Tuesday 10 - How is it Tuesday again??

Time is flying by anyhow a list for this week...

  1. Been Loving some uber bubble gum.
  2. As someone who sends postcards like Pottery Barn Sells Catalogs I find this super cool -Today I saw - Postcard reciepents I have like 12 in my backpack waiting to mail out.
  3. A little something for my adoreable friend who wears fanny packs. I would NEVER be caught out in public in one. But this reminds me of you.

  4. Knowing vacation is 2 weeks away.

  5. Hilarous conversations with hotel employees (if only I could remember what was so funny).

  6. Good things coming to an end.

  7. Chicken and Waffles

  8. Finding $5 in the parking lot
  9. Yoga pants - these things are the best things ever!
  10. I am so going to make myself this. I don't like to read books so much but a headboard of books oh so cool.


Guess Who's in the Class of 2010?

As a surprise for mom lita came up this weekend and we took her senior pics (well we did other things too but that's for another day). Here's some of the 150 photos we took...

On the railroad bridge - I wish the wind would have stopped for a minute while we were there it was a great location but the wind would not cease.
This was my favorite location I wish we would have brought a ladder so we could has snuck inside the old 16th street stadium. Isn't the ivy lovely? Lita is too.

Lita and her letterman's jacket I thought it would have cool if we all busted ours out for a family lettermen's club mine from 12+ years ago. We got them out before we left the house and poor jono was all sad as he was the only one who never got one.
Another Letterman's Jacket shot. We should have sewn on Lita's other chevron's but we didn't.
By the river.
More Ivy. I see a little mom in this one - until we took these photos we never thought Lita looked much like mom.
This is my favorite one I just think it's too fun.
Down in the Creek.
This one posted to the web all funny like. That Yellow is actually blue??
Another one of my favorites. I like it in color to.
Last one for now...


Tuesday 10 - Oh so lovely

Just because last week consisted of a whole lotta work doesn't mean I don't have a list today. So here it is...

1. A Gorilla Slide - I think I need a vacation in switzerland.

2. Stripes. 3. The movie UP
4. Beers by the Pool
5. Wouldn't this go well with out happy spoon, squid whisk and Bonaza tray?
6. Cherries from farmers markets - spinach and onions also lovely.
7. Deployments mostly snag free.
8. History.

9. Hotels with kitchens.

10. Paint Brushes next to my toothbrush.


tall ships

at last we have some tall ships. so a few weeks ago they came to boston to visit and so did my friend Gregg so we went to visit check it...
Clipper ships galore!I like the sails swagged like this.
I won't mention what the old man who took this photo said they say when smiling in the navy clearly I was more shocked than smiley at first. Anyhow here's me and Greg and a colorful sail.
sailors I think these were greek ones.
ahhh a grand mast.
more swagging sails
Oh and this one has absolutely nothing to do with tall ships but I found it today and it cracks me up. Uncle Keith is now a tourist attraction. People stop all day long and strike a pose with the one Keith Kelly (& the Obama's too). I wanted to sit in front of the plaque and take photos of the people posing with the trio but I did not instead I just watched.

more soon.


Tuesday 10 - 10 things

1. Super Cool Recycled bags. You can get yours on etsy.
2. Summer is finally made it to New England.
3. Riding Bikes at the beach.
4. Curved Shower Curtains (who knew I would come to love these?)
5. Buttons

6. Never ending adventures.
7. Vintage Fabric.
8. Making Pet Rocks with the bonks & their cousin.
9. Knowing in three days my latest project will be deployed (yay!)
10. Fun new blogs like this.


Happy Birthday Jod!

Okay so I'm late but I did want to wish miss jodie a very happy birthday! Hope you had a grand birthday! Here's a cupcake for you and a recipe for them here.


