Goodbye Old Friend! Hello New Friend!

My old couch just left Bungalow Bill. This is a photo of Jay driving him to the dump. Went through some fun times with the little guy - I actually used to scrapbook on the coffee table while sitting on him if you can believe that, but I must say I'm not really all that said to go as he only had one leg left and has been propped up on phone books not to mention the wax stains from where a candle that had hot wax on him was dumped. And after 7 years I was just plain tired of looking at him. Goodbye old friend!

And "Hello new sofa!"

We brought our new friend down from Northern Indiana - got him from my friend Jeanne (your the best Jeanne). Our new friend is more spacious and had all four legs (so I sent all 9 extra phone books to be recylced). As another added perk I can strech all the way out on this guy, yup he's longer than 5'10". So big thanks to my friend Jeanne for giving it to me and also a shout out to her son Steven for loading it up into the truck and tying it down. If I had been responsible for this I would have lassoed in in all sorts of weird ways and we'd still be detangling the knot.

Also in other exciting news I got some new wall art from Jeanne as well. She gave me these fabulous pink rugs that match my scrapbook room. And Jay suggested that we should hang them on the wall, so that's where they are. They match the room perfectly you can't really tell from this photo, but trust me they do.

So if that's not fun stuff I'm not sure what is!


Northern Indiana

Went to Northern Indiana here's a little bit from our trip.

Here's a photo of my feet in Lake Michigan. The water was cooler than the air but it was very merky you can't see the sand anymore at like 6 inches of water. Lovely isn't it? I'm going to go with it's that way from all the swimmers. Notice how pale my legs look and we're already half-way through the summer I guess I should wear shorts more often.

And next we have a picture of Jay walking in Lake Michigan - notice all the people swimming in the water. We avoided this as from the beach you can see the factories of Gary polluting the air and I'm sure also polluting the water, however in hindsight with all that heat I would have been tempted to dive in should I have actually brought my suit.

And finally we have a photo of me and a steer - no it's not real but rather some decoration from a surf and turf restaurant that I made Jay pull into the parking lot of. while we were in Valpo. Don't we look lovely together? If you can't tell it's like 95 degrees outside and I'm HOT HOT HOT (not in the sexy kind of way though).

That's all for now as I want to take a shower and wash lake Michigan off my feet.


Mrs. Curl Hot Dogs

Not really much exciting happening today, aside from a trip to the hot dog place. Mrs. Curl's is a neat little joint where you get your hot dogs and ice cream. There's only seats outside and there's a little fountain on the creek that's to the southside of the store- reminds me a lot of Jay's in Liberty but the hot dogs are much better they grill them like on a real grill or something.

Ice cream isn't my favorite as I prefer the hardscoop kind but it's too hard to pass up. If you're ever in Greenwood you should check it out hopefully you don't have to wait in a this long.


10 Things I Love Right Now

Today's Tuesday 10 is 10 things I love Right Now - I thought this seemed appropriate since I haven't been liking many things lately and I want to be more positive.

10 things I love Right Now
1. That 90210 is coming out on DVD in Novemeber - How can you not love that.
2. My fridge and cupboards are stocked I went to the grocery for the first time in months and it's so lovely to have food in there that's not meat for the grill.
3. That my friend Jeanne is giving me a steal on a couch and now we won't have to sit on one propped up on phone books. Gotta love good friends and new used furniture!
4. Elsie Flannigan's 52 challenges book- I got it for my birthday from my super fabulous brother Jay Jones - Love ya JJ!
5. Ice Water - You can't have too much of this in the summer.
6. Pandora.com What a fun way to listen to some good music.
7. Altering with Kim and Aubrey - even though Aubrey had a near meltdown when she didn't apply enought Mod Podge to her project.
8. My new laptop at work - it's super souped up and it's so much faster than my old machine.
9. Project Runway - Who would have thought I'd like this show but after watching a marathon on day when it was raining I got sucked in.
10. Last but not least Jay even though he didn't like how I mowed the lawn for my second time ever Sunday he seems to want to be in a great mood lately and I gotta love that when I'm not so much.

Happy Tuesday!


10 Songs That I've Been Listening To

It's a hot hot hot week in Indy. Here's this week's Tuesday 10 - 10 Songs That I've Been Listening To - (sorry I didn't link to the itunes sound bites but that would just take far too long).

