6 #greatjonesandcobakeoff

On my list this year was to participate with my siblings and mom & aunt in what we are calling the Great Jones and Co Bake-off.  It’s basically our attempt at making baked goods we wouldn’t normally bake sort of like Great British Baking Show.  We started off with Pies/Tarts in January.  There’s no time limit really.  I made Strawberry tarts (strawberry’s were on sale and we had these little tart dishes nobody ever had used).  Jones also helped my mom with Lemon Meringue.  
My pie crust was very good but I needed more filling in my tarts - although Jones loved them.  Moms pie didn’t really set up very well.  Jonathan and Lo made raspberry tarts which the custard was very good but their filling was too runny.  And aunt Thea looked to have a very nice apple pie but she didn’t make her crust.  Overall it was very successful  my son seemed to enjoy it very much he is already looking forward to the next few especially in March where we plan to make doughnuts.

Here are some process photos too I didn’t take many photos mostly video which is sent via family text (next time we will have to add aunt Thea):

I am showing the kids how to quarter strawberries.

Our crust I regret not having beans to put into the crust.  Also I used a bowl to cut the shell to the right size. 

Making the filling.  It was very basic, strawberry, lemon, sugar, cinnamon, cornstarch.

I had lots of crust leftover so we made decorative tops.  I also made the kids a bunch of “pie fries” which is just leftover dough cut and cooked as strips - my kids are super into them, I wished I had flavored them but the kids didn’t mind. 

Final tarts.  My crust was very flaky and buttery.  The filling was good seemed like jam my mom said but overall I needed more filling.  No soggy bottoms though.  
Next month we are making bread.


23 - Return Amazon Returns

One of my goals for this year was to return several things I bought on amazon that were duplicates of gifts and exchange a gift i got.  I put this on my list purposely because I have been bad about returns lately and I didn’t want to lose the credits.
I actually did it two weeks ago but I just got the amazon credits and ordered myself some more reusable baggies to reduce our single use plastics around the house.  I also ordered another set of reusable paper towels which honestly have been my favorite.  I will share more on these purchases when they come.  


Best Of 2018

The clown by mom and Jones

And now their are 4.  

Oh I love this so much.

My best quilt finish.  Both Jones and I love this quilt so much.

Several times this summer several neighborhood kids did the slip and slide with us.  Such fun.

He has asked me 100x when skating starts again. And Thea would very much like to also partake as she wants a sparkly purple dress just like charolettes.

This parade was dreadful hot but the kids cracked me up.

My kids still tell people of this.

They were straighter before photo 

Of course this was one of only two we did but it wins.
I had planned to have about 10 more of these but never got around to it.  Next time.


Girl Power Quilt

I literally have 9-12 unfinished quilts I could work on but alas I started another quilt.  I am making a Girl Power Quilt for Thea.  It will be made of all different paper pieces girls.  It’s been fun making them however I have a serious lack of skin tone options.  I purchased a few but still have maybe 5? I need to raid someone’s scrap bin that likes earthy tones I think.  I have even altered the pattern a bit for different hair and clothes (there’s an attempt at my Thea below with her blonde messy pig tails).  The pattern is called Paper Pieced Children by Saphre1964 and it comes from Craftsy/blueprint (it’s currently still available although they are changing their policy for free patterns I think) https://shop.mybluprint.com/quilting/patterns/paper-pieced-children/609166


2018 List Recap

I think this year might have been the year I completed the most goals.  And a few of these that I didn’t complete I couldn’t like Blink Cincy and Church campout since they didn’t even happen in 2018 - so I already was out those.  Anyhow seems very accomplished.
36 Completed items:  
1. One Second Everyday video
3. Finish Block of Month 
4. Make spike/Skippy Jon a quilt 
5. Instastories once a week - maybe not weekly but I did at least 50. 
7. Organize the kids toys 
8. Buy a new coat
9. Finish another unfinished quilt 
10. Buy all new underwear 
13. New car or van 
15. Buy a new swimsuit
16. Plant a garden
21. Get Pool passes
22. Jones Ice skating lessons
23. Thea/Jones swim lessons
24. Thea dance lessons
25. Fancy Taco Tuesday
26. JJs 40th trip
27. More intentional prayer
28. women’s March
31. Service project with the kids
33. Repurpose something
34. Art Journal
35. Watch a movie.
36. Cereal party
37. Birthday party for Thea 
38. Birthday party for Jones
39. Play date with Brooks 
42. Organize the coat closet
43. Meet my new nephew
44. Get my Ohio license 
45. Organize my dresser
46. Write down more kid stories 
47.  Take kids to a beach
48. Event with Kathleen and Lynley 
49. Stay caught up in Project Runway
52. New List

6 Started:
2. Temperature Quilt - I don’t think i will finish it I hate it
6. Read 12 Books - I read 10
17. Monthly dates with jones - I think we did 8
18. Monthly dates with Thea - I maybe did 5
20. Sand and seal deck - I have a small patch maybe 6x6 done
41. Finish project Life 2016 - I have one more month

10 Not started:
11. Go to Blink Cincy
12. Make Chia Seed Jam
14. Attempt the Whole 30
19. Tile floor in main bath
29. Make new curtains for moms kitchen
30. Professional family photos
32. Church campout
40. Make naan 
50. New hairstyle/color
51. Makes challah


2019 List - 52 Things

Finally finished my list moved over a few things from last year. 

1. One Second Everyday 2019

2. Get Bunk Beds

3. new hair style new color

4. Send Real Cards

5. Bake Royal Icing Cookies

6. Great Jones Bake Off

7. Read 10Books

8. Potty Train Thea

9. Index Card a Day Challenge

10. Splash park visit

11. Blink Cincinnati 

12. Determine where we will live next

13. Family vacation Hilton Head

14. Michigan Trip

15. Shop at Indigo Hippo

16. Finish the cat quilt

17. Finish the city sampler quilt

18. Finish some other quilt tbd

19. Celebrate Theas 3rd birthday 

20. Celebrate Jones 5th birthday

21. Find a preschool for Thea

22. Document Kindergarten for Jones

23. Return the amazon returns

24. Buy new Fitbit.

25. Buy new bras.

26. Watch the sunset.

27. Watch the sunrise.

28. 100 day project

29. Summer bucket list

30. Celebrate Ollie’s first birthday

31. Stomp in the creek and fossil hunt.

32. Watch Theas dance recital

33. Reduce plastic use

34. Clean out my garage

35. Re-tile bathroom floor

36. Make a garment for myself

37. Finish dress for Thea

38. Continue art journaling

39. Play date with Brooks

40. Visit the zoo

41. Find a new playground

42. Build sandcastles

43. Use my SLR at least seasonally

44. Finish 52 pages of project life

45. Cleanup the art shelf

46. Take meals to 5 or more families

47. Ice cream with JJ 

48. Find ginger with Kathleen 

49. Walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash

50. See Christmas lights

51. Visit mountains with Jono and Lo

52. Make new list


1 - one second everyday video

This is my video from one second everyday 2018.  Song is coldplay adventure of a lifetime.  I missed several days but I still love this project and it’s so cool to compare it to last year or 2016 and see how much things have changed.  Here’s the link in case above preview doesn’t work.

35 - went to the Movies

I took Thea to see her first movie.  In all fairness it was only Jones’s second movie.  But I did discover Saturday morning movies are only $4. We saw it Ralph Breaks the Internet it was fine but not exactly my favorite movie.
I think over the year I watched about 4 other movies so I am cross good old 35 off my list.