Best of Life Videos 2012 - Starting Something January 2012

When I went to make this I realized I only had 4 videos from January all taken the exact same day - whoops.  So I decided to mix in some photos too as I actually have taken a photo a day for the entire month (thanks iPhone).  And so a new concept for 2012 videos was taken from that.

As I mentioned before I spent almost the entire month in Indy sleeping in my own bed, hanging in my own hood, being in my city and it was awesome - perhaps I'll get to do more of that in 2012.  But because of that lots of my photographs are from everyday life.  Anyhow - song is from Michael Jackson - Gonna be Starting something - sorta have a music crush on almost all MJ songs I'm not afraid to admit.  Anyhow enjoy.


Around Here - Silicon Valley

There's been...
TV watching
Art Gallery
Quilt Museums
Quilt Shows
Ocean Time
Car Riding
In and Out Burger
Girl Time
And more. That's all for right now.  We have a bird Quilt calling our names. 



#12 Visit Thea and Paul

I'm on the left coast for a few weeks visiting with Thea and Paul #12 on da list. So far I haven't taken many photos and it's kind of mellow - although we did score some excellent deals on fabric at Ikea, run around the neighborhood a few times and I have been hanging out with some of my favorite people.


Quilt #2 - The Chicken Quilt

This is my entry in the French Seam's latest quilt challenge. The fabrics in the challenge were the chicken, the farm and the grass. I wasn't a super fan of the color scheme so I tossed in some pinks from my stash. As well as some stripes and gingham for the binding.  I am not totally in love with this quilt although I do like the quilting that goes two different directions.  Photos were taken on the Cultural Trail just outside Crimson Tate and I love that the City is in the background I think I will start photographing my quilts around Indy from here on out.



Wordless Wednesday

No words needed...


I am a Fan...

1. Pacers Fans 2. Pep Squad 3. Pacers 4. Kathleen Hardees?
I am a fan of working from home.
I am a fan of dr. pepper.
I am a fan of Instagram.
I am a fan of sending my BFFs photos everyday.
I am a fan of avoiding folding laundry.
I am a fan of twitter and 140 of describing moments.
I am a fan of Whitney Houston dance parties.
I am a fan of my blue velvet sofa.
I am a fan of hoodies and yoga pants 3-5 days of the week.
I am a fan of the Pacers.
I am a fan of having a momo who makes valentine's day special.
I am a fan of staying up late.
I am a fan of working hard. 
I am a fan of regular night outs.
I am a fan of sweet potatoes.
I am a fan of lists.
I am a fan of starting many projects.
I am a fan of documenting life.
I am a fan of blogging.
1. Neon Signs.   2. Tile Floor at Durr's old Apt. 3. Hamburger from Bru. 4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Bridal Shower.
PS you can find my last "fan" post here.


Favs on Friday - iPhone Photos

If  you haven't already noticed 75% of my photos taken these days are snapped on my iPhone - which is really quite sad because my SLR takes much better photos.  But regardless my I have documented my life in 1,000 ways til Sunday and I love it.  So thus this weeks favorite thing is iPhone photos.  iPhone photos I love you even if sometimes you make my sparkley shirt look like fireworks and your coloring is off - you still can be snapped in two seconds from the time I pull the phone from my pocket.  Too see more favorites check out here.
Oh and photo collages taken from random Feb happenings this has been a strange month. Bring on more strange I got this!


Baptism - Another Big Thing That Happened!

I am not sure how I missed blogging about this already because in the scheme of things it's bigger than the super bowl/jimmy fallon/turf by a lot.  
 Early in January I met with Pastor Aaron, he and I had a chat and we talked about baptism and If I wanted to take that step.  I told him I have been waiting for God to speak to me with "a burning bush" to tell me to do it (pardon the metaphor).  And we talked about it some and he said to pray about it.  I ran home from our lunch in prayer.  I decided there was no better time than the present it's time to stop waiting for signs and just to follow God's plans for me. Christianity should not be like a coat that I wear sometimes and take off and put on.  Anyhow at the end of January I was baptized by pastor Ben at IMC. Almost all of my family got to come and a TON of my friends came to support me.   My whole citigroup came up on stage to support me and pray for me - it was awesome.  My apologies for the cheesy grin in the above photo that water was "cold" and I had "shock face" before that and I distinctly remember telling myself to smile for the camera.
Photos were taken from Indy Metro Church's Facebook.


So this one time my friend invited me to the Jimmy Fallon Show...

you can see from this photo we also had great seats!
and I actually told her "no" because I had a bunch of things to do and well I haven't really had much "home" time.  But then I changed my mind.  And even though I had never even seen the show I'm am so glad I did change my mind.  I rushed downtown to meet her and two other friends and we got wristbands and tickets and strict instructions on when to be here for the live taping and what not.    And then we spent the day seeing TURF one last time and then going two super bowl parties and then going to the Jimmy Fallon show which was the first LIVE taping ever.   It was truly an awesome experience.     
I appreciated Jimmy's opening number which was like a tribute to Indiana in a goofy sort of way.  And then special guests were some world champion giants, Adam Sandler, and Andy Sandberg and musical guest FloRIDA.  And of course Jimmy was funny too.  All that was great but my most favorite part was actually - the house band "The Roots".  
How did I not know about the Roots until now - do I live in a bubble?  They are kind of like a mix between rap and jazz and they have a excellent tuba player with hips like Elvis (SWOON).    I'm now only slightly obsessed and I have downloaded several of their albums.   If you have never heard of them google "Walk Along" on youtube.  
Anyhow big shout out to my friend Adam for the tickets and to Amy for inviting me and persuading me that I should go.  I learned my lesson I will keep saying "Yes".
Jimmy Fallon in Hilbert Circle Theater (snapped by nate)
Damon Bryson Image from here.
Image from Jimmy Fallon Live Website. That's Jimmy chest butting the mayor.
PS this post is in lu of the Tuesday 10 because well - I had three things on the list "Jimmy Fallon" and "the Roots"  and "Damon Bryson" - so they deserve their own blog.