1. 3 Wise Men - James Blunt
2. Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows
3. Young Americans - David Bowie
4. Sooner or Later - Michael Toulcher
5. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (I'm sure we all knew this one ;o)
6. Look What You've Done - Jet
7. The Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice (this one just gets stuck in my head)
8. Crash - Dave Matthews
9. Wires - Althelete
10. Hot in Herre - Nelly (It's just so damn hot)

Well hopefully the rainstorm will cool it down or at least make it less humid.


Drip! Drip! Drip!

Last night as I'm going to bed I keep hearing something drip. So I get up and check all the facets and showerheads nothing seems to be dripping. So I go back to bed - brushing it off as if I'm hearing things. Just as I pull the covers over me....


Still dripping, so I listen for a while and determine that it's coming through the vent. So I get out of bed, put on some scrubby clothes, move all my printers from above the crawlspace door. And crawl under there with the spiders and my little crappy flashlight. Well I can't see jack. But I fumble around and there seems to be some dampness on the linning that covers the dirt up around where I think is below the bathroom - Oh Brother.
So I decide to call Jay's friend who's an industrial plumber (you know the kind that works on large machinery), he says he'll be over in the morning and I go to bed. Went to work for a little while today came home meet him. And we crawl around under the house for a while in the dirt and spiders and he determines it probably is the condenser pipe or something and tells me to call my AC people to have them look at it since I'm still under warranty, he says it's probably been dripping since it's installed, just didn't notice until the catch pan filled up.

So I cross your fingers and pray he's right (who wants major plumbing problem?)

The same guy to fix it that came when we found out the old one was broken (they one that looks 12). Anyhow he fixed me up and cleaned all the water up, and assures me we wouldn't have any water damage as it's nice and ventilated under there :). He also complimented me for going down there with him he said women won't ever crawl under the crawl space - I thanked him for the compliment and left out the part that I was most worried my floorboards would mold and I'd fall through the floor in a few days. Thank goodness for small miracles today.


The Tuesday Day - Things I Did at Work Yesterday

I know today's wednesday but I'm a day late to post The Tuesday 10 because blogger was updating their site when I went to post last night. So here's The Tuesday 10 -

10 Things I did at Work on Tuesday 7/11
1. Troubleshot my bosses webinar ID.
2. Published 2 classes. Very exciting stuff my favorite part was discovering that there was some missing information.
3. Chatted with my brother JJ - Okay not really work related but I can multitask
4. Cleaned off my desk - It needed it very badly now it looks NICE!
5. Reviewed/Updated/Completed the 2006 schedule
6. Attended a conference call about Use Cases. - Anyone know what a Use Case Is?
7. Did 2 expense reports in PeopleSoft? - Yay! Amex won't shut off my card now.
8. Worked up a few marketing synopsis's on some new course offerings.
9. Went to lunch at DQ - had a hot dog and a slushie. - Doesn't a blue mouth scream professionalism?
10. Kept my shoes on while in common areas ALL Day. - Talk about an accomplishment I wonder if raises are handed out for this?


$50 To Fill Up

Yup that's right it cost me $50 to fill the tank of the truck yesterday it's so hard to believe that gas is over $3/gallon. Just 8 years ago when I first started to drive it was only $0.99/gallon - oh how I miss the good ol' days. Not really I just miss the gas prices. I guess it's a good time to start driving less or buy more fuel effiecent cars or probably even both.


The Tuesday 10

I feel like I'm neglecting this blog a bit soiIn my efforts to actually blog more I'm starting "The Tuesday 10" in which I plan to make a list of 10 things every Tuesday they can be anything really just a list of 10 things. This week since it's the 4th of July I'm going to have "The Tuesday 10" be all about things I love about Independence Day - so here we go.

"The Tuesday 10 - I love Indepence Day"
1. Parades
2. Red White and Blue T-Shirts - (I seem to have a collection of these and I bust them out around the 4th)
3. Big Summer Sales!
4. Star Spangled Banner
5. Freedom of the Press even though I know it's a little bit to the left when I'm more independent
6. It's Close to My Birthday so there's always a long celebration!
7. Red White and Blue Rocket Pops
8. Grilling Hot dogs (nothing says all-american to me more than hot dogs)
9. Religious Freedoms (even though I don't get to church often its nice to know that I can chose)
10. Fireworks - at what other time of year is the entire neighborhood shooting off rockets until the wee hours of the morning - how can we all not love this!