Indy Super City - Superbowl Kickoff

In case you haven't already heard - Indianapolis is the host of the 2012 Superbowl.  It's bringing so many fun events and people to the city.  It's really a big deal around here first time it's been in a cold climate - I secretly want a foot of snow ;)   Funny thing though if we were to compare it to the Indy 500 there are actually only like 1/5 of the people who attend Superbowl.  However this is a MUCH more televised event, and every business in town is having a party of some sort.  
Anyhow I went with a guy I have been dating to check out the Superbowl village the other day.  And sadly we didn't get zipline tickets but we did manage to have a good time anyhow.   The Indy cars and numbers on the circle are cool.  The streets that have been redesigned are awesome and will live once the NFL trailers have packed up and gone home.   If you live in Indy and haven't gone yet you should check it out especially if you have kids or want to buy some NFL gear - but either way it's a once in a lifetime event I will be returning at least two more times so watch for more pictures.



Tuesday Tutorial - iPhone Case Revamp - Crafty #1

Here's my first Crafty Project of the year (#44 on Da List). It was super simple too.
1 - Purchase iPhone case you don't love that's on sale. 
2 - Bust out some nail polish and jazz it up. I did Blue and Pink Stripes you don't have to be exact at least with the kind of cheapy case I bought
3 - Let dry overnight (no joke)
4 - Put that case back together and Ta Da Revamped iPhone Case. (best part about this project is that you can change the colors frequently if you want)



Dear Jackie & Lisa - 52 Books Book #3

Dear Jackie and  Lisa - 
For Book #3 I read "A million little pieces" by James Frey.  It's a book about an addict and his story of going thru rehab.  It goes into details about the withdrawals and ups/downs of getting clean and sobar.  It really does portray addictive behaviors in through the writing.  I wasn't entirely impressed with the story though it's almost as if the author played both sides of the fence in terms of recovery.  It was interesting enough to keep my attention however it since parts of the story are fabricated I liked it a little less as I like true stories.  Anyhow that's 3 of 53 down. 
Happy Reading Girls!  Katie



Tuesday 10 - Mid January Loveliness

I have been meaning to blog more regularly all month - so many things happening just keep delaying this. But I'll work on making time for it.  Anyhow here's a Tuesday 10 to tide you over.
1. Avocados - these were on sale this week and I bought some - I'm planning to make avocado wraps to use up all the leftover tortillas from taco bar.  (Jono and I are on a use up the leftovers kick)
2.  THE WEATHER - is it January or April?
3. My neighborhood Marsh is under remodel and I'm excited to say I might want to shop at the new one!
4. Citigroup
5.  IMQG just kicked off a new year with an awesome meeting I'm so jazzed for all the 2012 things we're planning.
6. Indianapolis - There is no better time than right now to live in Indy and to get to work from Indy it truly is a super city - all you left and right coasters Midwest is Best!
7. Polar Bears - The Polar Bear and I go way back (my teddy bear is a Polar Bear.

8. Vintage Game Night
9. Regular Thursday Night Dinners with Queen & Ricky and whoever else we round up.  Love Love!
10. This newly finished Instragram project in my hallway. It just makes it a little more special when passing thru.
Here in the next few days I'll get a post about book three too.


#25 Vintage Game Night

Friday night we had vintage game night (#25) at the bungalow.  It was crazy fun.  Jono and I each made a soup and we served it on the prison trays.  We had a crazy awesome group of friends.
We played Girl Talk, Family Feud, Encore and just were altogether merry.  I must say I was slightly disappointed Jono didn't have to prank call a boy and tell them he liked them in the girl talk.  But Kemi really represented when she had to go next door and ask for toilet paper there was NO hesitation on her part - awesome.  We also attempted to play Dr. Laura however the instructions are atrocious and we gave up.   Anyhow it was much fun and don't be surprised if we don't have this again soon, but I get to cross it off the list anyhow.



#32 Lunch with Jilly

Made some more progress on my list this week. I went and had lunch with Jilly #32 CHECK It was actually "Brunch" and a trip to the toy shop but I'm still counting it!  I love that she wore her New York gear and I wore Boston gear.  LOL!   It was a fantastic lunch - nothing like a good cry, accompanied by smiles to make friend time awesome.  Jilly I love you and I miss our daily time together, no more six months between hangouts.  Here is a picture we snapped with my Instax while on Mass Ave for the record we did not eat at Old Point. 
So for Progress on Da List I think that takes me to 3 and 1/12 DONE.  Not too bad.  