The State of Maine

My beach crusier. Ferris wheels
One of the B&Bs I stayed in.
Maritime museums.
Another Lighthouse
Look - a lift bridge just like Hancock
Portland Light. Isn't it so pretty?
Cool as a moose.
Oh looky there's a Desert in Maine. Yes you read that a desert in Maine. Google it if you don't believe me.
No road trip would be complete without random cool things seen along the way. Like a Giant Indian Chief
everyone has boats! get that kayak already jono.
Don't you want to vist Maine already?


Maine Observations

Let's see I should tell you all about Tall Ships before Maine but alas my other memory card is in the car. As it turns out the wifi at this BB is not so great as I can only upload this one snippet of a pic anyhow. Going to Maine was on my list of 52 things to do in 2009 and so I did it! So here's some Maine observations as seen by me -
  • Maine reminds me of the Keewanan only with all these people driving around and different pine trees (no worries I like the UP better).
  • Maine Highway Patrol has unmarked chevy cavaliers
  • Every highway has 2-4 names or is called #1.
  • There's no need for air conditioners.
  • Every place smells like ocean.
  • Every shop sells items with lobsters and moose on them even the hardware store.
  • Lots of mom & pop places - love it.
  • Lots of antique stores.
  • Lots of musicans - I have met about 10 people on my journey and 5 of the 10 were musicans.
  • Organic Blueberry Beer - i kid you not... it's not bad although not fantastic either.
  • Lighthouses galore.

Here's the one shot that I was able to upload - It's this porkupine made out of recycled crates, signs, peg board isn't he cute?

More on Maine and Tall Ships soon. I'm going to take my blueberry beer out to the den and and hang with the other B&Bers.


Tuesday 10

So here it is, I was just about to log out and go to bed, but then I remembered all week long I've been saving little tidbits for the tuesday 10 - so here we have it. This week I love... #1 I especially love!

  1. Systems that have configuration items and are no longer "BROKE" - not that anyone knows what this means but it's lovely trust me.
  2. This website... - I can think of many good things I've learned. but that is another list for another time.
  3. Camping - despite all the downsides - it's just too fun.
4. Jodie's lawn furniture - Jodie it's just so classy.
5. Joe yelling 1032 - which apparently is a "distress code" - who knew.
6. Quilting projects like this that just scream HAPPY and FUN.
7. Wake up calls because they are so much better than alarms.
8. Kellie and Steve's most adoreable baby Lucy. she's a doll congrats Kell - she's almost rolly polly enough I don't think I will break her, next time I'll bring my camera and take photos of her.
9. Jay Jones's recap of the Michael Jackson Memorial - I feel like I was there live! ;o)
10. Chuck Norris Posters - because only Chuck Norris can prevent forest fires (yes that's right).
that's all for now next week I'll do better taking photos and stuff.


July 4th Weekend - Jones & Co Camping

So we're back! We had a delightful time camping on J Peircy Lake in Tennessee, despite the rain that started coming down in buckets last night and everything we brought got soaking wet. Here's some pics.
On our canoe trip there was this spot where you could swing from a rope into the water. Joe is giving it a whirl note he's splashing down into water not even as deep as him. When he was done the gentlemen who's property it was invited us to come stay at his place. Gotta love southern hospitatlity.
Me canoeing - Jono didn't like it when I paddled, because I tended to make us go crooked. Can you see Joe back there navigating the river.
Jono navigating the river
Joe canoeing - he had a gondola stance. Someone even asked him if was italian. His response "do I look Italian" We couldn't stop laughing.
Being the outdoorsmen that we are we made all our meals. Joe made us eggs & sausage with only a spork. BTW this swiss company makes these "sporks" that are knives, forks, & spoons all in one. They are fabuluos!
Look at Joe "sporking" away with his orange spork.
Jono and I looking like white trash in the woods.
Here we are after assembling our tent in the dark. The neighbor campers - Chuck and Megan were very impressed with our tent assembling ability - well Joe's anyhow. In fact Jono and I gave him the best outdoorsmen seen all weekend award. Congratulations Joe!