Weekly 4

Starting something new. Each week I'm going to have a weekly 4 I will post it any day of the week, and it will be about anything.

  1. Craftfest! Took the day off today for a little crafting and just a break from work. I haven't started yet but I did get new fun book. 100 things to do with your sewing machine or some such non-sense. But now I've taken over the living room with my craft tables and supplies so let the crafting begin.
  2. Moviefest! I also rented a bunch of movies as who doesn't love a moviefest with a craftfest. (That and Jay's working a double tonight so he won't be home until 5am). I'm also very excited that the Sex in the City Movie is out I asked Jay to take me and he wanted no part of it this weekend perhaps next weekend instead.
  3. Home! Oh did I mention I'm home. In fact I moved out of my place in cambridge for the summer it's not very cost effective for me to live there if I won't be there but 3 -5 days a week and taking a few weeks off. My bags were super heavy and I crammed something like 100 things in them. But I got most of it home but I stashed some in my cube.
  4. Flip Flops! It's offically flip flop season here it's 80 something outside and lovely! My flip flops have been out all year but I broke down and bought a different pair just for the official season opener - although I'm still in love with the $3 walgreens polka-dot special.


fishing boats, lighthouses and boston harbor

More K&J New England adventures today. We went to Scituate and Cohasset today to see the beach and the lighthouses. We were originally going to see 5 lighthouses but our map was not so good and people we asked for directions were not so helpful turn at the church when there are 4 churches doesn't help so much. So we came back to the city and took some water taxi rides and went and saw the USS Consititution and USS Cassin. We also just wandered around downtown. It was a nice day beautiful weather. And some pics.
Jay and the USS Cassin.

A fishing boat

Me and Jay on the USS Constitution.
Me and Jay on the Water Taxi you can almost see the city in the background.
And my favorite from the day. Check out that hair you can't plan photos this hilarious.

And Jay on a water taxi you can see the skyline in this one.Sciante Light and Jay and I again check out this lovely hair I finally gave up trying to get a good shot the hair and the wind are not friends.
Jay looking at the lighthouse.
Cohasset Light. It's on an island from the best we could tell we couldn't figure out how to get to it.


This week brought to you by the color yellow...

I could share photos from our adventures to Fenway and to Newbury Street today but instead I'm sharing some other photos. It's color time on my POTD blog and I'm starting with yellow since summer is just around the corner so today we had fun spying all things yellow. Stay tuned for photos and details of our adventures at Fenway and Newbury.


The 3 Hour Tour....

Well it was more like 4 hours but they tell you it will be 3 hours. Whale watching was everything we hoped it would be today (although it made me wish I had lense with more zoom). We saw about 10 different Humpback whales. Humpbacks are about 50 feet in lenght and I think it was like 80,000 lbs. We got to see a mother and calf nursing, and whales eating and creating bubble nets, and them stunning the fish, and there was some diving - no breeching but it was still truly awesome. Without further ado I'll just jump to some of the pics I took.
One of the light houses we based leaving Boston Harbor.
A blue fishing boat.
The skyline the clouds look cool.
Me after I've been wind blown.
A cargo ship isn't it pretty.
Another lighthouse.
And now for the whales. Some tail.
Mother and calf (left). The calf was nursing.
More tail. I love how they put their tails up before diving.
Feeding time. This is them eating in a bubble net the one on the right has his mouth wide open.
More tail.
Dining with birds. I love that the birds will just sit right on the whales back and eat. They also seem to eat right from his mouth.
This one is called Reflection.
More eating.
I think this is him draining the water out of his mouth.
Not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow but I'm sure we'll enjoy ourselves.

Stumbling around the city

if you know me. Then you know that is a literal saying. I have trouble walking and chewing gum and I love to do both. So back to this post Jay and I stumbled around this afternoon and evening here's a few of the things we passed (Jay was a little more tolernate of my paparazziness today too btw).
This was a spray painted stencil on a cement block. Isn't it cool? I have no idea who it is but I think it's fun.

And me waiting for the stoplight
look a moose?
MIT Stata - I don't really know what this building is but I love it. Google here I come.
Here's the sign outside the building.
And another shot (did I mention I love it)
And somehow we ended up in the Boston Harbor so I managed to get Jay to almost be still for a shot.
This skyline shot is much better. I like this one.


Avoiding Cameras and Expense Reports

Jay wanted no part of me taking pictures in the mall today. Apparently I'm slightly embarrassing - it could be worse I could have been toting around the SLR and making a real scene. We came back on the train after supper to pouring rain. Nothing says supa fun like getting soaking wet. But we dried off and I got caught up on my expense reports - oh boy this is fabulousness nothing says time to start the weekend like getting your Amex bill reconciled.


Why can't they make women's gym shorts semi-attractive?

So today I went to the mall after work to buy some new gym shorts (I love being a block from the mall). And I discovered that women's gym shorts can fall into one of the following categories -
  1. Too short
  2. Too Tight (bicylce shorts are not in are they?)
  3. Manlike
  4. Too Baggy
  5. UGLY

So I settled for pants not shorts probably okay as then I won't have to shave my legs until it's like 20 degrees warmer here.

In other fun news Jay's coming here tomorrow night for a fabulously fun memorial day weekend in New England. We are kind of sad to not be home for the Indy 500 but we didn't have free tickets this year anyhow so we aren't that sad.

And because I love blogging with pictures. This is where I was one year ago today. Any guesses where it is?


Oh yay for beautiful May days!

Jay and I got up WAY too early this morning and went yard sailing. we didn't find a single thing worth buying people just have too much junk but we did enjoy ourselves. After a little lunch we went to the park to feed the squirrels yes I know we shouldn't feed the squirrels but we do anyway. Their weren't many out today but we did find a few of them. See pics below.
Jodie I took this one especially for you I hope you like it.
This is my favorite I love how they can run down the tree.
Jay and the squirrel.
And here he is standing on his hind legs.
And Jay in front of my favorite doors at the park.
And me in front of the doors (please excuse my bad hair)