Retreat time...

i packed
the cars loaded
i can't wait
only a few more hours tonight
and a handful at the office
and I'm scrapbook retreating it tomorrow


I've been tagged

Thanks Jen. So hard to chose seven songs.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to. Okay here's my list and yes it's horrible.

1. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson I just love his old stuff

2. How to Save a Life - The Fray

3. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake At first I hated this song but it's grown on me.

4. Wise Men - James Blunt

5. Future Instanity - This songs really just logded itself in my head and won't get out.

6. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley makes me feel like dancing.

7. I'll Tumble for You - Culture Club

Hopefully my music choices don't make me seem like a crazy person. Alright now I'm tagging people in no particular order.


Mimi (Been thinking about you)

Karen Day



Karen Russell



Tuesday 10 - I love a good Rhyme

Today's list is just plain silly but so me.

Tuesday 10 - I Love a Good Rhyme (These are silly rhymes that come out of my mouth.)
  1. Daleio Bailo - My nickname for Jay's dad
  2. Blog Schmog
  3. What's up Pup?
  4. Sweetmaheet! - this is like super sweet
  5. Dorkmafork - another term for dork.
  6. Sucks Mahucks
  7. Good Dealio Bealio
  8. Shoot Mahoot
  9. Cool Mahool
  10. Whatever Schamever - probably the phrase of the month I even have my sidekick Jill saying this.

If you can't tell I really like making up my own words by adding Sch of mah to other words.


Two words...


Hopefully you know what that means. My Bengals beat my mom's goofy Big Ben Rothlesburger. :o)


Happy Saturday

Had a great day despite the ever looming rain clouds. Went to the orchard with julie we picked apples and got cider and jam. I'll have to post some fun photos of the trip. Luckily the rain held off until we were already back to the car. We also did a little shopping and had a nice lunch.

Autumn Leaves launched a new blog today. Looks fun and I love color so I can't wait to get the book.

Tomorrow Mom's Big Ben will play the Bengals. Hopefully we walk all over the steelers as a little rematch from the playoffs last year. WHO DEY!

Well I'm off to watch some OC dvds. Have a good night.


Jeanne's In on the Bet too!

Here's her list... Any one else want in?

Jeanne's Top 10 and #11
1. Dale Jr
2. Kasey Kahne (Note it was hard for her not to pick Kasey #1) ;)
3. Kevin Harvick
4. Denny Hamlin
5. Jeff Burton
6. Jimmie Johnson
7. Jeff Gordon
8. Mark Martin
9. Matt Kenseth
10. Kyle Busch
11. Stewart

We have the number 11's as a tie breaker Jay took Stewart and I took Edwards. So we'll see how it all ends up.


Tuesday 10 - The Bet Is On

Well I know today's not Tuesday but I have stamp club tomorrow and so I probably won't post it if I don't post today - so here's the list.

Tuesday 10 - The Bet Is On (This weeks list is my list for the Cup Chase Jay and I have a little bet going on with this I'm also sharing Jay's just so he doesn't alter it)
1. Kennseth #17
2. Harvick #29
3. Kahne #9
4. Kyle Busch #5
5. Johnson #48
6. Martin #6
7. Hamlin #11
8. Burton #31
9. Gordon #24
10. Earnhardt #8

Jay's list -
1. Kennseth #17
2. Johnson #48
3. Kahne #9
4. Harvick #29
5. Earnhardt #8
6. Gordon #24
7. Kyle Busch #5
8. Martin #6
9. Hamlin #11
10. Burton #31

A little fish update Centennial bit the dust the other day - however it looks like Beech won't be eaten by Grove. We haven't seen Grove so much as nibble on him yet. So it might work out.


New faces in our house...

well fish faces that is.

Today we celebratedthe 1 year anniversary of our gold fish - Fall Festival, by making our now annual trek to the Beech Grove Fall Festival. And wouldn't you know it we won 3 new friends for Fall Festival - Beech, Grove, and Centennial. I'm going to see if I can't take pictures of them later to share. We are a little worried that Grove (he's monster size) will eat Fall Festival, and the two other new fish so we are going to try just putting Grove in with Beech and see if he gets eaten. I'll let you know how that works out. Fun times!



For the Freestyle Stars and Stripes Challenge. I love this photo even though it was blurry and I had fun with the journalling. Thanks to my friend Debbie who gave me that label maker several years ago for Christmas.


Tuesday 10 - What's Happening in the World.

Today's tuesday 10 is 10 Things happening in the world you may or may not know about.

