Jonesburf - 33 months

Jones Boy you are getting older. As we approach age three I get so excited.  You are just a wealth of learning.  You talk talk talk and question question question and it's soooooo good.  You love going outside to the park, to the basketball court, to play on our toys, to dig in our garden, to pretend, to see the ducks.  Spring is totally something we needed after winter.  
You are outgrowing size 2T in height.
You want to do lots of stuff yourself - squeeze the sauce, cut the bread, help with supper, get dressed, wash your hair, etc etc
You ask such thoughtful questions.
You tell me bible stories.
You tell me Lita is your best friend and Kacie is your girlfriend.
You go full into holidays (we have his Easter eggs several times this week).
You jump, climb, run, walk sideways, and play rough.
You sometimes get fussy and whine about not wanting something, or wanting it or really nothing at all.
You ask to do things like call someone, or take pictures.  
You snuggle me after I get your Pjs on and then you rub your nose on mine and I help you jump down. 
Love you much mommy 


Tuesday 10 - It's May People

1. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer  Enjoy
2. Rain Puddles with Umbrellas - this was a huge hit this weekend 

3. Biking + watermelon - lol

4. Dinner helper - here he is slicing all the veggies 
5. Antibiotics - so glad to be killing off her double ear infection
6. Rhythm Center - so much fun on a rainy day 
7. Sharpies - I have this every loving relationship with Sharpies

8. Flip Flops by Rocket Dog.  These are my favorites.
9. Thunderstorms - it's been storming here lately and I actually enjoy it. 
10. Planning a clubhouse for the babies.  More details soon.