Getting Ready for a Business Trip...

Nothing too terribly exciting happening here today aside from getting together some stuff for a business trip that I'm going on this coming week - I have to run to the mall to get credit card gift cards to give away for the vendor raffle, and I need to pick up something to wear for Casino night at the convention - not sure really what that entails. Going to Sturbridge, Mass - which I here is like colonial Williamsburg so it might be like a little mini vacation with a little work tossed in. Happy Saturday!


This and That

A gift for my brother. This started life as a Jimmy John's Boxed Lunch and became a box my brother to store things like ticket stubs and brochures. It's a birthday gift so hopefully he doesn't see this before it gets to him. This is for the Freestyle Challenge #8.


In the News In Indy...

7 people murdered in Indy. Yikes! Thank goodness they've already caught one of the guys. It's never good to see this stuff in your own city though. Although honestly even with one murderer still on the loose I don't feel threatened, or scared in the least bit.

And in other random news one of my former co-workers from WCTV seems to have won some kind of prize thecuriouscity.com short film festival contest check out Last Day Before Pay Day to see his piece It's nice to see Joe is still working on his craft.