  1. People are killing stingrays in revenge of Steve Irwin’s death – Are people nuts don’t they know if you play with wild animals you might get bit?
  2. They found a new Bird – It is halfway across the world so we’ll have to wait for it to come to a zoo near us.
  3. Oil Prices are Falling – I know everyone loves this.
  4. Beatles Albums are becoming Royal mail stamps.
  5. 5th year Anniversary of 9-11 – the world remembers.
  6. Tunnel Collapses in China
  7. Waitress get’s $10,000 tip – How sweet is that? Maybe I should think about waiting tables again?
  8. Japan’s newly born prince is named - I can't believe her has a normal japanese name clearly the japanese arent' naming babies after fruit or animals.
  9. Lt. Col. Tharcisse Muvunyi get 25 Years for His Role in Genocide – Is that all almost 500,000 Africans were killed?
  10. And for my mom – lookey here your beloved Ben Roethlisberger might sit out again this next week.


Entirely Too Much Fun!

Look out I can use the timer on my camera and I'm loving it. Today when spending some type scrapbooking and shopping with my friends I took these with the timer on my camera. Clearly there's something wrong with me as when we were walking around, or just having lunch I'm trying to find new and inventive places to put the camera for some timer shots. And wouldn't you know today of all days probably 2 dozen people offered to take group shots for us and I wanted to use the timer (go figure).

Photo #1 - Camera on the ground. Love love love this effect. Only wish I had the camera a little closer to us.

Photo #2 - Still a learning process - I didn't even get to my seat for this one. (mental note to self lighting is probably crapping in scrapbook classroom).
#3 This photo cracks me up. Kim's looking all nice and sweet and I'm anything but.

#4 Everyone's goofed up for this one thank goodness it's not just me. I think I need to work on learning to put the camera closer to the edge of the table for future shots where it's on a table.
#5 Well I had such high hopes for this series of photos but alas they didn't turn out so well. I propped the camera up on the back of our booth at Cheeseburgers in Paradise and we are posingwith the fun wall art. I thought the fence post would be a cool effect but it really just messed up the lighting. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose.
#6 Propped the camera up on the curb for this little number. I I only wish were weren't so tiny but I would have lost all of the Archivers sign for that.
And here's a final shot of just me. What in the heck is up with my hair? I look possessed.
And a little Friday/Saturday Recap -

Friday - Had a great time with Jeanne (anytime you want to come for a visit you're always welcome here). We had a great time at Stamp a Stack - I won the door prize shared it with Jeanne since I had that red ink. We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant off 70 with something like 10 different names.

Saturday - My classes were good. I enjoyed both of them. Shopping was good I didn't spend all that much money got a few things I really needed and a few things for christmas gifts. Lunch was great. It was wonderful to see and spend time with Kim and Debbie too.


Jeanne's Coming to Visit...

My Friend Jeanne's coming to visit tomorrow we're going to go to stamp a stack at Deb (the SU lady)'s house and then Jeanne's staying the night. Saturday we're taking a few classes with Debbie and Kim. Then a little shopping and a nice dinner. I can't wait it should be good times. I should probably pack my bag for Stamp a Stack but I'm procrastinating a little bit since I have a headache.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things Happening Right Now (exciting I know)

I missed last week and I almost forgot today. Someone mentioned blogs on tonights staff meeting call and naturally that reminded me. So here's today's list -

10 Things Happening Right Now (Exciting I Know)
  1. House fan is running - the sound is almost calming and it's old fashioned air conditioning.
  2. Jay's left Andy Griffth on the TV in the living room.
  3. I'm adding this entry to my blog.
  4. Dinner is in the oven.
  5. It's Raining
  6. I am not and did not go to the post office and mail out a few treats I made for people this weekend.
  7. My contacts are dry.
  8. I'm chewing Extra chewing gum again (I'm giving the new new flavor a chance - although I'm still a fan of the old old flavor - damn those Extra people).
  9. My scrapbook room is calling my name - perhaps I'll make something tonight.
  10. The next door neighbor is calling? I wonder why.


Lanning for State Rep

Jay's Dad's running for a seat in the Indiana State House of Representation District 55 I think. My mom took these photos of him in the Liberty 4th of July Parade so how could I not scrap them.


Snakes on a Megan

Just a little preview of what happened on the Jones and Co Trip - Snakes on a Megan - Coming Soon to Theaters Everywhere August 2006. Meg not to worry Samuel L. Jones will save you.

JJ sorry but I just couldn't resist sharing this one too. this is "Snakes on a Jay" way back in the early 90's can you all believe this is the same Jay Jones?