Tuesday Tutorial - File Cabinet into Dresser

 I bought this puppy at a thrift store for $20 a month ago.  I knew when I saw it that it was perfect for a dresser - the drawers are sooo BIG.  It also takes up much less space than a dresser.  So I brought her home and did a little research on  spray painting.  So here's a a simple tutorial for you for today.  
1. Sand - you don't need to get too crazy with the sanding it's more important to remove any finger grease than it is to remove all the old paint. 
2. Remove the hardware - I couldn't get the faceplate off without bending them so I left them (I think it's fine. 
3. Prime that puppy.  Don't skip this step.  If anything I wish I had put on a second coat of primer as it would have made one less coat of aqua.
4. Spray Paint nice even coats.  Hold the spray can about 8 inches from the item to avoid dripping.  I recommend spraying from top to bottom - I used the new Kyrlon some kind of Aqua.  Oh and well ventilate the area i sprayed this in the garage and had to open the big door and it was still kind of toxic.
5.  Move that puppy into the house.
6. Ta da - filing cabinet is now dresser.  FYI each drawer is perfect for clothes and easily equals two of my old dresser drawers.  Once I finished redoing the other bedroom projects I will share. 
#10 on my list is done. And I absolutely love it.


Dear Jackie and Lisa - 52 Books #2

Dear Jackie and Lisa - 
I finished my book #2 - I Love Everyone (and Other Atrocious Lies), by Laurie Notaro in record time this week - I actually finished this on Thursday.    A friend of mine gave it to me (thx Dee) eons ago telling me that this women reminded her of me.   If you are going to read this book - don't think that this will give you any perspective on the real life of Katie though as aside from the fact I get into interesting situations sometimes I can honestly tell you these are not the same situations I have been in.  The book reads quickly and tells mini stories about the life of a writer.  They are are not entirely connected but still connected, and there's enough information to keep your interest.  Anyhow the book was humorous, a fast read and a little bit raunchy at times, it's definitely not the typical book I would pick up.  It's not likely I will read this again so if either of you wants it let me know and I will ship it right out.  
Happy Reading Girls!  :o) Katie



Oversized Chevrons for FCH & JJ

I'm starting out the year right and getting projects done - this is JJ and FCH's MLK/Christmas present #45 on my list.  It's also my first quilt in 2012 (only 11 more to go #6).  This is an over-sized Chevron quilt I didn't really use a pattern just did 1/2 square triangles to make chevrons.  The finished blocks were like 18 inches square so it was BIG.  I absolutely love it despite it's wrinkly.  The quilting mimics the chevrons and is only on the cream.   The fabric is Kona Charcoal & Cream, Lotta, Some Moda print dot and city and some random robert kaufman gray circle I had leftover from that purple quilt.  The back is pieced from scraps as well as JJ's portion of our family picnic blanket.  I used this fun black hounds-tooth on the binding you can't really tell from the photos but it was just an added punch.  JJ and FCH I hope you love it and I can't wait to come visit so we can picnic on it.

I haven't a CLUE why these photos are sideways and upside-down they are right side from my camera, and that back is really blurry but you get the idea and Thanks to jono for holding the quilt for me even though I gave him a hardtime that his wingspan wasn't big enough.


Tuesday 10 - Twenty Twelve in All It's Lovely

Here's a little list for this week of things I love.
1. Clipper Tea - I like Earl Grey but I imagine they are all delicious and fair trade too. 
2. Melody Miller Typewriter Fabric - Can you say yes!
3. Completely awesome lunches and fellowship on Sunday after church - it was crazy what normally is like 3-5 girls was like 20 people awesome.
4. Straws
5. The "new" vintage sofa - and to to think I hesitated when I bought this.  Now of course I need to make the blue mesh with the rest of the living room.
6.  This Lazy in blue.  - I cannot wait to put this up on the wall FCH (JJ sent it to me in LARGE format)
7. New challenging projects even though there's 5 of them
8. The sofa's friend chair
10. The weather this week (God if we can hold off on the extreme cold a little bit longer thx)
10. A soon to be completed project that I will share next week as a Tuesday Tutorial.


Dear Jackie & Lisa - 52 Books - Book #1

Dear Jackie and Lisa - 
I finished my first book just in time. For Book #1 I read "Hug Your People" by Jack Mitchell. Lisa - you asked me if it was a self help book - and I told you "No" well I sorta lied. In ways it actually is. It gives you ideas about how to run your business/project/work lifestyle and really if you change that aspect of your life you are helping yourself so classify it as self help sure. 
I definitely think this is a book for people not only who manage people but for anyone who wants to improve on their niceness culture.  It provides you with easy to put to use ideas and tips on just good old being nice - and doesn't everyone need to be nice.  I actually plan to use some of the ideas with Katie twists in my own job as well as in my house.  Look out people whiteboard I'm getting a whiteboard for the kitchen (which yes I know is half remodeled).
Overall would I read it again?  Not in it's entirety but I might reference the interview section when interviewing and the review section when reviewing etc.   Onto the next book.
Happy Reading Girls! :) Katie
PS Thank you Jones for lending me this one.