just in time for the Red Sox to win their division. These people are crazy for the Sox - they are trying to get me to go to Fenway for the partying outside the stadium. I think I will pass although I'm sure it would be neat but with my luck I would get lost or stuck on the side of the city I'm not staying in. Tonight as a little treat I had dinner at a place called "the restaurant" a cute little place downtown Woburn. I snapped a few photos today. Here's a groovy little church in Woburn I thought the light was just perfect so I snapped it from the car at a red light.

And this lake that I walked at this morning. It's a cute little lake I wish I had known about it Monday as it was sunny and the trees are much prettier than this. However I'm not sure I will go back and walk there again as there seemed to be all these creepy folks sitting in there cars in the parking lot I'm not sure what that's about but it's too odd. And last but not least I finally found myself an AC Moore Craft store. Let me just tell you it's not all that different from Micheals or Joanns although they have some of the newer "hipper" stuff and better prices. I did however get some yarn to knit with and some thickers I think my grand total was $6.68 so that's a pretty good deal.


Tuesday 10 of Tuesday 10's

As with most Tuesday's I'm at a loss for what I should make my list about so I thought why not make a list of 10 things to make more lists about so next tuesday I'm not thinking about it all day?? Doesn't that sound delightful. So here we have it the Tuesday 10 of Tuesday's 10's try not to burst with excitment.

  1. Things to Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose.
  2. What's in purse.
  3. List of arts and crafts happening at Katie's
  4. Where in the world (this will be an extra special list).
  5. Songs on my iPod.
  6. 10 random things at my house.
  7. List of Awesome Etsy Shops.
  8. 10 things to purge (I'm in need of some purging).
  9. Staples for a traveler.
  10. 10 Faces of Katie


Went to the orchard...

Mom and Lita came up today and we went to the orchard for some pumpkin pickin' and corn mazing. Thank goodness fall weather is here now I was waiting so patiently. We had a lovely time and I can't wait to make carmel apples and apple crisp with my apples from the orchard. And perhaps we'll carve our pumkin tomorrow too.


Dinner at Dawns

On Wednesday I went to dawns for supper. Her family is lovely her spaghetti is great oh and we took a few photos. I look like a goofy in the first picture but I love that face.


A few pages from Boston (not of boston this is highschool homecoming). These photos are hideous I think they were taken with my 110 camera nice - oh I wish we had digital back then. I used some sketches from this site for the top two layouts.

Homecoming Parade '98 I can't hardly distinguish anyone in any of the photos but I got a few of them.
Real Friends Stack the Deck Let's just say I voted many times to get lauren into the court. And the senior prank - golf cart stealing - nice.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I Really Have Never Wanted

Watched a little External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the main character Clementine has many colors of hair it's blue, green, tangerine, red. This is not nore ever has been my thing - I have never wanted to have funky colored hair, so I thought I would make this weeks list a list of all the things I've never wanted to have or do or try.
  1. Have wild colored hair.
  2. Debone a fish.
  3. Jump out of a plane (but if you got me up there I'd likely do it).
  4. Own a sports car.
  5. Shop in a store where the cheapest item is $1000.
  6. Use jackhammer - I'm quite certain I would lose a foot.
  7. Own a dog I'm not a dog person.
  8. Have anything other than my ears pierced.
  9. Ride a live bull.
  10. Swim with sharks - I've watched Jaws one too many times.


A crafter contest...

How fun is this. We all need to craft our rides!


M&M me!

Create your own at http://www.becomeanmm.com/.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons to Love October

Tuesday 10 time! Today's list is an ode to why you should love October!
  1. You can rock sweatshirts, jeans and flip-flops (well when it isn't almost 90 degrees).
  2. Trees are exploding in fabulous color.
  3. Raking and jumping into piles of leaves.
  4. Going to the orchard what's not to love about pumpkins and apples.
  5. Allegery season.
  6. Open windows and fresh air.
  7. scarfs but no coats.
  8. Crops with my BFFs!
  9. Corn mazes.
  10. Hot apple cider.

Enjoy your Octobers everyone!


Dishwashing by hand is getting old

real quick. I didn't mind it so much while I was out of town as it was just Jay and he didn't cook much for himself. But I did them twice today and I'm already over it! I despise it I don't mind drying but I just am not so much into washing them. I will take laundry and dusting any day! I think we will suck it up a little longer though as I'm trying to determine if I can actually install a new one myself or not.
Other news no travel this week enjoying my time at home I already did three loads of laundry and cleaned the back bathroom. I also went through all my mail from the last three weeks my was it a lot.