Hiking with Momo Adventures #1 - Cultural Trail

This is an art installation and the solar panels collect energy to light this up during the night.
So last weekend we did hike #1 for the monthly hiking with momo adventures (#22 on Da List).  Since it was January and weather in Indiana could be a foot of snow or sunny and 55 I thought it best to do a paved trail.  So we hiked Indianapolis cultural trail.  For those of you that don't know what this is it's a trail that connects all the cultural districts in Indianapolis to each other with bike/walking/handicapped accessible paths all built with green products and there are art installations along the way.  It's actually probably one of the coolest urban things happening in Indy, and they are still building it.  It has a part that is pretty near me that is still under construction but maybe soon I will be able to bike into Indy without feeling like I will be killed by a semi on the roads.
We walked from the War Memorial along Alabama - which isn't far but it was chilly so it was far enough for Momo.  I invited my friend Busyao to join us and I think she had fun.  It was a beautiful day for a hike despite the chill.  Anyhow enjoy the photos. 
Starting point. They haven't changed the War Memorial Plaza much for the trail.

All the intersections have painted lanes.

More of the  texture of the path.

Mosaic at the Murat Theater it's awesomesauce.

That mural on the wall there is one of the 46 mural's painted for SuperBowl 46.  I'm going to tour them all soon.

Our feet on the trail.

Love the hexagon pavers - good call city planners.



Let's take like a minute to talk about Katie + running - and go:
I started running in like April of last year.
I didn't like it.
I hated it.
I was slow as molasses.
I dragged Lita to the track a handful of times.
I didn't want to run more than a quarter of a mile before I started walking.
I kept thinking I would like it.
I wasn't consistent.
I only ran when I felt like it or the weather was nice or the hotel treadmill was open.
I was lame. 
I ran/jogged maybe 70 miles from April to November.
I set a goal to run 40 miles in November.
I didn't hit 40 miles but I was consistent.
I got out and ran around the block and then around it again.
I found I ran faster not fast but faster.
I decided to make it a habit and either before work, at lunch or after-work I would run.
I went for a jog before going to play or showering.
I found I could run a mile continuously it wasn't that hard.
I slowed down a bit in December.
I was not impressed by the cold.
I didn't have access to treadmills in hotels.
I hear my bad ankle crack outside.
I actually slipped on black ice on Christmas Eve bruised my backside and cut my hand.
I got up again and ran on the 26th regardless.
I set another goal 366 miles in 2012, in January.
I am not planning to run marathons. 
I am not planning to run as fast as I did at 18.
I am not planning to run every day. 
I am just planning to run.
I bought underarmour and actual running socks.
I ran 21 days in January.
I ran when my feet felt heavy.
I ran when it was snowy.
I ran when it was cold enough to freeze my fat.
I ran when it was rainy.
I ran in between conference calls.
I ran down hills.
I ran up hills.
I ran to meet people.
I ran home from meeting people.
I ran faster than Jono. 
I ran 3 miles without walking.
I ran 4 miles without walking.
I wasn't fast. 
I wasn't as slow as I thought.
I took a few days off - so what.
I keep thinking that I will start to like running.
I actually still do NOT like running.
I can however say it's not on the hate list anymore.
I am proud to say I am already 20 miles ahead of my goal of 366 miles for 2012.
And that's all I have to say about that.


One Month Down - Da List Status

January FLEW past me. It was a crazy good month.  So many local adventures, so many friendships strengthening and blossoming, so many good talks, so many laughs, so many good things.  With the exception of the first I spent the entire month sleeping in my own bed and I didn't even travel out of the state.  This might be the first month since 2007 that actually happened.  And you know I'm okay with it and it's a bit weird but it's cool all at the same time.  I learned I can just "Chill" and I even enjoy "Chilling".   

Anyhow an update on "Da List" for January:
I crossed 6 items off the list.
  • #3 Trivia Night
  • #10 Restyle Filing Cabinet
  • #23 See Live Music - I went to Worship Roadshow and saw a live musician in Starbucks.
  • #25 Vintage Game Night
  • #32 Lunch with Jilly
  • #45 Send JJ and FCH a MLK/Christmas Gift 

I started on 8 others.
  • #2 Study the Bible More
  • #11 Run 366 Miles
  • #12 Visit Thea and Paul - Travel booked.
  • #22 Monthly Hikes with Momo
  • #44 10 Crafty Projects
  • #47 Document Life
  • #50 Read a Book a Week
  • #51 Monthly Videos
Anyhow enjoy some random Instagrams from January.